Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Day at Baskin Robbins

I went to St. Nicks this morning to meet up with my so called buddies. I once studies and worked , in short, I grew up to become what I am today there, but now I'm just a visitors, no doubt I'm an ex-nicolite but the atmosphere was very different now.... It used to be my second home but now the feeling was not there anymore, I felt like a visitor more then an ex-nicolite.

I'm still very happy to meet with my three dearest Aunties Joy, Katharine and Veronica (or we fondly called Nanny cause she used o look so plump and cute like a Nanny) After chitt chatting with them, we went out for lunch with my so called dear brother and sister-in-law (Christina and Yoong Loong). We had a lavish meal in a Japanese restaurant at Pulau Tikus at it was an embarrassing moment for me since I kept dropping my chopsticks and the small fruit fork. Christina was sitting just in front of me and she was laughing all the time.

Then later we went to the Baskin Robbins as, they wanted to buy some ice cream (since it is the 31st and there is a promotion there) The shop was full of customers, so Christina asked me and my two dearest aunt to sit down somewhere and she went to order with her hubby.

As the three of us were waiting and chitt chatting, suddenly we heard a commotion at the counter in front of us. A Chinese lady was talking loudly to the waitress

Lady: I called up just now and told you that you had given me the wrong order and you asked me to come. I drove all the way from town you know.
Waitress: What did you order?
Lady: I ordered rum and raspberry but you gave me don't know what.
Waitress: (Open the box and look) But you've eaten half of it.
Lady: Surely my children had eaten half of it, You shouldn't have given me the wrong order in the first place, now you are telling me that I've eaten half? I just want you to be fair! I drove all the way from town you know!
Waitress: (Took the thing to the manager and came back) Sorry but you had eaten half of it.
Lady: Surely my children had eaten half of it, You shouldn't have given me the wrong order in the first place! I drove all the way here my dear!
Waitress: Sorry but you had eaten half of it.

Lady not happy, took the packet and went off.

Me: Ceh! So unreasonable, how can people change for you if you have let your kids eaten half of it? Who cares how far you come from the point is YOU'VE ALREADY EATEN HALF OF IT!

Joy: So silly eh, how can you let your children eat rum ice cream? I think maybe the adults ate it themselves. Huh! I won't be bothered to come back and change if I've tasted it lo.

Katharine: Ceh! you should not had let your children touch the ice cream when you know it's the wrong flavour.

Yoong Loong: Aiya! Since the children had eaten half of it, why bother to come back and change, might as well let them enjoy the other half!

Christina: Some people are so opportunist! How come you cannot differentciate between rum raspberry and other flavour? Some more can let the kids eat till half? If it was my mom, my mom would just said don't care la just eat la, anyway it's also ice cream what!

Hahaha! I love ice cream!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

KLCC Book Fair 2008

I'm back in Penang since yesterday, feel so lazy so today I slept till about 11.30 and was awaken by my 2nd aunt Hehehe! Mom was still in Shanghai and will only be back afterwards. so I'm the Queen of the house!!!!

Okei dokie, let's get straight to the point, yeah about the long gone book fair trip... Well it was fun and adventurous going out with my so call darlings and buddies. We reached there about 12 somthing empty handed but about 4 hours later this is what happened.

At first like this.... not so bad lo... but later

Jadi macam ini.... one basket also not enough I think better ask for troley... ladies... they really can shop till they drop!!!

The champion and record breaker for spending the most in our group falls to.... My Honey Banana Tan followed by my darling Lemon Wong.

The most 'kiam siap' hehehe no la the most jimat one were my Dear Jean Liew for spending about RM 3 followed by Miss Veronica Gan for spending less than RM 20 (ok give them a big slap! Ooops..... sorry I mean a big clap!!!).

We were out of KLCC about 4 pm and when we reach Rawang it began to rain . we were quite tired and bored while waitig for the transit train to KKB at Rawang. Luckily our dearest Veronica was there to entertain us with her witty and funny songs.... we laughed and enjoyed her song but unfortunately it began to rain heavier followed by thunder storm and strong wind lagi!

At the end Veronica told us" Haiya... This will be the first and last time I'm coming to the book fair with all of you... See la I'm so tired, have to change so many trains and walk so far...."

Too bad that means our trip will be less entertaining next year.....

Friday, May 23, 2008


Today is the last day of school!!!
At last I can relax... sleep like a real pig... and rot away at home!!!
Yeah!!! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Tomorrow my darling lemon, my honey Banana, my dearest dear Jean, Veronica and Orange
will be going to The International Book Fair at KLCC
so wait for the story la wait and see got anything funny happen or not!!!!
Happy Holidays!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lessons through Blogging

Those of you who had been reading my blog, you may sometimes find some of my silly posts disappeared in the cyber space after a few days. Some of you might wonder why? Nola my unfamous boring blog was not hacked by people la. Who bothers to kacau my blog man... Ok back to the topic, actually I'm the one who deleted those posts after receiveing some comments from people.

I do admit sometimes, ok, ok fine, most of the times I get carried away in writing out my ideas and silly imaginations that I think is harmless and funny. Yes, it's true, to me it might sounds funny and harmless but to others, it might sounds otherwise and therefore will caused some misunderstanding and uneasiness among some people involved.

Sincerely I would say that I've learned a few lessons through blogging....

1. Bemore sensitive about other people's feeling.
Jangan pakai hetam dan tulis sesuka hati! I must be more careful and considerate about other's feelings when writing my posts. My fault here is that I get too carried away when writing so no filter just write out what ever comes to my mind. My action had caused some misunderstanding, uneasiness, irritation and unhappiness among certain individuals.

Although everything has cool down now but of cause la the friendship got scar already ma and my image... lagi tak payah cakap sudah over rotten.... some people thinks that I enjoy making fun and damaged their image in front of others. but of cause that was never my intention. I can not blame them for having such thoughts though, different people thinks differently. I should take the blame, ok it's all my fault lo... simply write things without caring about others feeling, so kids please do not try this at home!

To those who feels they kena, I 'm sorry for being such insensitive. (Aku susun dua puluh jari kaki dan tangan untuk memohon maaf.) Do you think I need to advertised this in The Star?

2. Do not simply quote the statements make by people.
Ini I selalu kena spray from people. Even when I don't have the intention to quote what people said in my blog, they will still say things like 'be careful what you say to her ar, later she will write in her blog one ar.' You see I sudah become TV3, CNN, BBC or worse still KPC (KAY PO CHEE). When they want to talk to me they will have to think twice and rearrange the sentence they want to say.

Just a moment ago... during dinner someone already said aloud "Eh! You better don't be fierce to her hor, later you will see your picture and whatever you say published in her blog hor." You see... hancur berkecai my good image, now many people especially my darlings thinks that I'm so kaypo, everything also want to publish in the blog. You see.... padan muka!

Last time I used to scold one of my friend Blind Ultraman for always quoting what I say and publish it in his e-mail to people... now... the pot calling the kettle black. Hahahaha! Padan muka quote la quote some more la....

3. Respect others privacy
Don't simply put up people's photo la. When people asks you to delete the photos just do it... don't be hard headed (keras kepala). Confucius said 'Do not do onto others what you do not desire others to do onto you' Like me la people asks me to remove the photos I remove the whole post sekali.... bagus tak? Hehehehe!

4. Do not write long posts.
Don't write long grandmother or grandfather story la, waste your energy and time only, many people are just too lazy to read what you write la... therefore I always hear this from my buddies " Aiyo! so long!" "Aiyo! no time to read" "Aiyo! I'm too lazy to read!"

Okla, I know my blog is not as interesting as other people's blog that's why la got this type of comment. If you want to write long posts just make sure the post is interesting enough to capture your readers attention.

Those are some of the lessons I learn through my experience in blogging... any comments or anything want to add?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Wesak!

As Prince Siddartha he was born,
As the Sakyan Raja he was to be crown,
But as a recluse he wanders faraway from town,
In deep meditation he calmly sat down.

On the Wesak eve he was Enlighten,
At last he is free, Mara's grip has been broken,
Under the great Bodhi he sat with mind unshaken,
He is now the Buddha, The One who is Awaken.

For 45 years he wanders,
His wisdom and Dhamma he share with others,
Till now he is honour as great Teacher,
but to us, he is our Reverend Father,

His wisdom and virtues are beyond measure,
The Buddha loving-kindess touched all creatures,
The Dhamma he proclaimed brings us a better future,
The Brotherhood of Sangha always we treasures,

On Wesak Day, was His Birthday,
On Wesak Day, His enlightenment day,
On Wesak Day, His Maha-parinibbana day,
Wesak day indeed an auspicious day!

The Sublime Image

This is my poem taken from my old blog at friendster.

With faith and reverence that filled my heart,
With joined palms, my head I humbly bow,
My forehead touched the hard cold ground,
In front of the Lord, my egos subside,
Tears of joy wash my misty eyes,
As I gaze into the eyes of the ‘Compassionate Sage’
All my fears and worries withered away,
Like dry leaves that blown off by autumn breeze,
With wisdom and mind completely purify,
The Blessed One turns the Wheels of Dhamma,
To clear the doubts of those,
with little dust in their eyes,
My mind is soiled with thick delusion,
My eyes is blinded by mist of illusion,
My heart is drowned with clusters of desires,
Oh! Lord when will I be free from Mara’s clutches?
With remorse I gaze at the sublime image,
With heart at ease as I have no regrets,
Mindfully I began to contemplate,
Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta,
three principles of life,
To The Triple Gem I go for my refuge,
As I silently prayed deep in my heart,
May The Buddha be at my head,
The Dhamma in my heart,
And The Sangha by my side,
To guide me in my journey towards Nibbana.

Happy Teacher's Day!!!

Last Friday, 16th of May, it was teacher's day and it was my maternal Grandma's birthday too but I baru tahu this morning after reading my cousin's blog, (Hehehehe! I know I very teruk ok...)

Our school had a celebration for all the teacher's lo. Just like last year lo, we had assembly, sing the Kami Guru Malaysia Song, listen to the speeches and than went for telematch lo. Later we had singing competition in the hall. I went there for a short while, than I teringat my unmarked books on my desk, so I decided to go and mark my books.

After marking my books about 10 minutes, Kamal and Aziz came in to the staffroom. They chatt for awhile and Kamal began to unwrap the gifts that he get from the students. I saw him unwrap ed it one by one, so I was tempted to unwrap mine as well, I get a stalk of sunflower, a fan, three sweets 4 red pens and a blue pen. Then I unwrapped one rectangular gift wrap in red paper. I took out the thing and started to laughed.

Me; Kamal, you tengok apa aku dapat?
Kamal: Apa? Hahahaha! Ubat gigi dan berus gigi....
Aziz: Ada maksud tersirat ni...
Me: Hahahaha! Ini budak kata cikgu tak gosok gigi pagi-pagi jadi dia bagila kat cikgu dia.
Kamal: Hahahaha! Cikgu tak gosok gigi... bagus juga boleh guna tu. Nasib baik dia tak bagi sabun hehehehe!

Yeah, I got a big tube of fresh and white toothpaste with a tooth brush..... very useful leh. Jangan jealous........

PS: Happy belated Teacher's day!!!!

What's That Smell?

Last Wednesday, I am very rajin. I manage to wash about 50 triangular bandages at one go!!!! (Actually har, the unwashed bandages had been in the box for nearly half a year liau, I'm supposed to wash it last December but I'm just too hardworking to wash it. Hehehe!) I need to use them during the Teacher's Day for the telematch on Friday ma, so no choice lo have to be rajin lo....

I threw all the bandages in the washing machine and give it a few spins and the colour of the water was wow macam "Teh tarik" so unspeakable dirty!!! I put it in the dryer and then hung it at the living room. The next afternoon, after coming back from school,

The moment I push open the front door... "Wah!!!! Why the house smells funny eh?" I was thinking to myself. "Don't tell me there's a dead rat somewhere in the house!" I was getting nervous, the odour get worse as I climb up the steps... then I saw those bandages hanging there... than I know where the odour comes from... I laughed to myself.

Than when Crispy comes to see me....
Crispy: Open the door Ah!
Me: Did You smell anything?
Crispy: Yalo, what's that smell? Smell like "ham yu" (salted fish).
Me: Neh... Those things lo...
Crispy: Aiyo!!!! One year already lo..... you baru want to cuci ar? No wonder la so smelly. Heng... cannot stand la!!!
Me: Hahahahaha! Smells like some one's "Heong Kong Keok" (Smelly feet)
Crispy: Yalo,yalo, hehehehe! Sampat la you, come la we go and buy freshener la.

So we went to buy freshener lo and at night I had to wash the whole lot again lo..... malu betul padan muka!!!!!

PS: The moral of the story.... please do not keep your dirty laundry for half a year if not, you need to waste money to buy air freshener. Ambi Purr......................

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My ex-housemate's wedding.

We went to Jawi to attend my ex-housemate's wedding and these are some of the vedio clips we took.

After the wedding reception her new house.

Happy Wedding to Mr. and Mrs. Ho may both of you live happyly ever after.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unforgetable Moment at KKB Dam (Pertak)

This morning after our brunch, Plum took us to Pertak for sight seeing at the KKB dam. Pertak is actually the Village for the Temuan orang asli. Before this dam was built, this land belongs to the Temuan tribe. The Temuan tribe had been staying on this land since before the Malacca Sultanate Empire. Since the government wants to built this KKB dam, the Temuan tribe had been moved to Kampung Pertak somewhere near this area.

This is an introduction to the Pertak Dam made by my two unpofessional tourist guide. Plum Lee and Jean Liew. I hope you will still be interested to visit Pertak after their uninformative introduction to Pertak.

Well what do you think? No, no don't believe what Jean Liew's nonsense, there are no crocodiles in this beautiful place. I don't think there are any crabs or prawns either.. just look at the view and don't bother all the crap those two tell you. Hehehe!

That place is very peaceful but quiet and isolated, so after a few snaps, we realised that we are the only humans there. The place is very quiet and there is no other human beings there. Plum was geeting scared so she said we better get out of there before anything unwanted happens.

While we were walking to Plum's car, we saw a blue car pulled into the car park beside Plum's car. Plum was a bit panicky and asked us to get into the car as fast as possible. I was at the car door when, that car stopped and two elderly Chinese men come out of the car.

Plum sigh with relief and she happily asks us to continue taking our pictures.

Look at the magnificent dam behind me. OK I know my T-shirt is not nice... don't bother about what I wear just look at the nice scenery behind me and don't said that I'm spoiling the scenery!!!! Look at the huge "lubang' at the dam so deep... and the water flow in to it very fast leh. scary huh! If someone happens to throw you in there?

Big deep Lubang scary huh?

Me, Jean and the tall coconut tree, very beautiful view behind.

Plum and Me, look at the majestic hills behind us... very peaceful and relax place.

Actually at the front of the dam, there is a double storey building that is sort like a mini KKB museum. Inside the museum you can find information about the history of KKB and the Temuan tribe. I think there are also lots of pictures of KKB before and after the war. Admission is free and you need to sign the guest book only. Opening hour is unknown but the museum is close during weekends.

Me holding on one of the museum's"tiang"

In other words, we are not able to enter the museum so we just took photos outside the museum. Suddenly, Plum had this naughty idea... she wants to take photo at the stair case of the museum.. but how, the place is close and we cannot go upstairs.

Plum: Let us go and take picture at the stair case loh.
Me: Silly ar, how to go in, the door is lock.
Plum: Look at the gap there (Picture below). A few years back, me, Lemon, Veronica and the others climb in through there before.
Jean: Are you serious? How to climb?
Me: Yala, you two go a head la, I think I'm too fat to go through.
Plum: Come la, can one, look at me.

Notice the notice the huge NO ENTRY sign? Yeah we squeeze in through the big gap at the bottom! So daring!!! Even me also can squeeze through it.

Look at Plum and Jean sitting at the stair case after we manage to squeeze through the gap. Look at what Plum is doing... Hahaha! Massaging her painful backside lo. Poor thing, she accidentally knock her backside on the NO ENTRY sign while climbing in. Look at her la, still can pose and smile for the camera but later......

Plum: Aww... so painful, my backside so painful... Aww! Anna please massage for me..
Me: Siau ar!
Plum: Aiyo! Jean you see her....

Another picture at the staircase of Plum and me. Look at her, when she take photo, she totally forget about her painful backside....

After taking a few pictures at the staircase...

Plum: Let's go up and take more pictures loh.
Me: Ha? Can meh?
Plum: Come on quick la.

So me and Jean just follow her to the first floor of the building and snap a few pictures at the museum's balcony.

Me at the first floor of the museum balcony. "I dunno how to pose la..."

The hills are alive with the sound of water.....

Plum was busing snapping photos of me and Jean.

Look at Jean, busying talking with her sister on the phone and me " pula tersenggih-senggih buat muka selamba"

Seconds after this photo was taken, suddenly Plum and me heard someone calling us (A lady voice) " Hello! Hello!" I was not so sure what she said but I am sure it was a lady's voice, Plum saw a Malay lady sticking out her head through the window of the museum and look at us fiercely "Eh! Macam mana you masuk! Macam mana you boleh masuk?" (How did you get in?) Jean was still talking to her sister on her phone..

As fast as lightning Plum call out to me...

Plum: Run! Anna quickly run! Got people saw us already!
Me: Jean run quickly!

The next thing I know is that I was running down the stair case and Plum was behind me calling out.

Plum: Quick Anna! Climb over quick that person is coming!

I quickly squeeze through the NO ENTRY sign feeling a bit confused and excited. I can hear Plum keep on saying excitedly quick let's get out of here! She is coming after us! So I run to the front of the building towards the car but Jean was still not behind Plum... later we saw Jean calmly walking towards us.

Jean: Why did both of you left me behind?
Plum: You didn't hear the lady meh?
Jean: Yes, but why? We are not suppose to go in ar?
Me; Yes la, that place is close la, saw the NO ENTRY sign or not?
Jean: Oh, Oh, I don't know, I was talking to my sister on the phone and I suddenly saw both of you running down the stairs so I follow. No wonder just now when I squeeze through the NO ENTRY sign, I hear someone knocking at the window from inside.
Me: I hope she don't recognise us... but sure many people had climbed through there before.
Plum: Yes lo, I think after this they will put an extra iron bar to cover up the gap. If I'm not mistaken last time also we got caught before.
Me: Ceh! Memalukan betullah\....

After that, we still dare to hang around at the front of the building, the lady come out and watch us, we make as if nothing had happened and keep on snapping picture.She stays for a while but later she leaves us alone when she saw that we are just taking pictures.

This is me and silly Plum that get us into trouble!!! at the front of the museum. You see Plum, still can pose for the camera.

Jean and Plum in front of the museum after the embarrassing incident... both of them really make as if nothing had happened before....

Next time they might employ this fellow to guard the museum...

Hehehe! Nola, habis lo if they really employ this fellow, tentu this fellow akan kena kidnap dan dijual di pet shop one. This is some one's dog, the owner was taking the picture of the dam and left this poor fellow at the back of the car, so we pun take photo la... so cute la this "Hush puppy" Lucky doggie his owner bawa him jalan-jalan makan angin in the car some more... Hehehehe!

PS: The moral of the story is Just Follow the Sign!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today is 11th May and it is a special day to honour all the Mothers around the world. Yup, it is Mother's Day. Although I'm sad that I am not able to be with my mom to celebrate mother's day with her, but I'm really glad and thankful that I still have my mom around. I love my mom very much (but my love will never be as great as the love that she showers me) and I really adores, respect and admire her in many ways.

My mom is a person with principle. firm and very strong. She loves her family very much as well. She will do anything for the sake of the family. She was a good wife to my dad (although she always nagged and scolded him for doing 'funny and silly' things) She stills love my dad deeply.. till now. She was there for my dad through thick and thin, she was there to care and comfort him when he was really sick in the hospital and she was there with him when he passed away.

Mom and Dad in Genting Highlands (some where in 1990's) Nice picture leh? Of cause la I'm holding the camera ma...

I can see that my dad loves her very much too, when he was sick he told my mom "I am sorry to see you going through all these again. You took good care of your father when he was very ill, you had go through the same thing again when your mother was sick and now.... you have to look after me...". Yes, I agrees with my dad, my mom is like an angle to us, I saw and heard it with my own eyes and ears when my Grandma and dad keep on asking for my mom when they are very sick. Even me.. if I'm down with fever or flu, I'll always feel more secure and comfortable if my mom is around... I don't know why, maybe she works in the clinic kua.... hehehehe!

My mom at Gurney Drive

Mom was a filial daughter to her parents too, like I've mention before she took good care of her parents when they are sick. Although last time, my mom used to complaint that my grandma always like to tagged along with us like a 'ba lei ko' (sticky sweet) where ever we go, she will still asked me to call my grandma along whenever we went out. That is my mom, strong and cool outside but warm and soft inside.

My mom and my Ah Mah taken at Cameron Highland dunno in what century Hehehe!!!

Not only that, she was a good big sister to her brother and sister too. her siblings often look up to her for advice and help. I can see that she loves her only brother very much and often help him in his financial woes. Her two other sisters will surely look and call her when they are having their own life crisis and need her.

My mommy and Me (Ok, I know I am chubby and cute)

Last but not least, she is a wonderful mom and I am thankful that she is my mom. I think if I were to be given a choice to choose, I will never choose any one else as my mom but her. Although she is fierce, like to nag, and stubborn at times but she still loves me and believe in me. She will always be there for me when I needed her the most. I know, I will never be able to repay all her unselfish sacrifice and love for me, no matter what I do or what I can give her... there is nothing to compare to what she has given to me from the day I was a foetus till now.

Mommy and me again (I'm still plum but sad to say not cute anymore!!!)

Thanks you very much mom, I love you very much and happy Mother's day.


Like a sun you keep my spirit alive,
To be strong in this world of woes and lies,
Like a rainbow you bring hope to my life,
To keep me smiling with shines in my eyes.

Like a moon that shines throughout the night,
Like a millions of stars that shines so bright,
When I'm lost and wrong you are my guide,
When I'm right you smiles with delight,

Like a strong tree that keep on standing,
Through out summer, winter, autumn and spring,
Your words of courage that keep my spirit burning,
to fight in this world that keep on changing.

With tenderness you shower me with your care,
Your love so pure nothing can compare,
My pains and sorrow willingly you share,
And in your heart I'll always be there.

Sometimes I use words that hurts you,
Your anger flares when i annoyed you,
But you soon cool down like a morning dew.
Still you can smile and say I love you.

In heaven stays my dearest father,
Now you are my only mother,
I dare not admit that I'm a filial daughter,
But I promised that I'll love you forever...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Long Gone Birthday

This is actually an old post but I give it a new touch by putting in some pictures.

Yesterday was a really tired day for me, but luckily the PTP in house class was canseled so I went back in Plum's car about 4 pm. After about 20 minutes Plum came again for awhile. Than I went to take my bath and put my clothes into the washing machine.

Later at about 7 pm, I was so damn tired that I slept till 8 pm and Orange came to my place to asked me out for dinner. Actually I already told them earlier that I'm too tired to go out but they insisted that I go out (Usually thay won't be so presistent one).

We arrived at Liga Mas (Dunno what Chinese restaurant, the one near to KFC) and most of our battery was like not charge, my darling, Lemon was not feeling well and hardly talk, I'm still blur and sleepy, Plum was well... Plum is tired and blur most of the tme so just let her be, Turtle, Orange, Crispy and Veronica were the active ones talking and laughing.

Later about 9.40 pm we finished our dinner then only I remembered my half wash clothes in the washing machine (I forgot to rinse it leh!). Lemon was like not in a good shape, she looks tired (She throw out earlier) I thought we can go home at last but all of them insist in going to Veronica's house. What to do just follow lo, like the saying goes "If you can't fight them, so just join them".

When reach Veronica's house we had a chat for a while and suddenly someone turns off the light, this silly Lemon in her flat expressionless (really sounds like a robot) voice exclaim "Oh! No electrict lo," (Come one la although I'm still half awake at that time, I still can hear the click sound of someone switching off the light okay!)

Than the three ladies (Orange, Veronica and Crispy) came out from the kitchen with the Birthday cake and the traditional Happy Birthday song. Than I blow the candles, we eat the cake gossip for a while and went home about 11 pm.

See la my cake on fire liau la... that means I'm not young anymore liau la....

Wah! So dark... so romantic... Eerrr... is that cake for me?

Nice cake leh? My DD told me that she choose one so not nice also you must say nice because my DD pick one, Is that clear!!!!

Woi!!! Dreaming ar!!!! Who took this picture really unprofessional la... oh! Sorry this was taken by my Darling Lemon when she is not feeling well so no comment....

Many thanks to Veronica, Lemon, Crispy, Orange, Plum and Turtle for remembering my Birthday and to take all the trouble to buy the delicious chocolate cake and sparkling juice to celebrate my Birthday. I really appreciate and feel touched. Especially My darling Lemon, poor thing after the whole thing, she went back and throw out again and she had to take MC today. Hopefully she will be batter tomorrow.

This morning Orange send me to school and she was not feeling well after school, I bet she will be MC tomorrow too (Poor Orange). I'm very tired this week so hopefully that i won't fall sick... If not I will have to celebrate my Birthday wih pills and biscuits!!!!

Jean's Birthday

This post is specially dedicated to my Dearest Friend Jean Liew. Her Birthday falls on the 3rd of May a day after Veronica's Birthday.

Me, Lemon, Plum and Banana celebrated her Birthday at the Seri Melayu, Mamak Stall beside my rented place. We had a simple celebration but I knows it means a lot for her.

Jean, thank you very much for your friendship and for being there for me with your friendship I won't feel lonely during weekends.

Big Cappuccino cake (actually my favourite, I choose one leh)

Poor me because of this cake I had tell a white lie to Jean. Pity me again because of being such a lousy organiser, I was sprayed and bombed by my Darling Lemon, all the way to the bakery.

Lemon:"You see la if not because of me ha, the cake still not buy yet!"
Me: Yes darling, sorry....

Lemon: You see you la, Why you didn't tell me earlier that Plum haven't come yet? You ar!
Me: Yes, darling is my fault...
Lemon: Online, online, everyday busy online, cake also need me come and buy!
Me: Yes Darling, thank you.

Suddenly on the way coming back from the bakery...

Lemon: Anna.... dog ar....
Me: Oh, never mind one la, hello Ah Wong's friend (That orange dog was sitting and looking at me, so cute I love doggie but Lemon got dogs and cats phobis one)
Lemon: Oh! Ok Anna come hold the cake I want to go home!
(she pura-pura merajuk liau)
Me: Eh... sorry la don't disappoint Jean ar....

Hehehe! so silly both of us.

"Let me see, what shall I wish, I wish, I wish.... what I want to wish liau ha?"

"Wei! Don't blow so hard untill saliva also spray out oh! We still wanna eat that cake ar!!!!"

Me and Jean buddy forever and ever and ever....

Gunala Darlie agar gigi anda ada gaya, mutu dan keunggulan... itu la Darlie.

My Darling Lemon has a special ability of.... reading the menu UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

My Sweet Dear Plum look so cool even in picture... Come on Plum cheer up!!!

My Honey, Banana... skinny leh, slim leh.. jealous leh... Apa mau jelous? Go execise and control your diet la!!!

Happy belated Birthday dear, may all your dreams come true and success be with you...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hai....When I think about yesterday's incident, I also don't know whether to laugh or to cry... It was cloudy for the whole afternoon and the air was very fresh and cooling in KKB. I was in a very jovial mood and feeling sleepy at the same time (This kind of wheather very nic to sleep ma)

At about 3 pm, Plum came to joined me and Jean in my rented place and this was what happened next...

Cloudy windy day nice to Zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

"Anna Ah! Stop smsing!!!" scolded Plum.
"Yes la, you see, she ignore us and keep on playing with her phone. Don't have our heart. Heng!" Jean said.
"Yes lo, let's ignore her. Eh! Jean, Where is Anna ah? She went to KL ah? So bad hor leave you alone here, luckily I come." Plum said ignoring my protest.
"Nola I think she is sleeping in the room la." Jean said.
"Wei! You two enough liau la... Ok, Ok, I stop playing with my phone!" I said and put down my handphone.
"You hear tha? Wah! got someone talking, maybe is the neighbour." Plum said.
"You two... "(cough... cough) I cough haflway of my sentence.
"Wah! The patients from the clinic down stairs cough also we can hear," Jean said and Plum laugh.
"Ok! Ok! I don't touch my handphone liau la!!!!" I said annoyed.
"Heng! See whether You dare to do it again next time! I think if your handphone lost ah, you cannot live liau la" Plum said.
"Nola, she cannot live without her laptop and handphone la. The laptop is her first darling, the HP second darling and we don't know where liau lo." Jean said teasingly
"Yalo, what are our place in your heart?"Plum said playfully.

A few minutes after I was banned from touching my handphone......

"Anna, don't sleeep! I see you sleepy I am starting to be sleepy liau." Plum said aloud.
"Suddenly I'm very sleepy la..." I said and put my head on the table ignoring her.
"Like that I also want to sleep liau. Come la we go and sleep." she said and went into my room.
A few minutes later I got up went to the room door and playfully knock the door a few times...
"Aiyo! You see la Jean, When I go and sleep she wake up, Don't want to ."sleep liau la lets go out for a drive la."
"OH... OH... OH... Want to go where?"Jean asked sounding a bit blur.
"Just go out la," Plum said and walk down the stairs. I followed her from behind.
"Hey! Open the door la, why are you standing there and looking at me?"I asked her jokingly knowing very well that the main door is locked and she doesn't have the key.

"Come give me the key la, I don't have the key how to open the door?" She said and strech out her hand to take the key from me. I pass her the key and she open the rusty door. Jean came down from the stairs...

"Eh! One day if Plum is locked in without key then what do you think she will do ar?"

"She cry lo what else?" I said.
"Nola, I won't la, got laptop to play ma..." She said and walk out. I follow behind her. She went into her car that was park infront of BSN.
"Hey! Plum give me back my keys." I said before entering the car. Jean was behind me already.
"Eh! I put the key at the door la... just now I told you ma..." Plum said.
"I didn' hear wow."I said.
"Jean, Where's the key?" Plum asked Jean.
"Ah! Ah! What key? I don't take any key... Aiyo! I've lock the door... How? How?" She asked a bit panicky.
"Go to find Lemon, come let's find Lemon she has your spare key!" Plum said excitedly.
"Lemon is in Midvalley now la, I call her first." I said and took out my handphone to call.
"But the key is still in the key hole woh! How ah? How to open ah?" Jean asked.

"Ya, hor..." Plum exclaimed and we look at each other.
"Just now har, who is the one who is so big mouth talk about getting lock? Jean ar, your mulut betul betul masin la!"I scolded jokingly.
"Sorry... no next time, no next time." Jean said covering her mouth with her palm.

At last we went to the locked door and Plum tried to push the key through the key hole with her car key. After trying a few times.... BINGO!!! We heard the key fell onto the floor,

"Yessss!!!!" Plum said.
"Wah! Really feel relief lo, like a big stone lifted from my heart lo when I heard that sound," She said.
"Wah!!! Luckily lo, I can go back to KS tomorrow liau." Jean said happily.
"Yes lo, I was wondering how am I going to school tomorrow if the key cannot come out." I said and burst out laughing.

The key was in this position so how to unlock from outside?????

Later we went to Lemon's place to collect my spare key from her brother (Luckily got spare key!). That was the FIRST time I was locked out from that house luckily got Plum and Jean. So who was the culprit? Who was to be blamed at that time...... THE THREE OF US ARE AT FAULT!!! Case closed!

PS: The moral of the story DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KEY IN THE KEY HOLE!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Veronica's Birthday

Now is 10.57 am and I just got up from my bed… why am I sleeping like a PIG today? Of cause la… yesterday I slept at 3.01 am la!!!! Why so late ar? Nola, not because I go online la but because I went to Kepong la, I reach home only about 2.45 am you know…

The reason we went to kepong is not to celebrate Labour Day but to celebrate Veronica Gan's (also known as DD; stands for Dangerous Dagger... Hehehe! Nola actually it stands for Dearest Darling) Birthday that falls on Labour day. Wah! How lucky… I wish that my birthday also falls on a holiday!!!

So to cut the story short, we went to Kepong at about 7 something and reached there abour 8 pm I think. We had Seafood Steamboat Buffet and I very ‘greedy plus gelojoh’ as if never eaten ice cream in my whole life… I ate more than 6 scoop of different flavours of ice cream and now I’m coughing like mad!!!! Really padan muka!!!

I'm not good in describing what we ate. so this is some of the things we had la...

Many types of balls....

Two types of soup. plain herbal soup and spicy Tomyam

Yummy delicious ice cream.

There are also big scalop but before I can take the picture it's already in my stomach. There was also crab, prawns,and many more la.I would give my Darling Lemon a big big hug, thank you very much, she is really very kind, keep on serving me and DD. (Than's why la she is my Darling!!!)

After the lavish meal which I think goes on for about more than an hour, we proceed to Jaya Jusco as they want to shop and buy a cake for DD. When we reach there, it's already 10 pm! Apala luckily Labour Day aa sale till 12 am. if not we wil go there only to see people 'sau thong', buat malu je!!! (they all hor, like to do last minute thing one, luckily they can still get the cake if not we have to use pandan cake to celebrate la itu pun kalau we can find at that hour of time!)

Many cars keep on going out from the parking lot but we just want to enter, luckily got a red kenari behind of us too...

Really crazy, we all shop till about 12 am (Orange, DD, Lemon, me and Chrispy can really shop! We buy so many things till Turtle Avanza was full of our shopping bags!!! "All of you crazy one! See how many boxes of tissue paper you all bought? You see my whole car is full of tissue boxes!!!! Kena racun Tissue liau la all of you!!!" He scolded us like a big Daddy (He also bought one box, ma) but no one cares. Hahahahaha!

Our final destination, was Veronica's house The moment we reached her house, Lemon and Crispy said they are feeling nausea liau. (Turtle's Avanza too shaky till they feel dizzy). Poor Lemon, she straight away went to the toilet to throw out !!! and poor Crispy slumped herself on the couch the moment she enters DD's house.

I was too sleepy to take note what was going on at that time but I remember watching DD walking in and out of the toilet and living room repeating like robot "Wong are you ok?" (at the toilet) "Chui are you ok?" (at the living room).

Later we bring out the cake and my DD make a wish, after that she blow the candle (We already sang the Birthday song to her ealier in the car when the clock shows 12 am)

Magical Brownie from Secret Recipe

After eating the cake and chatting for a while, we cabut home at about 2.30 am lo...

Happy Birthday, many Happy returns and wish you all the best in your future undertaking...

Reason Why I Move!!!!

Hi! I had create a new blog here at B Blogger coz the Friendsters blog really sucks!!!

I had problem in editing my post and when I try to put in more than one picture in my post... Oh my Lord!!! my whole post become upside-down, inside-out, tunggang-langgang, lintang-pukang Aiyoo!!! I tell you the whole text margin, spacing, paragraphing and the pictures all jumble up just like rojak mix with salad!!!! I also don't know how to explain. Really make me pening and my "wind up" (Khee Hong!!!)

So after a few tedious and failed attept in editing. I really menyumpah and menyampah!!! I said to myself "Enough is enough! better find a new Palace!" so here I am lo....