Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What are these?????????

If I say these two are sisters, Which one do you think is the younger one?

The cute one in red / the adorable one in blue?

If I say that she is holding a piece of chocolate, can you tell me what brand of chocolate is that?

Catbury, Toblerone or something else?

If I say that she is my oversea internet friend, can you guess from which cauntry is she from?
Japan, Korea, China, Singapore or Taiwan?

YUP!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing else better to do. so what???????????

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time Really Heals............

I Just finished reading back my diary just now. ( I've stop updating my diary for ages liau) And I come across this particular and unforgettable incident that happens to me not really long ago....

I really learn a lot from that hurtful and embarrassed incident... hurtful cos I felt that i was back stab and betrayed by someone that I thought is my close friend...I felt embarrassed cause I felt like a total fool, moron n a total idiot.....

From the way i wrote in my diary at that moment, I can still remember how hurt i felt and how angry I am with myself for allowing myself to be fool by that person. I really felt cheated and betrayed by that person cause I was sincere to lend a helping hand to a friend in need, i am glad that I can be of some use to a friend and I trusted that person... but at the end I found out from another friend that, the person that i help, actually sort of kick me from behind (Ouch! so painful la!!!).... I was so upset and disappointed with that person at the moment.

As time pass and as I look back at the incident, I do not feel embarrassed about myself anymore, I am not angry with that person any more.... Yup time heals many people might say. In fact I feel proud of myself for being a kind and sincere person (at that time only la) My conscience is clear and I can now laugh at myself for being such a silly fool......... Hehehehe!!!!

As for my feeling towards that person..... I stop feeling angry with him/her long time liau la... As long as he/she is happy and do not disturb or find fault with me, I just don't bother about him/her la.... even if he/she wants to find fault with me, I will not respond la waste my energy and time only. CEH!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Strong Frozen Heart

What ever it is,
what ever happens,
Just let it be....
I just don't want to bother...
I just don't want to know....
I just don't want to care.....

Why should I burden myself,
With the load that is not there?
My heart is empty and frozen without a crack,
I am proud that I don't feel a single pinch of pain.

I must be tough,
My head I held up without any guilt,
Alone I shall survive...
With no one but only myself to trust.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine Everyone!!!!

Yesterday was a day full of "LOVE" cos it's valentine's day and all the florist, giftshop and restaurant oweners (Mamak stall owners maybe laughing too i think la!) are smilling happily!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for myself..... like last year lo Valentine day means nothing to me la coz tarak boy friend ma so.... takkan nak candle light dinner seorang-seorang kot hehehehehe!

This year a little bit different lor I went out with some friends to join the crowd lor.... yeah trapped about 30 minutes in the massive traffic jam...... with an empty grumbling stomach. That is not so bad la, but the worse thing is I felt like a big, bright.....................

Wow! So bright la, sakit mata only wear sunglasses quick!!!!! Shy and paiseh only....... hehehehehe! Wishing all of you a belated Happy valentine

Team Work!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday was a busy, tired and nervous day for the 20 of us. Imagine.... working from 7.30 am - around 5.00 pm) okla almost 10 hours not 12 hours but still very tired ma.

What is so interesting and nervous is, we have to go for about three meetings and our head told us..... all of you ha, will have to be the registration officer for the 'Pertandingan Merentas Desa Negeri Selangor' not deareh Hulu Selangor but Negeri Selangor.... yes a big one, means every part of Selangor will come and register their participants with us." My ah Head continues " Please ha, no careless mistakes ha, if got any participant wins and then he or she is disqualified because of registration procedure, then we all will get complaints one ok." Wah all of us really very the stressed and nervous.... "Manala tahu, malang tidak berbau" (bad news no smell ) hahahaha! (Real meaning, we must always be careful cause we can never tell when will disaster strike!)

So at 2,00 pm after our lunch in school.... we head to SMK Ampang Pecah to prepare ourselves (I am still quite blur about what am I supposed to do actually)

We are well prepared already.... Look at Plum in yellow. walking around to make sure that everyone is well prepared, not blur and not fooling around. Chrispy in black was making sure that Lemon do not disturb Mdm. Tan (in pink) with her juicy stories. Hahahaha!

I am lucky though cause my partner is Boon Boon.... cause she knows more and well organised.

That is me and Boon Boon in charge of the Petaling Perdana district. Pretending to be working (See Boon Boon is smiling!) while waiting for the participants to arrived.
Ok, we are seriously looking at our job spec now... luckily our participant was the first to arrived!!!!!

Chrispy is in charge of Hulu Langat and she is... actually pretending to be very serious in her work.....and she pretends not to know that I took her pictures. (Actually I ask her to pretend one la cause I also same ma hehehehe!)

Lemon and Mdm. Tan (of Kuala Langat) are gossiping...... nola they are discussing about the registration procedures la and they are not pretending one.

These two poor ladies Banana and her partner, memang 100% sah pretending one. (Sorry I dunno how to spell her name ) They were actually waiting eagerly to begin their work (the truth is they are waiting to go home early) but unfortunately their team was the last one to arrived..... so it seems that they are one of the last ones to go home lor.
At the end of the day, everyone was really tired but we learn to work together lor cause ha although some of us can go back early after registering our own district, we still stay back to be kaypo lor errrrr......... what I mean is we stay back to help and support each other lor.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What A Day!!!!!!!!

Really so 'mah fan' troublesome being a female la......

I got period pain this morning in school..... I really feel uncomfortable and I cannot really concentrate in my work......

Early in the morning.... I had to relief 2 classes so I decided to bring them to the library. Everyone was at the library but after 10 minutes later, One of the Cikgus come and told me that it was his period. I show him the 'relief slip' and he laughed and said " 3H dan 5K la bukan 5H dan 5K la... Apala la Anna." (Really no face but not in the mood to be malu)

Next, to the staffroom as I was marking my books halfway when one of my colleagues come and ask me something about work. I bring out a stack of papers to show her... 5 minutes later I was looking high and low, in and out, above and under for the papers. " Eh! cannot hilang one la just now I just saw it on your table la...." She said.... I search everywhere but cannot find it. Then the bell rang I was a bit worried but I have to go to my class, the search and rescue work had to be postpone......

I went in standard one, feeling really cranky, moody and worried about my missing stack of papers. Normally, no matter how mischievous those cuttie kids are, I will still think that they are quite cute and adorable but today!!!!!! I really feel like exploding!!!!

I went to standard 4 and realised that I accidentally left their books in standard 1. A few students did not bring their books.... that makes me feels more annoyed so I started to scold them for 5 minutes... waste my time only.....

Later I went back to search for my paper and found it at last...... hidden in my half mark pile of books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what a circus!!!!!!!!!! Oh what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Human's Birthday

Let me take this oppourtunity to wish all of the human beings or Mankind a happy and prosperous BIRTHDAY!!!! What? I am crazy? Nope, I am not 100% crazy yet ok. According to the Chinese belief, on the 7th day pf CNY is Human Being's Birthday or in Cantonese 'Yan' Human "Yat' Day, so Yan + Yat = Human Day la.... itu pun tak tahu ka?
Don't belief me? Hehehe! Relax, take a break have a kitt katt.... I got do my homework one you know I don't simply create story one. I search in wikipedia and found this

Hari ke-7 Tahun Baru Cina (source from wikipedia Bahasa Melayu)
Hari ketujuh dikenali sebagai hari jadi orang ramai (人日, pinyin: rén rì, Kantonis: yan yat), iaitu hari yang mana usia setiap orang ditambah lagi setahun menurut pengiraan kalendar qamari Cina. Inilah harinya bila salad ikan mentah lambung, 'yee sang', dimakan. Kaum sekeluarga berkumpul untuk melambung salad berwarna-warni dan menyampaikan hajat bagi menambahkan kekayaan dan kemakmuran. ini merupakan adat resam yang terutamanya diamalkan oleh kaum Cina di rantau Asia Tenggara, seperti Malaysia dan Singapura, tetapi jarang diamalkan oleh kaum Cina di merata dunia selain rantau tersebut.
Sorry ha I cannot find the English version and I am lazy to translate it into English so hentam sajala.
Although I am alone celebrating my Birthday alone this year (Errr.... previous year also alone ma...) Don't cry and say pity me first la..... Ok back to the topic, although I am all alone like the song goes "lonely... I'm Mr. Lonely.... I've got nobody.... but my own......", Yup I am alone but not really lonely and so 'cham' like the song la....
Ok, I still can celebrate and eat the 'yee sang' on my own ma. Yup! ON MY OWN. This is how I eat the 'salad ikan mentah lambung' or "bouncing raw fish salad' (Hahahaha! what a silly name for a dish?)
I use...............................

MAMEE Instant 'yee sang' with new asam laksa flavour together with my beloved NESCAFE!!!!

The outcome..... A BIT DISAPPOINTING la... I pour too much water so it tasted like instant mee with water only.... but I finished it anyway (Cannot waste food ah, my mom said) The NESCAFE is good though so no complain la.

See? it's long and can bounce high-high also ma........ not so colourful only ma............


CNY Part 2

For the First day of CNY, I went to visit my grandma at my aunt's place then later I went back and visit the dream land until my mom wake me up at around 4 pm to go to my mom's 2nd sis house for steamboat. After stuffed ourselves until full, we went home.

2nd day of CNY, I went to my mom's brother's house for lunch then my mom youngest sis' family came and we watched TV till around 3. After that I went home eat my ice cream with my mom and again I went to my favourite land.... the dreamland. Waken up by my mom around 8 p.m. (GOSH!!!!!) and went to had my dinner.

3rd day of CNY, mom woke me up early... we went to visit my grand aunties and grand uncles. Later mom bring me to the oldest 'Kuan Yin' Temple or Goddess of Mercy temple in town. There's lots of legends and interesting stories about this temple but I will not waste my time telling that here.

The Oldest Kuan Yin Temple in Penang. See some more big long joss sticks and so smokey. That means so very the many people come here to play play Err..... I mean pray not play.

Many people praying to Kuan Yin at the main hall. See la this is what we call Malaysians.... In the temple also simply put their gold paper offering everywhere and make the table so messy. Those poor deities all sure 'pening' cause have to look at it almost everyday. "Woi! Eyesore you know! Malula sikit!'

The image of Kuan Yin and other deities that I don't know. Actually this is a Buddhist Cum Taoist temple la. One of the unique thing about Chinese is that, they mix Buddhism and Taoism together like rojak and ABC until they themselves also don't really know whether they are actually Buddhist or Taoist. As for me, I am actually Buddhist but won't really mind hanging around Taoist temples, Hindu temples and even churches as long as I am welcome.

See what I mean, those people will just put their offering everywhere even the poor old Dragon pole have to hold the gold paper for them..... Malaysians...

This is an image one of the Saints in Buddhism but I don't know what his name is... Buddhism have many 'cabangs' or sects ok, this Saint is not in my sects so i don't know la.... You think I am wikipedia ah?

Ah.... There are many many Buddhism Saints and Taoist Deities here... too huge la the altar until I cannot take photo of the whole altar. See they can live in harmony, united, multi cultural, multi religion.... don't you just feel proud to be Malaysian? Hehehehe!

This is another Taoist deity with all those.....(how should I explain this...) ok the pink, red and yellow papers things on the table.

According to the Taoist belief, if your zodiac sign 'cheong' or in the bad luck side so you need to 'sek tai shuey' sort of "Upacara buang nasib malang" or a ritual to wash away all the bad lucks, bad omen and all the bad bad news la . So this things are used to wash all the bad luck for that person la. I think you have to write down your name, date of birth and maybe time of birth. Then the witch doctor will take the thing and chant something in Hokkian and put it in front of the deities for blessing.

Ha... this is my Dearest Tua Pek kong again and the uncle is praying for more 'ong'. Good luck uncle, if kena lottery atau empat ekor atau toto don't forget to give me a treat ha....

After praying (and taking photos like a tourist). We walk back to our car under the scorching hot sun.

This is the St. George's Church beside the Chinese Town hall. A heritage building built during the colonial time.
Our last destination, the Mahindarama Buddhist Temple. A Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple near my house.

The image of Buddha and behind it is a Bodhi tree, or enlightenment tree. This tree has it own history as well. Long story though.

Fences of the temple ground.

drawings of heavenly beings on the roof of the main hall.

The image of Buddha in sitting meditation posture and image of Buddha in reclining posture. The Buddha is not sleeping here but he is meditating in a reclining posture.
Notice that in Taoist cum Buddhist (TB) temples, you will see lots of gold paper and joss sticks offering. There are also many different kinds of deities in TB temples. In a Buddhist temple, you don't see any offering of gold papers (Buddhist do not practise burning gold papers as an offering) less joss sticks and mainly only Buddha images in the temple.
Image of The Buddha standing posture on alms round.

Image of The Buddha in standing posture. The up rise hand means blessing to all beings.
As we are on our way home at Jalan Masjid Negeri......
You see la this car... potong lane like this, apa la........ you think your grandfather's road ah?

Penang State Mosque. Actually very beautiful one but sorry ha I took this photo in a moving car so not that pretty lor.
After our lunch.... again I went back home to visit the dreamland till around 7 p.m. Again my mom woke me up and we went for our reunion dinner with my uncles and aunties (Mom side) at the Fisherman's Wrath.
Wah! Got VIP room some more

Ok everyone stop eating and say cheese!!!!!

Me and my beloved mom (Ok I know, I am fatter than my mom... must go on diet la....)

My mom's youngest sis family

Mom's younger brother's family

My mom's 2nd sis and her hubby don't like to take photo one so no photo here....

PS: I very the miss all of my relatives now that I am back at KKB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uwahhhhhhhh!!!!!!