Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Birthday Treat

On 20th April was my 30th Birthday and just like last year, my Sweet Heart, Darling, DD, buddy Orange, Buddy Turtle and a new member, my new housemate Evelyn celebrated my Birthday with me. I was a bit disappointed though cause my Sweet Dear was not with us this year (she was having a course) but nevertheless, I am really happy and appreciate what they had done for me.

I would like to thank my Sweet Heart and Darling for organising this event for me. A big kiss and hugs for both of you!!! Not forgetting my DD for buying the delicious cake for me, A big hug for u too DD. Last but not least, a big thanks to my buddies, Orange, Turtle and Evelyn for the treat.

My Sweet Heart, Chrispy smiling sweetly
My Darling, Lemon and housemate, Evelyn
This year, they celebrated my Birthday at one of DD's relatives steamboat cafe at Ulu Yam.
Like always, we ordered two types of soup. Tom Yam and the herbal soup.

We also eat these cute fish balls. We are so cruel!!!!!! Hehehe!

Those ladies are so hungry..... sorry Orange, my photography skills need some improvement.
Me and my new housemate (Evelyn) this is our first photo together.

After our meal, they took out a big Birthday Tiramisu cake for me. I am so thrilled and touched cause I love coffee so and my Darling and Sweet Heart really make my day by asking DD to buy my favourite cake!!!!!!
All the pictures were taken by Orange and my Darling, so in order not to waste their kind and sincere effort,I've decided to put it into good use by posting some of it here and fictionalised those photos into a story. Am I creative or what? Hehehehe!
Well, after the steamboat, my Sweet Heart suddenly took out a pink box and put it in the middle. She then open it.

I was very happy beyond words the moment the strong aroma of Tiramisu kiss my nostrils.

Orange starts to take our photo but DD was not very pleased with that and I keep on staring at the Delicious cake hungrily.......

Then I remembers that I am still too plum.... so I was a bit in a dilemma. DD was in a financial dilemma as well and my Sweet Heart was not too pleased that no one wants to help her to serve the cake.

Suddenly a nasty thought arise in my mind and DD saw the cunning smirk on my face and she knows what was in my mind, she was feeling very uneasy sitting beside me.....

The next thing I remember was, my Sweet Heart and Darling light up the candles and ask me to make a wish.

Next everyone sang the traditional Birthday song totally out of tune...... Hehehehe!

Anyway, I was too touched till I cannot hold back my tears anymore... so I cried in front of the cake.......

After crying 'puas-puas' like a baby, I was asked to do the traditional candle biting ceremony but since my Sweet Heart, Darling and DD love me so much (Ok, stop vomiting...... so rude!!!!!!) I was only asked to bite the big chocolate icing on the cake.

Well, I manage to do it quite well without leaving a single drop saliva on the cake.........

Finally I was given the honour to cut the Birthday cake before everyone can eat the cake.

While I was cutting the cake with my both hands, suddenly the plastic knife get stuck in the cake, as I was trying to pull out the knife with all my might, I felt someone poke my head with an unwashed fork!!!!!!!!

I was in a shock... so I left my knife sticking in the cake and turn to stare angrily at everyone on the table......
Everyone look scared and stunned except the person that sits right beside me.... my DD....

I stared at DD and asked her why she did that?

And like always, she denies it........ and like always, I don't take her words......

The next thing I know, everyone was pointing fingers at DD and she unwillingly admit her mischievous actions. "Yes,yes, yes. It's my faults la!!!!"
As she was preparing to cut the cake to feed me, suddenly her nose got itchy and she sneeze right on top of the cake!!!!!!! Yucks!!!!!!!!!! I saw the opportunity to skip eating the cake, so I told her I want to skip the dessert.

DD was very upset and she sulk at me.......... Well what else can I do but to eat the cake for dessert and even for my tomorrow breakfast............

Happy Belated Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!! Hohoho!!!!!!!
Nice ah my silly story?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Unforgettable Early Birthday Treat

Last Friday, I was invited to a Japanese buffet at The Legend Hotel by the Wong's family. I had a really great time there with them and I even spend a night there in the hotel. This is the first time in my life that I ever stayed in a 4 star hotel, Yes 4 star hotel!!! (Next time I shall try to stay in a five star hotel liau).

I arrived at the Legend around 6.30 p.m by STAR with Water Lily. We arrived late caused I was busy talking to Water Lily till I overshot and end up at The Mall instead of The Legend Hotel.

Soon after I arrived at the restaurant, the first thing that I wanted to do was to take out my camera but, Yoon Loong told me that camera are strictly forbidden in that restaurant. I really believed him at first cause I did not see anyone taking out their camera but later I found out from Christina that he is just pulling my leg. Ceh! I was bluffed by a blind guy!

So here are some shots taken by me, Christina and even Yoon Loong (Yes, surprise! A blind man can snap a picture too)

This is part of the Hotel Lobby and the spiral stairs leading to the Japanese restaurant.

Kanichiwa... welcome to The Legend Hotel Japanese buffet restaurant.

Left or right, which way shall we go?

This first snap from the restaurant after I was told my Christina that cameras are allowed.

The second pictures taken at the same spot after finishing my cold soba and while eating the shell thing....

The third pictures taken at the same spot but this picture is a slightly tilted cause Mr. Wong was complaining that I was playing with my camera and not eating my food.

The fourth picture taken after my green tea and vanilla ice cream dessert. Not bad huh, the scenery

I wanted to take the pictures of the restaurant but I am afraid I will get complained my some customers. Therefore, I have to take a quick snap in the restaurant and poor Water Lily was in the background.

One of the empty tables across our table.

Water Lily and me (Hey! I don't want to take pictures la... later she will put it up in her blog one...) That was what Water Lily said.

Yoon Loong and Christina taking a rest before moving for their green tea ice cream.

These were some of the food that we consume on that day

Cold Soba

Baby octopus and Californian rolls

Many types of shushis.........

Many types of clams, cockles and shells things..... yummy but high in cholesterol....

Some shushis and fresh salmon shashimi

Small boneless fish and Teriyaki chicken.

Oopssss....... a picture of me eating (Apala Christina, itu pun mahu tangkap ka?)

This special picture was taken by a Blind man (Yoon Loong) after he really can not stand all my photo taking nonsense so he finally decided to join in the fun and took this picture. Not bad shot huh? Who say that blind people cannot be a photographer? Or is it that my camera is Blind friendly?

Ok here is the really unprofessional blind photographer.
So after dinner around 9.15, (wow! I just can't believe that it took us so long to finish our dinner!!!!) we decided to go and play with the monkey bars at the playground just to burn up some fats.......
Hahaha! Of cause we are way too old to play with the playground monkey bars so we decided to go to this Monkey Bar for a few jug of beer and get all drunk!!!!!!!!!

Hehehehe! Nola we did not go into the bar la, I just stand outside the bar for a picture session and Yoon Loong goes "Heng!!!"
After that, we head straight up to our suite. Ooppss.... I mean our hotel apartment.

See what I mean, they actually had a living room with sofa bed and there was where poor Yoon Loong had to stay for a night because of my invasion....

The living room in the morning after Yoon Loong had tidy up his bed by himself 'Good boy."
Next, there is a kitchen complete with all sorts of food!!!!!!!

Hehehe! Of cause not la, the kitchen was equip with many many kitchen utensils... aiya enough for you to prepare a simple meal la.

Then here come the best part, the bed room!!!!!!!! Yes the three of us slept on this bed and can you imagine how huge this bed is since it can fit the three bulat people in it? (Sorry Christina and Water Lily I don't mean that you are bulat like me too ok)

After that comes the bathroom.....

See classy bathroom with romantic yellow lights

Wah! got bathtub some more... Just imagine that you are having a honeymoon with your new wife/ husband, one of you can be bathing or relaxing in the bathtub full of bubbles and other one can do his/her big business on the throne at one go, holding hand, side by side and saying to each other "I just cannot leave without you!!!"
Okay, it's not funny..... so just don't laugh la.......
Last but not least....
This picture was taken at the window of the living room. Amazing view of hazy KL. My photography skills not bad ma......... right?