Monday, June 29, 2009

So Blur..........

I was all so excited last Saturday cause I am going to try something new at Berjaya Time Square. So to cut the long story short, right after the school bell rings, I rushed to the front gate to meet Chrispy and Orange (Orange was going to send us to the KTM).

We reached Time Square around 5 as we went to our favourite Law Yat first. As Me and Chrispy were going down the escalator to the ground floor of Time Square, Suddenly Chrispy asked

Chrispy: Wei! Anna Lee, you sure that The Shop is on the ground floor ah?
Me: Yes.... I think so, I remember that the website said that the place is on the ground floor..... Eeerrr... of Mid Valley but this is Time Square hor? Not so sure leh...
Chrispy: Ahhhrrgggghhh!!! Anna Lee Ah!!!! "ding ni de fei" (Push up your liver!!! In mandarin and in English means, damn you) I thought you go and check already!!! Bla Bla Bla..... (Kena nagging from Chrispy but turn on a deaf ear)

Than, as the escalator slowly descended to the lower ground, my eyes suddenly caught something that I am looking for, a few feet in front of me and I without a second thought said to Chrispy excitedly.

Me: Chui, I see it liau! I see the shop that we are looking for liau!!!
Chrispy: Where oh? (looking at the direction that I am pointing to sounding not convincing)
Me: There... see that big doughnut over there?.............That is a doughnut right?
Chrispy: Ha?????? You mean that orange thing in front ah?
Me: Yeah.... (squint my cock eyes to see clearly)
Chrispy: Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Anna Lee, ah! Hehehehe! That is U-mobile logo la!!! Not DOUGHNUT Hahahaha!
Me: Hehehe!!!! Diam la!!!!!!!
Chrispy: When did U-mobile sell Doughnut oh, Anna Lee? Hehehehehe!!!!
Me: I said dun laugh!!! (smoke come out from both ears) Hehehehe!!!!

Ceh!!!!!!!!! From far it looks like a doughnut to me ma....... No meh???

Finally, I also manage to locate the doughnut shop ma...

Yes la we were looking for Krispy Kreme..... I am the one who saw it... and it was at the Ground floor!!!!!

Sorry picture senget cause my eyes also senget.
Heng!!! Dun play-play with me oh!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Memories Of Micheal Jackson

Wow! How amazing and interesting, it's like the entire world is mourning and grieving over the death of the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson. From this early morning, most of the radio stations, the newspapers, television and even the Internet was filled with the news of the passing away and songs from the King of Pop. It was sure a sad day for many of his fans all around the world.

This morning in our staffroom, like every other days, we on the radio (My FM)and suddenly, we heard one of the DJ (don't know which one) announce that Micheal Jackson is no more with us (In Mandarin if I am not mistaken) and out at once everyone in the staffroom stop whatever we are doing at the moment and was going like "Ha? What?" and looking at each other in disbelief. Everyone was a little bit stunned and don't really belief what we've just heard. My mandarin is still very poor so I ask one of my colleague "What happened ah? What is the DJ saying about Micheal Jackson?" and later, almost everyone in the staffroom was talking about Micheal Jackson.

The funny talkative Ai Ling: My mom love to listen to his songs one, you all just cannot belief leh? my mom in her age also like his songs leh!

Then the radio starts to play his songs....

Lye Yien: Bla... bla... bla... Aww! Aww! Aww! (With Micheal Jackson singing Billy Jean in the background)
All of us: Hehehehehe!!!!
Lye Yien: Like he is being bitten by a dog la.... Aww! Aww!

This statement brings me back to my childhood time during the 80's. One evening while watching the Thriller MTV on the TV with my family, on the part when Micheal jackson starts to "Aww! Aww! Aww!' one of my cousin (I can not remember who already) suddenly asked cheekily, "Ee jiang aneh quan, Ee eh Ku ku chiau hor kau kar tiuk ah?" (He shout like that, his 'bird' got bitten by a dog is it?'. I of cause laughed la but that fellow got just a brief scolding from my dad.

Then in form 2, during one of our science lesson with Mr. Lee Chong Gee (My form teacher and one of my favourite teachers), he was trying to make us remember the colours of the rainbow (At that time, our science lesson was still using BM) This is what he taught us

Jingga - JACKSON
Kuning - KE
Biru - BALIK
Indigo - IKUT
Ungu -UNTA

No doubt I never seem to be able to forget the colours of the rainbow in the correct order till now (Thank you very much, Sir)

That is how Mr. Lee and Micheal Jackson colours my life and improve my rusty memory Hehehe!

Farewell Micheal Jackson and May You Rest In Peace In Heaven!!!


Today is friday again, I should be happy and full of joy because tomorrow is a Saturday but I am not that happy and not so keen for tomorrow to come. Why? No. not because I am sad cause Michael Jackson has already gone to heaven but because tomorrow I need to work!!!! Haih.... last week also need to work on Saturday and this week also the same....

Some more I feel really tired today. I am so tired that both my shoulders feels ache. And I did a really stupid thing last week and this week, I stay back till 3.50 just to finish my paper work in school. Where got people so silly one? Stay back to do thier work, not that I will be given any extra salary. Sometimes I feel why on earth that I can do such a foolish thing?

5 reasons why i should not stay back after working hours in the future...

1. I won't get any kind of extra allowance. (Why bother?)
2. So, my colleagues won't keep on asking me the Wh-questions (Why? Why? Why?) and I do not need to keep on repeating the same answers over and over again for 4- 5 times! Goodness gracious me!!!
3. So, my two or should I say 3 (SH, D and SD) won't start driving me up the wall by teasing me and disturbing my precious lunch moment.
4. So, the two sisters (SH and D) won't make me embarrassed or guilty with their teases. (Really no energy to layan them)
5. So, I will won't feel so tired, exhausted and 'so sian' (dull or bored) like now....

Conclusion is, NO MORE STAYING BACK FOR NO ANY GOOD REASON ANYMORE!!! In other words " Jangan nak mengada-ngada dan buat rajin untuk stay back!!!!"

Friday, June 12, 2009


I just can't believe it.... my honeymoon will bee over tomorrow!!! That means, I have to go back to that detention camp by tomorrow!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! So so the very boring and sian.... Oh! Tell my why, Lord? Just tell me what evil karma have I produced to deserve such a horrible punishment? My life really sucks, sometimes!!!!!

Do you have any idea how mentally, emotionally and physically torture for me to go back to that camp? ok, just let me pen it down here one by one just to let out the steam....

1. Once I reached KL, I have to wait for the slow unreliable commuter to go to Rawang, Once reached Rawang, I have to walk over the tall overhead bridge and wait for the transit train to KKB for about half an hour.

2. The moment i reached KKB, I have to find and pay RM 5 for a taxi sapu to take me to my detention camp. (Masuk camp pun kena bayar transport sendiri, ceh!)

3. When reached the camp, everything is so damn dusty (cause the place has been empty for two weeks) so I have to start cleaning, mopping and changing the bed sheet, boil some water, and put the dirty laundry into the washing machine. (Tiring you know)

4. After dinner, I am all alone so, I need to start and do some of my school work (Borriinggg!!!!!!!)

5. Then comes Monday, have to wake up early and go to school again. Monday blues... Have to start nagging and scolding those lazy students for not doing their homework. (Really very tiresome task la)

6. Have to meet some not so pleasant people daily again. (Nvm can just ignore them)

7. Have to eat the kantin nasi lemak for breakfast again (cause nothing else can eat leh)

8. Have to stay back for Co-curriculum and tuition during Wednesdays.

9. Have to start preparing monthly test papers and lots of paper work waiting to be done. (Work! Work! Work! till you have no life of your own)

10. Will start to miss my mom, my relatives and my home again.

I just dislike going back there!!!! but what to do.....

'Saya yang menurut perintah' and 'berkhidmat untuk negara' (Haih.... Bullshit!!!) Sorry, I am just too fume!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What A Thursday!!!!

Last Thursday, one of my good friend, LC asked me to meet her in SN (SN used to be our primary school but now the primary school has been moved to somewhere else and now the place has become a Home for the blind), I was having a really great time chatting and catching up with my friends and some of my seniors there. since I was away in KKB for so long. We even went out for lunch. We were having such a fantastic time the whole morning until.....

Around 3 p.m. one of my seniors, Jaycee (Not the real name) invited my friend and I to a gathering held weekly by an English volunteer. The gathering is actually meant for the senior citizens that stay in the home to share and entertain each other with their own funny and interesting life experience, singing of oldies or Christian Hymns (since all of them are Christians). Since Jaycee will be joining them for the first time to show her support and since another senior E asked us to join them, because she said that she will be singing a song and do some funny imitations of some people that she knows, so I agreed to tag along to show my support.

At the beginning of the session, LC and I were introduced to the volunteer as we are sort of a guest there. The warder that in charged of the senior citizens were there too. We listened to a nice Christian hymns played by the volunteer on his laptop and after that we were entertained by E singing an oldies song titled 'I Know'. Wow! E has a really beautiful voice and she can really sing. after that, the fun begins when 'E' starts to tell stories of her childhood living in SNH and imitating her previous housemothers, teachers and some of her friend's voices (I tell you she is a real comedian!!!) All of us were having a good time laughing our heads off by listening to her stories.

After that, a senior by the name of K wants to entertain us with two songs. (K is not only totally blind but he is a bit of mentally challenged) K was singing and dancing at the same time and I am really touched to see that he was enjoying himself entertaining us. Then I saw a few staff of the home suddenly appeared out of no where were, silently standing or just hanging around there. One lady staff, were silently taking photos of us with her hand phone camera... I was really unhappy and uncomfortable with that, I tried to hide my face away cause for me IT IS REALLY VERY RUDE OF HER TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE BLIND WITHOUT TELLING THEM. AND IT IS VERY RUDE TO JUST QUIETLY SNEAK UP OR BE AROUND BLIND PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO THEIR CONVERSATION WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGE THEM. What a real shame on these so call staff that work in a Home for the Blind but behave so ignorantly towards the blind. Don't tell me that no one told them about that! If you are working in with a disable organisation for more than 1 year, don't you think you SHOULD know about all the Dos and Don'ts?

As K was happily telling a story about his younger days living in the home, and he was telling in his innocent way why he dislike certain people in a funny manner. We were laughing and enjoying his story about a thorn trousers that was given to him by some one (I've listen to that story for many times but still I enjoy and can have a good laugh about it! K is a real comedian too) and suddenly LC (LC knows K since they were young and all of us know that K is a innocent boy at heart without a dirty filthy mind) asked, "K where is the hole on the trousers?" (Most of us know that the answer will be: at the 'excuse me thing there). Then Suddenly a bossy voice (Miss Von Von) boom out of nowhere just like a Big Momma asking you to shut your big mouth up "Please, don't ask him that question again!.....bla bla Blu blu pot pet pot pet... K! Mr B is upstairs having a meeting and he won't be happy if he hears what you said just now!!!" (LIAR! Mr. B had already gone home at that time and by the way, Mr. B knows K since he was young and he won't take offence upon hearing what K says since everyone knows K is a bit mentally challenged) Everyone was silence for a while and K stop his story, (Thank you for spoilling the fun for everyone Miss Von Von!!!) Soon, I felt uneasy and left the gathering with Jaycee and LC.

What irritates me is the way Miss Von Von rudely reprimand LC for asking K a simple innocent question in front of so many people and an outsider. Hello, Miss Von Von, LC is a guest and not your 'anak' ok, so you don't reprimand your guest in front of people ok? Where is your manners when talking to your guest ha Miss Von Von? Where is your PR skills since you are one of those top management staff? Is that How you talk to your guest? Tskt...tskt.... tskt..... shame on you....

Miss Von Von, for your information, K is an innocent boy at heart, and he won't give a nasty answer like what you had in your old filthy mind la. Don't think every one has a filthy corrupted mind like yours ok?

Dearest Miss Von Von, you can see with your own two well sighted eyes that the warden is there, right? And do you think that the warden is so silly till she can allow K to embarrassed himself in front of a volunteer? More ever, we are all K's friends, will we be so cruel or so naive as to let K embarrassed himself in front of a volunteer? Ask yourself la Miss Von Von, how well you know K and how well the warden and the senior citizens know K? Don't simply jump into conclusion la... you make things worse la...

Haih.... some people, they are so BOSSY and yet they think that they are always on top of the world!!! Really pity them......

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Please Help National Council For The Blind Malaysia (NCBM)

Email on behalf of NCBM, Please read on.

Dear all,
Digi has come up with an initiative to help them d decide on how they should donate their money. If you would just go to the link given and follow the instructions, NCBM will receive RM5.00. Of course, there are other organisations as well and each person can only click once. Please do us a favour and send this to as many people as possible. For blind users, I have not tested for accessibility. However, as this is only for one month, there is just no time. Therefore, please support and send it to as many as possible.

is up and running!
Regards, and let ussee how much of support the NCBM can get.


I may be contacted using the following:

Telephone:Office: 603 22724959 ext 311 Direct: 603 22721442 Mobile: 6013 3971442
PS: Please type in your real e-mail address because after you fill in the form, an e-mail will be sent to you mailbox and you need to click the given link to verify your e-mail address. If this final stage is not complete, then NCBM will not get the RM 5. Your kind gesture is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Boring Precious Moment

Wah! The weather in Penang is so so very hot like living in an oven la. For three nites already I woke up in the middle of the nite sweating like a pig! Poor me my old house don't have any aircon just two table fan. I think it's time to install aircon liau la but..... when I think of the electric bill that I have to pay.... well better wait first la, economy not so good better don't waste money unnecessarily.

Yeah, I am back in Penang since Monday! Wow! How time can really flies! I feel like it was just yesterday I've reached Penang.... and by next Saturday, I'll be on my way back to my detention camp in KKB. Sad :(

For the past 4 days in Penang, I hardly do anything interesting lor... just sleeping, online, complaining about the weather, watch a bit of those boring Taiwan Hokkien and Hong Kong series (Waste my time only) and just day dream lor... kind of boring huh? But I enjoy it very much. These are the luxury and precious moment that I can never have in KKB or anywhere else in this planet. Home sweet home ma.....

Haih! Now I am doing nothing but typing nonsense on my blog with Andrew Llyod Webber's Phantom Of the Oprah playing in the background. So so boring my life but, I should enjoy this boring, relaxing moment now as it will all be over very very soon.........