Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hmmm..... Merry Christmas

I've reached my detention camp at around 4.40 pm. The moment I forced open the iron gate... yup I have to forced open the rusty gate and I manage to get just enough space to get myself through the small gap and again my big heavy bag was stuck behind me!!! Ok that was definitely not a good welcome but never mind still it's fine till I forcefully closed the gate and found some spider webs on the corner of the rusty gate.... so I took the broom and sweep it away.

I walk reluctantly up the steps and the moment I reached the living room.... oh my holy goodness, lord of holy the heaven!!!!! The place was so dusty and dirty just like an old abandon house of centuries!!!! (Okie, that is a little bit exaggerated but 'lebih kurang la) I really cannot take it anymore and took a night train go right back to Penang as soon as possible..... (Yeah! In my dreams!)

I really cannot take the over dusty condition anymore so I immediately walk straight across the road to the electrical shop and bought a brand new vacuum cleaner that cost me RM180 (Damn expensive but no choise emergency ma) as my Christmas present. After that I started to clean the living room, my room and the bathroom.... I am so exhausted, bathing in my own sweat and starving (I haven't taken my lunch yet). I stop for awhile to catch my breath and eat my 'char siew pao' after that I continues to wash my bedsheets, wash my dusty fan and took a nice bath.

That is how I spend my Christmas eve and..... I really don't like to be back in KKB I want to go home!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps: Merry Christmas every one!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Uninvited Housemates

Okie here are some non human housemates of mine that I manage to capture their photos through out this year. It might not be as interesting to most of you but come on la they live in the same house with me also ma (for awhile only) so I think I should put them here also la.

First on the list is.... Mr/Ms Ruddy the Moth....

Mr/Ms Ruddy the Moth mysteriously appeared at my KKB detention camp one night. It politely asked me to let it stay for one night in my living room for free. Since I so pity it so I say yes lo but early in the morning, it had gone away without even say Thank you and good bye, So rude!!!!!

Next, Mr/Ms Smelless the Beetle

This uninvited guest came to my detention camp during Orange Wedding eve. I think Chrispy or Vanonica might invited it along without my knowledge but unfortunately I found it wondering happily or maybe nervously in my living room... so very sorry la, although you are not smelly but I just cannot let you stay with me la. I immediately send it out the door after asking Vanonica to take this picture. (I am not cruel ok, I did not crushed it ok, I just put it out side!!!)

Then came Mrs. Dirty the Roach

I actually found it in the bathroom at my HOME in Penang (Home sweet Home) one night. Actually I was on my way to do my Big Business then I saw it the moment I enter the bathroom. I sprint out of the bathroom as fast as I could to........ take my camera la of cause.... If not where do you think this picture come from????

Finally my cousin, Ping Ping's good friend Lizzy the lizard

Can you see that? not clear? Ok let me zoom it for you.... I know Ping loves it so much that I won't forgive myself if I do not post this up, so Ping this is specially for you... Merry Christmas!!!!

Wah!!! so cute leh??? very good climber la can climb upside down on the ceiling like Cicak Man. My mom said "Siau ah! sin thang pun ai hip!!!' (Crazy ah! Lizard also want to snap picture!!!) My 2nd aunt lagi hebat she thinks that I am doing scientific research on lizards!!!!!


I fell in love with this song one day while browsing through my darling Lemon's friendster. At that time I was a little bit down and home sick at my detention camp so this song really makes me feel more down but I love this song very much ever since. (Especially the chorus)

I even told Lemon one day that I want to memorised the chorus and sing it to my HM the next day... in the hope that she might sympathize with me and let me transfer back to my home town, the one and only beautiful Pearl of the Orient..... Penang. Lemon said straight to my face "Shot plug Ah!" Thank you very much for your "support", darling..... but of cause la I won't do that.... it will never work one la so better save my energy.

I love this song so much that I've uncreatively make some changes to the lyrics to suit my present situation and mood.


Doralin Lee's version

Another boring day,

Has come and gone away,

In Kuala Kubu,

I want to go home,


Maybe surrounded by,

A million people I,

Still feel all alone,

I just want to go home,

Oh I miss you, You know,

And I've been chatting with my mom,

always on the phone,

Each time I say I'm fine,

And asking how are you,

Well I say I always love you,

I know it's that it's just not enough,

The tone so dull and flat,

And she deserve more, Than that

So many Darlings here,

So many buddies there,

I'm lucky, I know,

But I want to go home,

I've got to go home,

Let me go home Im just to far,

From where you are,

I've got to come home,Let me come home,

I've had my run, Yes, sure i'm down,

I want to come home,

And I feel just like,

I'm living, Someone elses life,

It's like i just stepped outside,When everything was going right,

And I know just why I need to transfer home,

'Cause here is not my home,

And I never dream to be here,

Another holiday,

Has come and gone away,

In Kuala Kubu,

And I Want To Go Home,

I miss you, You know,

Let me go home,

I've had my run,

Yes sure i'm down,

I want to go home,

Let me go home,

It'll all be alright,

I'll be home tonight,

I'm coming back home.

I know my version sucks la...... I am not a composer ma cannot blame me ma..... Hey come on la I am going back to KKB in a few days la. I feel so down already la. Show some support la you people don't 'throw cold water' some more la......

Friday, December 19, 2008

Yellow Thing Revealed

Still remember about the YELLOW THING ? Actually I've got the yellow thing last week already but I am just too lazy to write about it ma so now I will reveal what actually the yellow thing is la. Before that, anyone wants to make a wild guessed?.... Ok, ok, I know no one is interested but who cares man!

Okie, represent to you the mysterious, infamous Yellow thing!!!!


Cutie lemon!!! Ooops....sorry wrong photo liau..


Banana? Hey! What's going on here no la.....


Quack! Quack! Quack! I will follow you........ nope.... no rubber duckie


Hehehe! My twin will say that this is how I look when I am Windy! Nola not this one.


TADA!!!!!!! Yup is this yellow thing lo but.... oopss.... sorry ha! wrong photo that is the 'Buntut" Wow! Got a flower on the Buntut some more!!!

Yeah!!! Aiyo!!! Itu belakang la.... I bet some of you already know the answer.

Represent to all of you... my cutie Doralin @ Dorami!!! Give big clap!!!!

What? Apa Ceh! Who says Ceh! nanti I "blue black-kan" your eyes!!!

Really 'Tai Sei!'

I am actually very annoyed and upset with a certain individual yesterday! Even this morning when I was awake and the thought of what that individual said makes me quite upset plus "Beh song"...

What! I am that bitchy one meh? Am I such a 'Suey lang' meh? I Don't care about people and simply will get people into trouble one meh? Wah! I don't know that I can be so 'SUEY' oneh leh! Thank you very much!

As far as i know.... I've never bite the hands that feed or help me before, and I don't remember getting that certain individual in to any kind of huge trouble before, so I really wonder... why did this certain individual think of me this way after knwoing me so long? (ok, maybe we know each other not very long la but still....Haih!)

Ok maybe this certain individual thinks this is a good excuse for avoiding my request but come on la.... I tell you... your excuse is so damn SUCKS la, ok! Can just say 'NO' and fullstop la! No need to talk so much la! Never hear the saying 'Kong tor, chor tor" (Talk much wrong much: Sorry mind my language) before meh?

Anyway I myself also to be blame la hehehehe! Cause sendiri "cari pasal" one. I know many of my friends will say right to my face ""Tai sei!" Know already that the hole got snake but still want to put the hand into it and get bitten! Now you dare to make noise some more ah?"

Ok feel a bit better now...


PS: Twin if you are reading this post, don't say that I am easily get angry la..... hehehehe

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Food! Food! Food!

I have been eating in the past few days and mom is complaining that I am getting fatter! First I went to Dome at Gurney Plaza with Erin and Foong Foong on Thursday.

Erin Said she 'pantang' taking picture with me.... nola she don't like to take picture in three so I was kick out and had to be the camera girl la. (Good leh my photography skill)

Erin suggested that we try out one of the Dome's speciality. The Chicken pie. Well I would say that the Chicken pie was fabulous... It's yummy with thick and creamy mushroom soup filled with chunks of chickens and lots of mushrooms under the crispy pastry.

This dish is healthy la... look la got boiled cherry tomatoes, carrots and my favourite broccoli some more.

This drink is actually coffee twister.... actually I cannot tahan liau so I drink it liau before this photo is taken... Hehehe! I simply cannot resist it when it comes to coffee.

On last Saturday I went to Gurney Plaza again but this time with another group of friends. W went to Chilis to had our lunch (Joy's Christmas treat la). One thing I love about this restaurant was that it 'bottomless' drinks can be refill as many times you like and the service there was very good. The waiter was friendly and always smiling.They come many times to ask us if we wanted to refill our drinks even though our glass is still half filled with drinks. Since I love the grape juice and people keep on asking, so I also muka tak malu and keep on refilling la (twice only ma... and we pay one ok so must drink to my heart content la)

Then har, the young pretty supervisor come over to ask us hows the food there (Aiya! Since you are so pretty and polite of cause the food here is nice too la) No la of cause I didn't say that to her.

Chillis but the things we ordered not so spicy leh.

That is Joy, Mr. and Mrs Wong.... Ok, I am very brave for loading up this photo here cause Yoong Loong already fore warn me that day. "Hey! If you put up my photo in your blog, I'm gonna poke your hand with this fork" (Hopefully Christina won't read this post)

A huge variety of food in a colourful pictorial menu to choose from but I need to warn the small eaters out there... most of the food are served in a large portion so you are advised to share your food. As for the big eaters... well you will feel very full like a.... bloodifull (mind my language please coz I learn that from one of my close friend)

A huge glass of tasty Grape juice that can be refilled many many times

Mix Chicken, beef bacon, crispy corn chips and vege salad

Chicken sandwiches with many tasty stuff in it (I forgot what this dish is called liau) and not forgetting the french fries too.

Mexican roti canai.... Hehehe! Nola its chicken and beef tortillas... the real name of this dish is unknown to me but the taste is good.

Grilled Chicken with tasty creamy mashed potatoes together with some tasty mushroom sauce, sliced mushroom, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli... yummy... yummy....

After going for our lunch we went to Cold Storage to buy some hams.... and we end up in Big Apple to have a cup of nice steaming hot coffee and some juicy gossip (Wah! Got free plain doughnut some more!!!).

Haiya........ eat, eat, eat, every hour non stop... how can I blame my mom for calling me fatty???

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Yellow Thing

I got a good news from Christina this morning while I was happily munching or should I say chewing my chicken ham sandwich.

Handphone ringing...

Me; Hello...........
Christina: Hey! I bring back 'the yellow thing' har?
Me: Ha? (Mind is processing what does 'the yellow thing' means) Where are you?
Christina: In KL la! I bring back for you har?
Me: (Knows what that thing is already) Water Lily found it already meh? I thought she forgot where she pu it?
Christina: Yesla, found already, she thought is a big thing, she thought is as big as a palm but it is only a small thing wrapped in a paper ma, so she don't know you see.
Me: Okla, when is our next date.....

This reminds me of last week phone conversation that I had with Water Lily....

Me: Wei! Christina said that thing is with you la! Why that day when I ask you, you said it is with her and ask me to take from her?
Water Lily: Emmm...... yala.... I forgotla..... die la I don't know where I put it already. I must find la.
Me: Lousy la you.... always forgot things one.
Water lily: Yala.... what to do... That's why la next time must not simply agree to keep things and pass to people la. Eeeee.... Don't know whether is this thing in the plastic or not . I forgot which drawer I put la. Is this thing ah soft one and in a plastic one.
Me: I don't know la..... I didn't see it how I know whether it is in a box ka, paper ka plastic ka.... but it is a small thing la not big.
Water Lily: Yala.... die la.... small thing some more... wait la later when Christina come I ask her la.

Wah! At that time I almost think that i will never ever get to even see that thing some more hold it in my hands.... Yes!!!! Now, at last I will be able to hold, touch, and even cuddle that imported 'yellow thing' in my hand!.... After I search high and low, north to south, east to west..... at last Christina manage to get it for me!!!!! Oh thank you Christina, thank you Christina's Friend for buying 'the yellow thing' and bringing it all the way from Japan for me!!!

What is that 'Yellow thing'?

Just wait and see la.... no hurry one.... be patient...

New Look, Impress?

Yeah I manage to change a new image err...... I mean a new look for my block Ooops no I mean my blog. How is it? Nice or not? 'Sui Bo?'

Okla I know la nothing major la just the header and the background colour change from brown to BLUE but still, it does has a new look ma.... I am not very creative one la and I am definitely not an expert in web designing if I am a web designer.... Wah!!! I'll be rich, RICH and RICH!!! Muahahahaha!!!

Ok back to reality and stop making a total idiot out of yourself! Ok I mean MYSELF. As this is my first attempt and I repeat MY FIRST ATTEMPT to renovate my block...... Aiya! I mean my blog la, with my own tangan telanjang Hehehe! I mean bare hands, my half naked eyes ( I wear glasses ma!) and still functioning brain.... so give me some credit la at least show some support to me ma..... heavy work you know to be doing your own renovation... Luckily everything didn't go upside down!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru My Twin

Congratulations! to my twin Alice Lim and her hubby Mr. Ng. May both of you stay wealthy, healthy, merry, lovely and naughty Errr.... sorry I mean, happily ever after

I just can not believe that you are getting married my twin..... It's just like we had just met each other just yesterday and now, you are getting married to a wonderful man of your choice a few days from now..... how times flies and I just cannot believe that I am turning 30 next year!!!! I really missed the good old days that we had together in UM!!!

Look, you still look the same my twin.... you look so young and innocent still... I am sorry for not being able to attend your wedding dinner..... I would definitely love to but I have other obligations to deal with. Really sorry about that twin.
I would like to wish you and your hubby a happy wedding and may both of you be blessed with a cutie baby soon.... All the Best!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life Is So Fragile

I just received a sad news from Selene... her brother-in-law just passed away peacefully just a few hours ago. She is now hopping to get back to Malaysia as soon as possible to be with her family. Condolence to her and her family..... I can understands how she feels right now.... I've gone through what she is now going through 2 years ago.

I can still remember the feeling of helplessness, frustrations and sorrow really makes me depressed and down. When my mom told me that my beloved dad had passed away I really didn't know how I felt....... it's like my the world had come crashing down on me, the time stop ticking and I really felt that I am dead too.....

It's very sad and painful to loss our love ones especially when death come so sudden and unexpected. Every day when we turn on the news, we saw many people died in bomb attacks, terrorist attacks, accidents, stampede, natural disaster and many unexpected deaths. I can see that our life is so fragile, so uncertain, so vulnerable...... Therefore we should feel blessed, cherished every moment and appreciate every second that we have with our love ones. Do something meaningful with your life when you are still young, healthy and when you still have the time. Life is beautiful but just like a rose, it will soon withered and died.

Everything will come to an end, if there is no end, where will there be a beginning?

I always tell myself.... if the time comes for me to leave this earth, I would want to leave as a better person than when I first come into the earth.

I hope that I can keep my words.....