Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unforgatable Pulau Perhentian (Part 1)

Guessed what tomorrow is the 29th of August 2008 only 2 days away from our National Day!!! Yes. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!. As a Malaysian we should feel very proud of our country's achievements over the past 51 years.....

Ok that sounds not like me at all.... I have a patriotic heart but not too patriotic la. Well last year, I celebrate the Merdeka Day back at my hometown with my mom. Hahaha! I was so happy back then cause I get to go back to my hometown and be with my family.

The story is different this year.... I am going to an unbelievable, unthinkable, unspeakable, unreasonable, unpredictable and unforgettable trip this year

Why is that so?
Well, for the first time in my life.... I am going to celebrate our National Day at one of the most interesting, attractive, beautiful and peaceful place in peninsular Malaysia...... the (drum roll).... 'Station Island' What? There is no such Island in Malaysia? Ok, it's Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu (Station Island is my lousy direct Malay translation ok, hehehe!!!). Sounds interesting huh? Well, the story behind this trip was interestingly and confusingly, unforgettable too... Oh! I am so excited to go to this trip. I wound definitely enjoy myself there (Pulau Perhentian here we come!!!!)

Who am I going with?
Well this is an interesting and good question.... finally, I am going to Pulau Perhentian with a gorgeous, attractive, pretty, fascinating, hyperactive.... oops... I mean active young lady Miss... Chrispy Tham my sweet heart (She is still young and single... any eligible young bachelors out there?) Wow!!! I am going to enjoy my holidays with my sweet heart. I am so excited can't wait till tomorrow la.... Ok we are not going there alone ok, Mr. Turtle and two of his buddies (We never seen before) are going too.

This is my sweet heart Chrispy Tham. Pretty and sweet leh?

Why only the two ladies going?
Yalo, why leh??? (Big question mark)

I really wish that my Yang, Foong Foong and Dear, Jean are going with us too lo.... if the two of them are going, then it will be more exciting!!! Lousy la, the two of them only thinking of going home only but never mind, next year the four of us can plan to go to other Island like Phuket, Bali, Sentosa, Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Tikus hehehehe!!!!

Why is this trip so memorable to me?

This trip will be the most unforgettable trip in my life... from one trip I can know and see many things as they really are, I learn how to cope and accept an unthinkable and unpredictable situation, I see different types of values in human nature.. and I can now understand that human relationship changes according to condition... Deep huh? Thats why la it is so memorable....

Anyway, I will start my journey tomorrow evening, so stay tune for the next episode of Unforgettable Pulau Perhentian....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Remebering Our Departed Love Ones

Last Sunday, my mom and I went to visit my beloved dad in his so call condo... nola I went to do some prayers (it is sort of transferring of merit to the departed ones according to the Mahayana Buddhist tradition) It was quite amazing and I found it quite interesting (I mean the set up of the offering items to the departed ones is quite stylish and nice eh)

The Bodhisatva Manjusri, Bodhisatva Kuan Yin (Alovakitesvara) and Amitabha Buddha from Pure Land

Hmm... very creative

Offering of food to the departed ones (Very neat and tidy leh)

Wah! Got Potato chips, mango pudding and peanuts too eh!!! Like a huge buffet party but no ice cream.....

First of all when we reached the temple (Than Siang Temple) My mom and me went to the main shrine hall to pay our respect to the Triple Gem, then we proceed to pay our respect to the Bodhisatva Kuan Yin and later we went to pay respect to my dad.

It is a crematorium but the place is very peaceful and serene it is not scary nor eerie at all. The place was well kept and maintained till you won't even notice that you were in a crematorium at the first glance.

The three Holy Sages (Bodhisatva Manjusri represent Wisdom, The Buddha Gotama represent Enlightenment and Bodhisatva Kuan Yin represent Compassion) at the main crematorium Hall.

At first glanced it looks a bit like a library but it is actually a crematorium.

A special room.... where my beloved dad ashes is kept. A nice place to meditate and think of your love ones (Got air corn one oh)

Lord Buddha Gotama in deep meditation

That is where my beloved ashes lay... neat and tidy huh?

Life is Uncertain but Death is Certain therefore we should cherished every moment we have with our love ones

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hmm..... tomorrow I am going to TKRS camp at Lembah Berigin.... feel so unhappy, why must I go to the camp... I thought after my maktab (After BIG, Tunas Puteri and BTN) no more camp already but still there are camps to attend so not happy but not sad la... it's like I am not willing to go leh!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!

I am so pitiful have to sleep in the camp for 2 nights, have to go for kawat kaki, have to do the physical test, have to listen to long long talks, have to go jungle tracking

AHHHHHHHH!!!! Sounds fun right but it's not fun when you have to go not that you want to go....

Come back from camp some more got more work to do in school!!!!! People want to celebrate Merdeka Eh!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am Going Home!!!!!

Yiepee! Ya! Ya! Yeipee! Yiepee! Ya!
Yiepee! Ya! Ya! Yeipee! Yiepee! Ya!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah! I' m GOING HOME! I am Going home tomorrow!!!!
Yes!!!! Yes!!!!!! Haven't gone home since June!!! I miss Penang so much, miss my mom and my PILLOW the most!!!!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! can sleep till the sun come high up on the sky also never mind... no books to mark no record book to write, can sit in front of my laptop 12 hours a day also no one will make noise.... Oh!!!! I feels like I am in heaven back home!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Human Nature

Somebody asks everybody to do something but everybody is waiting for anybody to do everything. Somebody could have done something but nobody wants to do anything. At last, everybody ends up doing nothing.

How true........

Monday, August 11, 2008

Inner feeling

It is true what the old people say, don't judge a book by its cover... the cover might be colourful and full of interesting and attractive illustrations, the book jacket might look grand with golden lining... don't get all excited yet don't judge yet... the content of the book might be full of garbage. be patient, wait till you flipped through the pages and read the words line by line till the end.... than only you judge and make a conclusion. like another saying goes looks can be deceiving.

Just like a person or a friend... in front of you, they can sounds very sweet, very caring, very concern, very understanding and so on but behind you... they can say things that is totally different and opposite.... it is sad but it is true... just need to be careful and don't trust people easily even if you think that they are your so call friends.

I've seen people like this and I have even met them.... at first I felt angry but later I learn to forgive but the lesson... i will not forget. I am not an angle myself, I might do the same thing to my friends without me realising it... if that is the case I sincerely apologised to those I have unintentionally hurt.

That is always the case, when others do bad things or hurt us, we tend to remember and say that others are so cruel to us but when we do it to others... we tend to forget it and maybe try to justify our own action. We forget that the person also feels the hurt and the pain caused by us.

Whatever it is, I've seen many kinds and different types of people and friends all these years... some of them are really good and kind people, some of them makes me feel thankful and blessed to have meet and known them, some of them I really admire and adore, some of them makes you.. feels betrayed, look like a fool and feel like a total idiot.

For the last kind of people... I really don't know what else can I say... just one message from me... "Thank you very much for teaching me such an unforgettable lesson, I really learn my valuable life lesson from you people. Frankly speaking I really appreciate it..."

Friday, August 8, 2008

Quotes for the Day

'Trust' is very fragile and valuable thing that must not be broken.... Just like a glass that can never be mend back to it's original form once it

breaks into pieces.... same goes to 'Trust', once it breaks, it will remain useless....

If a person betrays you once, it is the person fault but if he betrays you for the second time.... then, it is your fault!!!

Speak only the truth... if you cannot be truthful in your words then.... just shut up!!!

Never use the word PROMISE in vain, cause promises are meant to be kept

and not to be broken.

PS: These quotes suddenly appears in my mind for no particular reason, so I just write it down to share it with all of you, just hope that it some how make sense to you.

Durian Party at KKB

Last Wednesday, I was not feeling well (I got a bit of headache, diarrhoea) and feeling feverish. I had to give up my school tuition to my colleague (RM17 gone liau) so that I can go back and take a rest. I reached my hostel, take my lunch, a shower and sleep till around 7 something. I woke up but I still don't feel good... and kind of tired, plus my body felt very heatty.
Later that night around 9 pm... this is what happened in my hostel

DURIAN Party!!!!!

Organised by this culprit .... my Sweet Dear Plum!!! She brought about 11 Durians from her hometown Raub, Pahang and she.....

forced me to sell the durians at the roadside T_T poor me.... unwell some more had to sell durian.... see "buy one free one"

See la i am not well also they force me to eat durians... so inhumane.. by the way that is my Sweet heart, Crispy smiling happily behind me.

Wah! you see, such a big seed of durian, very delicious lo... it's simply irresistible!!!

Another big and mouth watering durian

Yellow flesh one.... sweet and creamy!!! Hmm.... yummy but fattening!!!! so ladies, don't eat too much durians if you wanna stay slim and pretty

Crispy, me and Turtle having a Durian Feast

The unprofessional way of opening a Durian by Turtle... better don't say so much later I had to open myself.
Thanks to my sweet dear Plum....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Silence is Golden

Silence is golden.... so better keep my mouth shut. Not only that I must keep my mind shut (Not thinking negatives thoughts)too. Just to keep me away from... troubles. Practise noble silence and we can find peace within us... hehehehe!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Unexpected Peaceful Morning

My alarm clock keep on announcing in a lady's voice "Its 6.36 a.m." cock crows "it 6.36 a.m." cock crows. (That is what I though I heard). It went on and on for a few times till I stretch out my hand and off it with my eyes still close. Reluctantly I pulled my body out of the blanket and get up on my feet. I opened my bedroom door and in a blurry and half awake manner I walked like a zombie all the way to the toilet.

When i am just about to finish my business, I was fully awake by that time, suddenly I thought to myself, "Wah! What a wonderful morning, cooling and so peaceful, I hardly can hear anything but my own breath... very serene and peacefully quiet....I like it." " Hey! Wait a minute... Quiet?How come I didn't hear the downstairs stall frying and cooking? Don't tell me that they are close today. Usually they will not close on Mondays... Hmm... how strange, well who cares anyway" I finished my business went to the sink to wash my face and walk back to my room.

On my way to the room I look up at the opening at the roof and realise that the sky was still dark then I think to myself "by now it should be near to 7 a.m. already, why the sky is still dark? funny..." I went into the room and take a look at my alarm clock....say aloud...
"WHAT??? it's only 5.48 a.m!!!!"
I look at my hand phone to be sure
"DAMN!!! Its 5.46 a.m. Why do this to me! What sin have I done to deserve this? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As fast as a thunderbolt i off the light and flop myself on the bed and pulled up the blanket. "Shit!!!" I think to myself my eyes were wide a wake now, I roll to the Left and rolled to the right but still awake. after about 5 minutes when I was just about to dose off.....

"Its 6.10 a.m.' cock crows "its 6.10 a.m." cock crows.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn you stupid, rotten, silly alarm clock!!!!!"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two Confessions to make

Last week was a really unstable and 'hot' week for me... yes the weather was hot and it makes my blood hot too... than something unexpected happened on Thursday..... I lost my cool... and I unintentionally yelled back at my friend... (the worse part is, he/she is not just an ordinary friend la, he/she is... a good friend la). yes la, I did YELLED BACK at my friend la, I know many people that knows me will say that " Anna, yelling back at people? Hmm... really can't imagine" It's true ok, and I am NOT PROUD nor HAPPY about it!! (I can be MEAN if my WIND is not good) The worse part was, it was in the staffroom and in front of some other people and everyone become quiet suddenly... Really no face!!! Really no eye see!!!

Well, what has been done, has been done there is nothing that I can do to undone what I had already done, there is no point of regretting, nor sorry... just need to let go and not to repeat the same mistake again in the future.

I don't want to blame or pin point at anyone in that incident, the point here was... I lose my cool and yelled back at my friend and that was definitely WRONG in my part. I feel more sad and disappointed in myself than anything that day, cause that shows that I fail in a test as a Buddhist, I fail to apply and practise what was thaught by The Buddha in my daily life... The moment I cool down I realised and think to myself, Oh! Gosh! What had I just done!!! A moment ago???

My volcano just erupted for a few minutes and then it cools down ( Faster than before so got a bit improvement), and than when I went home, the thoughts come into my mind "Silly dumb, why do you get angry so fast? it's not the person or thing that makes you angry but you yourself allow yourself to be angry... Khanti, Khanti (patience, patience) see what have you done now, are you proud of yourself? are you satisfied now? are you happy now?" I look deep into myself and I feel ashamed of myself, here is someone who had gone to meditation retreats, listens to Dhamma talks by various famous Masters, reads Dhamma books, learnt about loving kindness and now... with just one tiny whinny misunderstanding and you blow up!!! Don't you think that I am a hypocrite?

Many people might say "Aiya! Throw temper only ma, everyone also throw out their temper when get angry sometimes la, what is the big deal, why want to make it so big story?" To me different ma, I seldom and almost never yelled at my friends one. not that the person is bad or I hate her/him, no, is just that I am not in the right mind at that time... (That doesn't mean that we had the right to yelled back at people when we are not in good mood ok)
I wonder why... in year 2006 I was in a very much worse situation than this, I met a much more terrible (my friend is far more BETTER that that ex-course mate of mine ok, sorry to make the comparison but I am telling the truth) person than my friend but I did not blow up... I just suffered in silence... not because I am afraid of her, no not at all... but... yeah, I remembered, I was very sad and stressed everyday cause my dad was sick and dying so no energy to layan her silly, funny ways and unstable moods (Every morning black face one...) and she was lucky that she never yelled at me and was not my good friend ... If she ever did that... I will surely BLOW UP in her face!!!
Another confession here is ... I don't have the guts to say that I m sorry for yelling back at my friend yet!!! Too big ego la me... too proud la... Cannot be like this, must change, be selfless... don't think about losing face and image (face and image already spoil beyond repair though!!!).
Next time must be more careful and learn to say SORRY la... too late to say anyway "Perkara sudah basi, buat tak tahu saja la" If only I dares to say that I am SORRY... I would really be proud of myself.....(sigh)
Oh no, wrong. Must not have next time la. When feels angry just go and drink lots of water and be mindful and keep calm don't yelled back at people although they yelled at you!!! Really need to go for meditation retreat as soon as possible!!!! Help!!!!