Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lovely Sunday

Last two Sunday, I went sight seeing with my family at Batu Fheringgi. At Last, we end up in Hutan Lipur Telok Bahang or widely known as Hutan Rekreasi Telok Bahang by the locals. This is actually a forest reserved (hutan simpan) of Penang. This is really a good place to go sight seeing, since you hardly can find any forest in Penang nowadays.

I love this place very much cause it brings back lots of sweet memories during my primary school days. I first come here during 1984 (1 was 5 years old then). I was in standard 1 at that time and our school came here for a picnic.

As I was the youngest among my classmates, my teacher Mr. Kwok allows me to join the boys and play in the cooling water as all the girls didn't bring their swim suit. I was very tomboyish at that time, cause like the boys I only wear my purple shorts with nothing on top!!! Yup I was half naked (I was only 5 ok!). And like the boys, I just jump into the water and swim like no body business.

This was the spot where I used to swim but now they put some tiles already. Last time, it used to be rugh, sandy and there were big rocks at the sides of the pool. (That is my mom, Khai ye and Khai ma in the picture)

Hmm... They even build a bridge to go over the other side... I don't remember seeing this bridge during the 80's.

I used to be a young Tarzan by jumping into the cool water here when I was young....

That is my 'Khai ye' (God father) sitting at the picnic table. My mom bought some fruits and we sit there to eat the fruits. Luckily there was no monkeys around.

You can go jungle trekking here too very beautiful, cosy and peaceful place.

See got many different kinds of wild pokoks.... Ooops I mean trees.

Just look at the amazing and enchanting natural surrounding. You really cannot find this type of environment anywhere else in Penang.

Be one with the nature and feel the fresh air cooling air around you, close your eyes and listen to the chirping of the birds and occasionally the roar of tigers in the far distance...... (Ok there is no tigers here la hehehehe!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who are you talking to?

I was talking to my friend, AW yesterday and suddenly this topic creep out. This is part of our conversation if I can still remember, it's not 100% though.

AW: I tell you ha, I really hate it la, whenever I go out with my sighted friends lets say for lunch ha, those waiter/waitress will always ask my friends what I want to order and I am just sitting there beside my friend. What they think I cannot talk ah? Really hate it la as if I am so stupid!
Me: Yalo, Yalo, really geram only la! What they think we blind people don't have mouth or what? Why must ask the sighted people to ask us what we want? So silly! I really cannot understand them!
AW: Oh! You also kena before is it? You also feel it ah? But you not Buta what, you rabun what?
Me: Ceh! Rabun ka? Buta ka? The Kad kebajikan also put there Cacat Penglihatan what, why they din put there Rabun? You ever heard of Kad Rabun before meh?
AW: Yalo hor Hahahahaha!
Me: Anyway, many times already la when ever I went out with the blind gang, the waiter or waitress will always ask me 'What drinks they want to order?" Come on la, why need to ask me? They are just sitting there ma, you can just ask them ma, why ask me? As if those blind people cannot make their own order.
AW: Yala! I really hate that la so stupid but ha when I was in Philippines, these issue never happen to me. The Philippines are more polite to the blind. They will just come and ask you what you want.
Me: Oh yes ah? You know ha, a few years back ha, I went to Kota Raya with a rabun friend that looks more sighted than me to buy an umbrella. It was me that wanted to buy the umbrella but the silly shopkeeper keep on telling my friend 'You suruh dia beli ini la, ni bagus punya, you bagi tahu dia ini murah punya tak mahal bla bla bla...' Wah! I am just standing beside my friend and she ask my friend to repeat everything to me? As if I cannot understand her. Then never mind la the worse is, after buying that umbrella and when we are just about to leave the shop. The lady ask " You jaga dia punya ka?" Walao eh!!!!! Do I look like I need someone to jaga me? What every blind people so helpless and always need people to jaga them izzit?
AW: Stupid la this people. Got one time I really so angry and I give back that guy back cukup-cukup but actually is not that poor guys fault la is another person but still who ask him to be so annoying?
Me: Wah! You so daring but ha if we make noise and give back, then those people will say this blind people so sensitive la so rude la, this la that la but they never put themselves in our position.
AW: Yala they don't think what if they are treated like this what will they feel then? Stupidla I tell you.

Honestly speaking, I am quite annoyed and i know that most of my friends are uneasy when they are treated this way. Yes the are blind but that doesn't mean that they cannot make their own order or choose what they want. They can understand every word that you say and they do not need a third person to repeat what you have said.

May be to many of you, this is only a small matter and not worth to make a fuss about. I am not making a fuss here but just to make you people understand that blind people are also people and need your respect. Just imagine, if you go into a restaurant and the waiter totally ignored you and just ask your friend to ask you what you want.... how would you feel?

Imagine if you go in a shop to buy something and the shopkeeper keep on asking your friend to repeat what he/she had said and then ask your friend to show you the product.... what will you feel..... Just think to yourself.....

We are not invisible people la.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tiga Sekawan (Version Doralin)

(Celup dari blog Dr. Selene Dion)
Anna, sbb dia suka panggil i 'Selene Dion', i pun panggil dia Anna and the King. Budak comel dari Penang nie sgt pekat ke-penang-an-nyer. Sikit-sikit hang-hang..rasanya i pun terjangkit sbb bila tanya org, i selalu guna kata ganti nama 'hang'. 'hang buat aper?' Port dia dlm kelas, first row, meja kuliah dpn sekali, and tepi pintu. so kalu nak keluar/msk bilik kuliah, nielah muka first sekali akan dilihat. haha. dialah yg kenalkan i dgn budak2 karel kat UM. kenal arshad, masitah and bbrp yg lain. Mcm Alice kata, Anna, hang mmg berangin. Ada hari senyaaaaaaaaaap jer. Kalu masa exam, hehe, mmg betul, serabut dan kelam kabut. Tapi mmg friendly, and tak lokek dgn lecture notes. Suka mengusik dia, kdg2 ms dia tgh jalan, kitaorg bukak zip beg alas dia and mskkan mcm2 benda. Tapi biasanya gula2. Perkara paling diingat pasal u Anna; cermin mata tebal, tongkat sakti yg u bawak kemana2 (satu kapal dgn Harry Porter), ur tape recorder and of course, tulisan u yang besar ala2 anak gajah tu. tapi nota u tak pernah mengecewakan sbb u salin bulat2 aper lecturer ckp, maklumlah ada tape recorder. zmn 1998-2001 tu, mana ada student nak record lectures note mcm tu, u-lah paling advanced sekali. u relax jer sambil dgr lecturer membebel kat dpn (and barangkali tido pd ms yg sama; anyway, i mmg mengesyaki u mmg ada tido dlm kelas..kan?kan?). I and alice jugak yg berhempas pulas menulis notes Dr. Shanti Thambiah yg panjang bukan main tu. Sampai patah2 pensil dan pen. Nak tarik nafas pun rasa mcm tak sempat.

Cis!!!! Habis kutuk aku ye? Kata aku berangin ye? HA! ni Angin monsoon barat daya imur laut, ribut taufan, puting beliung, tornado, twister, Acid rain, thunderstorm ..... apa lagi ya? Ha.... tunderbolt, Thundercats dah naik kat Penang dan akan melanda Australia tak lama lagi!!!!!!!!!

Ingat lagi tak masa sem kedua kot, masa itu hujan lebat dan kita kat kelas tuitorial kat block BSN tu kalau tak silap. Kita nak tunggu hujan reda baru balik dan suddenly kawan Si Alice phone, tapi Salina pula yang pergi answer... angkat je telephone kawan tu kata "Thunderstorm! Thunderstorm!" terus muka Salina semacam je lepas tu kita semua pakat gelak kuat-kuat. Nasib baik ada kawan si Alice tu hantar kita balik...

Heng! Mengata aku masa exam serabut dan kelam-kabut ye!!!! Takpa!!! Tapi mungkin benar juga sebab last minute study punya pasal la ni... tidur tak cukup, mandi tak basah tapi makan kenyang pula hehehehe!!!! The moral of the story 'Do not do last minute preparation for your exam!"

Oh!!! Hang masih ingat tongkat sakti aku noh? Hey! Hang ingat I nei Harry Potter ke? Sekarang nie tongkat sakti I dah duduk diam-diam dalam beg sekolah I dah, tapi I masih bawa dia kehulu-ke hilir lagi especially masa ke KL. Hehehehe!!!!

Tulisan besar macam gajah!!!! Nasib baik bukan besar macam Dinosour. hahahaha!!!!

Ha, sekarang orang dah tak guna tape recorder dah la.... kalau nak lecture notes orang terus ambil thumbdrive dan cucuk kat laptop lecturer la hehehehehe!!!!!Ha pasal bab tido tu.... aku tak berani komen sebab memang ada tido pun tapi tak selalu la nanti kena hambat keluar bilik kuliah padan muka je!!! Hehehehe!!!!

Hempa (you all) ingat lagi tak, masa third year, I think I dan Alice buat presentation tentang manopouse di kelas Dr. Jas lailie... masa part aku, aku kena cakap pasal ciri-ciri dan kesa manopouse.... Cis! Si Selene ni tak guna betul, siap dia 'giggle' kat belakang masa aku kata tentang 'vulva' dan 'faraj'! Masa aku habis present da terus gelak dan kata kat aku. "EH! Presentation you tu x-rated la! Hehehehe!" Adakah patut.... really thanks for your support buddy.

(Celup dari blog Si Alice)
Kalau time mood anna tak baik, jangan tegur dia. Dia siap melenting! Agaknya ini personaliti sensitif kot, buat ujian 16PF agaknya sensitiviti dia capai markah tertinggi. Sebab selalu salin nota bulat-bulat tulah ujian Agama Dr Raymond kita orang dapat A terus. Banyaknya istilah pelik2. Kuliah Dr. S boring jugak, kuliah Dr Lai okey sikit. Ada sekali tutorial Lai, I dan Anna tak prepare apa-apa pun. Si Anna siap dengan muka pucatnya pandang I, macam takut kena sembelih. I relaks aje, hehehe.

Hey! Ada ke aku melenting? Tak ingatla, cuba refresh sikit memori aku yang dah berkarat and need reformating ni? Hehehe! Aku tahu la aku ni kadang-kadang 'windy' dan berangin tapi sekejap je lepas tu okay punya.

Ha! Kata Aku SUPER DUPER SENSITIVE!!!! Mana aku sensitive! Siapa kata aku sensitive! Berani betul! Mai aku tonyoh-tonyoh mulut dia dengan wasabe plus cili padi mesti best punya!!!!! Hehehehe! Mana nak ambil ujian 16PF tu? Mai aku ambil and proves you...... right!!!! Aku takla rasa aku ni sensitive tapikan horroscope aku kata aku ni sensitive dan ramai orang juga kata macam tu.... so what else can I say... just agree lo......

If u wana know selene, Si Anna dan budak2 karel cuba jadi telangkai antara I dengan Prof. Wong (kat karel jugak). Isk...pandai2 aje. Anyway, Wong tak berani pikat I pun sebab dia takut dia tak mampu sara hidup I yang tinggi maintenance kot. Hahaha. Moral of the story : Woi, jangan pandai2 jad telangkai, kang ada yang kena bebel kang.

Ala itu cerita lama... hehehe!!! Kan dulu you suka pergi ke karel Dr. Wong dan tanya dia pasal thesis, siap kacau dia lagi dan dia pula jahat selalu suka ejek dan buat you marah. Lepas itu kami semua pakat gelak... kan ada satu hari kita semua kena sembur dengan staff library sebab bising sangat!!! jatuh standard je kita ni...... Lepas tu Si Arshad pun jahat terikut dengan jejak Si Wong tu... satu hari kan Si Arshad kena pukul dengan you!!!!

Hai.... Find one day... the three of us should go back to UM and laugh our head off la ladies. Really missed both of you very much!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My First Post in BM (Khas buat Alice dan Salina)

Hai.......... setelah sekian lama aku menunggu, akhirnya 'holiday' panjang pun menjelma.... happy bukan kepalang aku dibuatnya. dari minggu lepas, minda dan otak ku dipenuhi malahan meliampah-limpah dengan segala plan dan idea untuk mengisi masa lapang cuti panjang ku.

Tetapi.... hanya dua plan yang berjaya dilaksana sampai sekarang iaitu plan untuk...... TIDO mati sampai mencecah jam 12 tengah hari dan plan tegok drama Cina yang berepisod-episod panjangnya tapi sekarang aku dah naik boring dengan drama itu... tak pa esok aku nak tengok citer hantu "Mat Salleh' pula... tukar taste la katakan......

Nie, mesti ada yang hairan apasal la Si Doralin ni.... suddenly nak blog dalam BM....mengada-ngada betul!!!!

Yala, aku baru je jumpa balik (Jumpa kat internet la bukan kat tengah jalan la) kawan baik lama aku kat UM dulu, Si Salina.... Yala dulu aku, dia dan twin aku Si Alice selalu ke hulu ke hilir bertiga..... kadang-kadang Si CT ada juga tapi.... tah mana Si CT itu sekarang....... kami ke kuliah bersama, duduk kat depan bersama, makan kat Pekan Siswah bersama, ke Library bersama..... seronoknya!!!!!

Si Salina ni suka warna hitam, so dia selalu bertudung hitam jadi aku pun start bagi dia gelaran 'Wanita bertudung Hitam'. Selalu je dengan tudung hitam dan senyuman ayu lagi manisnya.... 3 tahun kat UM boleh katakan setiap hari dia bertudung hitam hinggala satu hari pada tahun ketiga...... tiba-tiba dia muncul di bilik kuliah dengan tudung pink!!!!!! Terkejut aku dan Alice dibuatnya..... Kami terus mengejeknya dan dia pula senyum-senyum simpul, ala malu-malu kucing la tu.... ala bukan kami je yang perasan yang coursemate yang lain juga perasan la. Memang aku tak akan lupa peristiwa itu sampai bila-bila..... Tetapi malangnya, after that incident... dia kembali dengan style lamanya memakai tudung hitam......

Sekarang kat Australia pun bertudung hitam lagi ke, bakal Dr. Salina? atau dah tukar fesyen bertudung purple ke, biru ke.... cun juga tu tambah dengan senyuman ayu lagi menawan Dr. Salina, tentu ramai jejaka tampan yang akan masuk meminang. Hahahahaha!

Si Twin Alice aku pula, dah nak kahwin bulan disember ni..... Wah! Tak sangka ye twin aku dah nak berumahtangga. Uwaahhh! terharunya, tersangat sedih plus gembira ( Congrats twin). Twin aku ni wajah baby facenya tak ubah-ubah sejak 1998.

Aku masih ingat lagi, diala yang selalu suka pergi menolong dan mengacau senior-senior cacat penglihatan aku di UM. Cakap je nama Boon Kiaw tentu Dr. Wong, Chuah, Lai Seng, Joseph, Zamri, Mat Nor, Zamzuri, Arshad, Masitah dan lain-lian akan ketawa terbahak-bahak mengenangkan telatah lucu dan garang 'olok-olok' Si twin aku. Dia boleh dikatakan ramah dengan mereka sehinggakan riuh rendah bilik karel di Perpustakaan UM kalau ada Alice nie.

Hmmm....... well those are the good old days....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cameron trip (Part 3)

Finally... we went to the Pasar Malam (Night Market) to buy some vegetables for our steamboat dinner. Actually, our group didn't have any knowledge in buying vegetables one... so we just go and buy our own stuff and let the pros do the buying la... why want to be kaypo when you know nothing about buying vege, right?

While those 'pros' were busy looking for suitable vege with the cheapest price but high in quality, I was bored so I do this.....

Taking photo of the pasar malam lo... what else?

See, the pasar malam sells so many different types of really fresh veges that you cannot find in TESCO, Giant or Careffour.... Haiya! What I mean is, of cause you can easily find those type of veges in all those hypermarket mention but.... THOSE VEGES ARE NOT AS FRESH AS THOSE IN CAMERON MA....... Get it!

Wah!!!!! That is one of my favourite vege........ YUP I am a big fan of CORN!!!! I love sweet corn, popcorn, cornflakes.......... air corn!!!!! Hehehe!!!!

I didn't buy any though.... poor me I am all alone in KKB ma...... if I buy, who wants to steam for me oh? Uwaaaaa!!!!! I want my mommy!!!!!!!! Even if I steam it myself, who are willing to help me eat up those sweet corns ah? Anyway, I don't even have a fridge in my hostel la so just forget it la! Can safe money!

If you are in Cameron highland, you can find almost every shops or stalls you go, surely sells....

Strawberries! or at least the products of strawberries like this stall.....

strawberry jam, strawberry cake, strawberry tea, strawberry milk, strawberry juice, strawberry candy, strawberry ice cream, dried strawberry and even......"strawberry satay" (Strawberry covered with thick creamy chocolate sauce la!") Hahaha! I called it 'strawberry satay' la cause it reminds me of satay ma.... other people don't call it that way so please do not go around telling people that there are strawberry satay in Cameron ok?

See what I mean? so many things can be produced with strawberry..... I wonder, can they come up with strawberry chips since the can make dried strawberry? I wonder..... did they put strawberry in their 'rojak buah'? Ceh! Should have tried the 'rojak buah' th

Even their souvenir shops or stalls sells............ strawberry key rings, strawberries umbrella, strawberries cushions, strawberry T- shirts, strawberry this, strawberry that......... the whole place looks so red and pinkish just like a........ balai bomba......... Hahahaha!

My friends said, this is called "egg flowers" in Mandarin.... dunno whether it's true or not since my Mandarin is hopeless, maybe they just want 'to pull my legs'

Look.... Banana, Chrispy and Vanonica is playing the cut out scene of 'Titanic' in the middle of the pasar malam.... they dare to ask me to take photo some more.....

Actually both of us want to do the Sumo match here but...... dare not ma.....

After about one hour at the pasar malam, at last, we are done with the shopping and went back to the apartment to have..............

STEAMBOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was very happy and enjoying themselves gobbling up all the delicious food EXCEPT.............. this two...............

Yeah......... poor me and Plum... (sigh) I better don't mention it here......
Later, after dinner and cleaning up the place.... (OK I ADMIT, I WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE HELPERS OK, MALU ONLY). We were so bored and since nothing much to do, we play cards.....

Look la this Orange is always so impatient to lose to me one..... Hahahaha!!!!!

And these two buddies......... just cannot live without each other one hahahaha!!!!!

This poor girl lose so many times in the card games till she was forfeit to sing and dance.....

Finally the next morning, we pack up and went to Tanah Rata for our breakfast.....

All of us walk from north, to south and west to east but all we saw was..... closed shops!!!!!!!!!!

Look, everyone was very tired of walking liau.... poor mommy Orange and baby Orange....

We are still waiting...... for food and me like always take the opportunity to take pictures la.... See so pretty the flowers.... (Stomach gerumbling loudly)

After a while, all of us were just too hungry and tired, so we went to a mamak stall to eat roti canai. Later that day, we stop at a place to buy fresh vege and fruits on our way down hill. Me like always, have nothing to buy and feel so bored so I took silly pictures again lo....

Wah!!!! So many fresh healthy fruits but beware of that big green 'apple jambu' that fruit is very delicious but 99% not healthy at all.....

Wah!!!! Colourful cactus.....

Healthy veges...............Salad please................

Hahaha! Plum is buying some Plums.......... no la she was buying vege la hehehehe.

Then after buying one bus load of things, I tell you thse people can really buy things, if you give each of them a thousand buck I think they will surelly buy two truck loads of things back to KKB

Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Finally we are on our way home!!!!!!!!!!'

Away from home. away from home.... lord I'm 5 hundred miles way from home!!!!!!!!!!!

Cameron trip Day 1 (Part 2)

After our lavish lunch at the town of Brinchang, we proceed to our first destination, which was the.....

Cactus valley. We are very amazed and fascinated with the may variety of cactuses they had over there.

Some of the cactus are big and round.... looks like huge thorny watermelons to me. I just love this type of cactus but I never buy any home. Siau ah, how am I supposed to carry this all the way back to Penang? I am taking PUBLIC transport leh not PRIVATE transport leh 'ceh ceh".

And some are even longish, huge and thorny..... hehehe! this type reminds me of thorny cucumbers! Look, some of it even got some reddish thorns!!!!! I know I am very imaginative sometimes thank you for the compliment. Hahahaha! I am so so very the "PERASAN"

Eeerrr..... Just see what my Honey Banana had in her mind........ she thinks too much! Haih...... so the very xx- mind.

Because I cannot to take this home with me, so my sweet dear Plum and me decided to take picture and fooled around with it. (I really love this type of cactus one ah!!! Used to have it in my home but I didn't know how to take good care of it, and it kena rain water so its roots got rotten. At last, my mom throw it away liau so so sad)

Just imagine...... if I suddenly get out of my mind and throw it at some one's head and it stuck there.....then the blood starts oozing down the person's face with the cactus still stuck on his head....... Ok, I am gross! Too imaginative ma!!!!!

See la these three ladies also so very the itchy hand want to hold the cactus and take photo. Poor DD Veronica get a 'kiss' on her hand from the cactus and her hand bleed.... "Apala who ask you to go and touch and play with it?" ........... I mean touch and play with the CACTUS la What were you thinking of....... don't try to have funny thoughts ok.

Look at us!!! The Cactus Fans... We want cactus!..... We want cactus ! Just don't throw it at us ok.

(The view of the town (I think it's Brinchang) on my way out of the cactus valley) This place really change a lot since I last came to Cameron more than 10 years ago.

After about an hour fooling around with the cactuses and taking silly photos at the cactus valley, we proceed to our next destination......

The Honey Bee farm... Where is Winnie the Pooh?.

Sorry to tell you that, for me, this place is not worth going at all... Unless you are a big fan of pure plus expensive honey, you might enjoy yourself buying some here but if you are not, then my advice is to skip this place and go to other place! We were given an hour there.
We thought it was fun so we forced our sore and tired legs to go down the endless flights of steep and uneven steps down the farm. I can hear my DD complaining "Aiyo! so far, Aiyo! I told you all I don't want to come down liau la!" and I can hear myself replying "Aiyo! I am so so tired.... I want to sleep liau la" (zero stamina!!! Strictly no more KFC ha, Doralin!!!!)

At last when we reached the bottom. we just saw many bees flying around and this........

Uwaaa!!!!! I don't want this Big Bumble Bee I want Winnie the Pooh!!!!!

I am too tired to take my own photo but the three ladies so 'muka tak malu' ask me to take their photo. 'Woi! Cannot see that I am half dead ah!"

After resting for around 10 minutes, we decided to go up the endless, steep steps and go and rest in the bus since there was NOTHING fun to see there. So there we are posing with the souvenirs item sold there.... since we are not interested to buy the honeys and we had to wait for other people to come up. Really wasted our energy, oxygen, and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next, we went to the most famous place in Cameron Highlands.... I present to you the..... (drum roll)
Strawberry farm lo..... but we did not enter cause... " Masuk dua orang bayar RM 20 boleh petik 1/2 kg, kalau lebih kena bayar lebih....." Ha!!!! so expensive ah? (To us it was not worth it la) So at last none of us enter lo but......

we manage to do this out side the farm before we go into the bus.... Hahahaha!

After that we went to the amazing.......

Rose Garden. For the rose lovers here, this place will really take your breath away cause you will be surrounded with variates of beautiful, colourful, sweet fragrances flowers........... you will almost feel like in heaven........... Hahaha! So bombastic!!!

This Rose Garden is very interesting but you really need to put some extra effort and energy to go there.....

See what I mean? You have to endure the endless.... steep, sloppy uneven steps to heaven again!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is really worth the effort la...... and can burn out fats too.

See I am smiling happily among the flowers although I am very tired from the climb.

Pretty leh? Better hurry and go there la.........

Plum and me fooling around the the plants again...... we just get addicted fooling around with plants here.... We are nature lovers ma........

Wah!!!!! Purple flowers.......... I just love purple flowers...... I love this photo too.

Beautiful scenery from the peak of Mount Kinabalu!!!!!! Hahaha! Just pulling your leg,At the peak of the rose garden la

Nice place to go leh............ quick lo go to Cameron Highlands lor and don't forget to buy some cactus for me har.... I want the round one please!!!!!