Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Count Your Blessings!!!

Another touching song by Lea Slonga, Paraiso (Paradise) after listening and watching the MTV I really feel that I am blessed in many ways...

I am blessed to be able to live in such a comfortable and peaceful country,
I am blessed to be posted to KKB (most of my colleagues are kind and helpful to me),
I am blessed to have a roof on top of my head to keep me from rain and shine,
I am blessed to have a bed to sleep on and a blanket to keep me warm at night,
I am blessed to have enough water and electric supplies to use daily,
I am blessed to have enough money to buy food and clothing for myself, my mom and charity,
I am blessed to have my love ones and friends that cares for me....
I an blessed to be alive and have a healthy body.

Ok, I will try not to complain too much!!! I must learn to be CONTENTED with what I had and stop asking for more!!!!

Paraiso by; Lea Slonga

Return to a land called Paraiso
A place where a dying river ends
No birds there fly over Paraiso

No space allows them to endure

The smoke that screens the air

The grass that's never there

And if I could see a single bird, what a joy

I try to write some words and create a single song

To be heard by the rest of the world

I live in this land called Paraiso

In a house made of cardboard floors and walls

I learned to be free in Paraiso

Free to claim anything I see

Matching rags for my clothes

Plastic bags for the cold.

And if empty cans were all I have, what a joy

I never fight to take someone else's coins

And live with fear like the rest of the boys

Paraiso, help me make a stand

Paraiso, take me by the hand

Paraiso, make the world understand

That if I could see a single bird, what a joy

This tired and hungry land could expect

Some truth and hope and respect from the rest of the world


And if empty cans were all I have, what a joy

I never fight to take someone else's coins

And live with fear like the rest of the boys

Paraiso, help me make a stand

Paraiso, take me by the hand

Paraiso, make the world understand

That if I could see a single bird, what a joy

This tired and hungry land could expect

Some truth and hope and respect from the rest Of the world...

Paraiso, help me make a stand

Paraiso, take me by the hand

Paraiso, make the world understand

That if I could see a single bird, what a joy

This tired and hungry land could expect

Some truth and hope and respect from the rest Of the world...

Monday, July 28, 2008

One Of My Favorite Songs

The Journey by; Lea Slonga

Half the world is sleeping,
half the world's awake
half can hear their hearts beat
half just hear them break

I am but a traveler, in most every way
Ask me what you want...to know

What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
and they're bound to guide my way

When they're shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in,
what a journey it has been.

I have been to sorrow
I have been to bliss
Where I'll be tomorrow,
I can only guess

Through the darkest desert
Through the deepest snow,
Forward always forward, I go..

What a journey it has been
and the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
and they're bound to guide my way

When they're shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in,
what a journey it has been...

Forward, always forward...
Onward, always up...
Catching every drop of hope
In my empty cup

What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
and they're bound to guide my way

When they're shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in,
what a journey it has been...

What a journey it has been...

A very inspiring and motivating song introduced to me by one of my friend Moses Choo. This song really help me to cope with my emotional, mental stress, brightens my gloomy day and lift up my spirit to go on with my bumpy life journey. I really love this song!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Food for Thoughts

When you do something embarrassed or silly and people start to laugh at you, just make sure that you laugh with them. Then people will not laugh AT you but instead they laugh WITH you...

Ajahn Brahmmavamso

Friday, July 25, 2008

Me and My Mangoestine

Big Purple Mangoestine... My love!!!!!

When I was around 3 -4 years old, I will always sit beside my grand ma, mom or my dad when ever they were eating mangoestine. I will just patiently sit there and watch them open the fruit and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. The next thing I do is just to open my mouth big and wide and wait for the big spoon full of yummy juicy mangoestine enter my watery mouth.

Sometimes I was so greedy that i quickly eat up the magoestine and open my mouth again before they even open the second fruit. My grandma will sometimes scolds me and say " Wa pek be hu lu chiak!!!" (I open not fast enough for you to eat!!!!) But most of the time she will just laughed at me and said to my mom or aunt "Lu kwa, e qui chui siang ka chiau kia di tan chaik aneh khuan!" (You look, she opens her mouth just like a baby bird waiting for food!" Okay, that was how my grandma spoiled me!!!

Yummy! Yummy! It's so delicious until I cannot open my eyes while eating it.

As for my dad, he opens mangoestine for me even during my University years. He taught me how to open them before but I am too stupid to get the skill, I am just clever in eating the flesh. He got impatient with me and he rather opens it for me than watching and laughing at my fail attempts in opening the fruit. It's my mom that successfully trained me in the skill of opening the fruit (Thanks Mom!!! Maybe she garang.Hehehe! Now I can open my own fruit!!!)

Closer view of my favorite fruit since I was a little girl.

Many years had passed since my grandma passed away and this is the first time in my whole life, that I managed to buy some mangoestine with my own hard earn money and this makes the mangoestine taste even more delicious than ever. (I had it all to myself as well)

See? I had one big plastics bag of mangoestine all to myself.

It was last Thursday and it rained heavily in the afternoon. Orange fetch me home and I suddenly told Orange that I want to eat mangostien since I don't have enough of it in the staffroom earlier on. It was very kind of her to accompany me all the way in the heavy rain, to buy the mangoestine from the auntie opposite the BSN. I brought 3kg of magoestine that cost me around RM10.

Wah see? nice juicy mangoestine!!! Make my mouth watery only.

Papa manggis, Mama manggis and Baby manggis.. the whole Manggis family is in my tummy now Hahahaha!!!!

White fat juicy flesh

Look at me... I know I am not pretty la... but I look happy with my mangoestine.

I managed to finished the whole 3 kg of mangoestine within 3 days on my own!!!!! So clever...

Later in the evening, I had this....

Maggie mee as my main course and this
manggis as my dessert.... Looks like smooth baby's buttock only it is white...
After three days, this is what is left of my manggis.... skin and seed only lo Hehehehe!
Anyone wants to join me for a mangoestine party?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Midnight Call.........

Last Saturday, I was very tired after going to One Utama for a whole day with my darlings. Although it was tiring as I had to sacrifice my sleep to wake up early in the morning, but i am glad that I went with them as I really had a good time with them.

Anyway, after coming back from the tiring trip at around 7pm, I was already very tired but I stay up till about 12.40 am before my eyes really cannot open. I was half way through my sweet dreams when suddenly, I heard Lea Slonga's voice comes from my hand phone.... Ha? Is it a dream or is it real? I wondered to myself still half awake. In a daze, I tried to pull my self out of the bed and try to remember where I actually put my hand phone. At last I found my hand phone on the desk in my room and by the time I was fully awake, the caller had hung up. I retrieve the number and saw this person's name!!!

Of cause, It's not my Honey Banana ... it is that person in the Yellow shirt! My dear, VERONICA la who else (really burung hantu!!!)

I look at the time on my phone and it shows that she called at 1.12 am, Wah! I thought to myself "Wah! What so urgent leh? Till have to call me up so late at night?" so to make myself less guilty and feel better I reluctantly call her...

Me: Hello.... What? (Sounds groggy and sleepy)

Veronica: Hello, you sleep already ah? Nothing la just want to asked you something.

Thinking to myself (What the @#$%^! You wake me up in the middle of the night and say NOTHING??)

Me: What? Of cause I am sleeping what time is it already? What do you want? (a bit irritated)

Veronica: Sorry lo, I don't know ma, I thought you are still awake.... Nola, I just want to find our hor... that day you told me about the 160 GB PORTABLE hard disc in Law Yat, what is the price already ha?


Wei!!!! My Beloved, Dear, Darling, Sweet Heart, Honey there is something call SMS one ok, if it is not so URGENT, IMPORTANT or EMERGENCY please SMS me la, don't call me in the middle of the night la, can or not? People can get panic one you know wondering what on earth had happened! But the Most Important thig is... DON'T DISTURB MY BED TIME LA... I WAS HAVING SUCH A NICE SWEET DREAM THAN ONE SILLY PHONE CALL SPOILS EVERYTHING!!!! You say la if it were you will you just feel like strangling that person? Luckily she is my Dear if not, surely get a nice Bomb from me!!!

Hmm.... maybe she just wants to get back on me for destroying her nap at the camp the other day...... TICT FOR TACT BUTTER FOR BREAD!!! (aIYO... SOMETHING SOUNDS LIKE THIS LA...)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A day at One Utama

Yesterday, I went out to One Utama with my darlings. We had a very happy and unforgettable moment there. I shall always remember this sweet moment as long as I am alive.

Firstly when reached One U about 11 something, we went to window shopping for awhile. Later all of us were super duper hungry so we land ourselves at the Shogun Sushi Buffet restaurant. We manage to curi snap a few pictures before the waiter come and politely told us " Please don't take photos on the food." so embarrassed la, luckily I am not the one who took the shots.... but I am the one who started it though. Hehehe!

We took so much food that a couple from the opposite table keep on staring at us, so rude!!!! We pay one ok and we can finish it la, so kepo chi!!!

Look so many types of sushis and soft skin crab, yummy!

Wow! got smoke salmon sushi, fresh Salmon sushi and many many more so delicious.

Big oyster with cheese, calm with cheese, and other variety of seafood. Really worth it if you have a big appetite.

My Sweet dear Plum with her first round of sushi... she went for about 4 rounds but most of her food was later thrown on my plate and Lemon's plate.

My Honey Banana the driver, without her, we surely cannot enjoy this moment, Thanks a lot Honey!

My Sweet Dear and me enjoying our food.

My Dear took something that she thought was nice for me.... Honeydew pudding, see that the green stuff that I am holding?

So, I feed both of my Beloved Darling Lemon and Sweet Dear Plum with the honeydew pudding. That is what you got to do when you has too many darlings!

Hehe! You see my Honey so sayang me.... pura-pura feed me... Ceh!

At the end they found out that the honeydew pudding was too sweet and make me eat it up on my own, so sad... but i cannot finished it though. Thanks a lot Dear....

My Dear, Veronica eating fruit with chopstick!!! What a good combination

One of the happiest moment in our lives

See, three of my darlings boycott me. Hehehehe! but I stil Loves the three of you, my darlings!!!

My sweet dear Plum likes to pose with her food but hardly eats it... show off..... At least my Darling Lemon, Honey Banana and Veronica enjoys their food.....

Cheers!!! Want to have some sake? Hahaha! no it's just green tea.

Later on My Darling Lemon make me so touched by taking a cup of Nescafe for me!!!!! So thoughtful of her.

About 3 pm all of us were so full and sleepy... my sweet dear looks like she is having a stomachache!!! but my darling lemon look so happily full. Me? I am sleepy and extremly full

Veronica was having a bad cold that day but amazingly she stills has a good appetite but later she and my Honey Banana also tired of eating. See? Veronica is half asleep but my Honey looks so happy... you need to drive us back, Honey, so don't fall asleep!!!

Actually most of us were tired of laughing more than eating. Specially when my Darlings starts to sing the silly paddle pop theme song like this...

Paddle pop... yeah!
Paddle pop.... yoo!
Super duper yummy!!!

So silly, dare to sing so loud some more... yes la that song is dedicated to me for taking four scoops of different types of ice cream ma!!! Plus this silly Plum was laughing and singing so hard that she manage to spay her holy water (saliva) on my arms when I am just about to enjoy my ice cream! Thnks for the 'Blessing' my sweet dear! Yucks!!!

After coming out from the Buffet, my sweet dear Plum felt pity for Veronica cause she really had a bad cold, so when we walked pass a Chinese Herbs and medicine shop, she stopped and asked Veronica to drink some herbal soup for her cold. Luckily I did not drink it. Cause this is what my poor sweet dear Plum looks like while drinking the bitter medicine.

Eeee! So bitter, she complains even after a few minutes later.

Yeah! So nice... can I have another bowl please!!!! Hahaha! just joking Veronica's real expression was Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So bitter!!! Ah!!!!!!!!! So bitter why make me drink this stuff? I had to pay RM 4 just to drink this stuff...... but the good news was... she was cure after that!!!

What an unforgettable moment.

A Peek into The 2008 UPSR Motivation Camp

Last Saturday and Sunday my school held a UPSR Motivation Camp for all the standard six pupils. The camp was attended by about 89 students and about 27 teachers. Although everyone was tired, almost all of the students enjoy them selves and the teachers.... well we had a good time there as well. Thumbs up and a big clap to our dearest "Boss" Mrs. Yap, the main person who work so hard to plan this camp.

Our school hall where the camp was held. Very beautiful landscape huh?

I won't talk so much what happened during the camp, as it might be too boring and long to read. Anyway I had put up some photos taken during the camp just to give a rough idea about the camp.

That is our dearest "Boss" (Not our HM at the moment) She was also the Emcee for the camp. Beside her, a student was receiving a price from our PIBG Chairman Mr. Lee a kind and supportive gentleman.

Me, Banana, Plum and Lemon out side the hall fooling around when the students were listening some motivation talks in the hall.

Me, Lemon, Plum, Jean and Orange doing the "Legs Dance" Boo!

My Darling Friend Lemon and me

Actually I was supposed to over night there but I was 'unwell' on that day so I had to go home and come again the next day for our ( Lemon and Me) slot.

Me, Lemon, Banana and Crispy sleeping on our cuddly, soft and cute"pillow" Veronica. If the "Talking Pillow" didn't yelled at us to get off her, all of us will surely fall asleep after taking this picture.

We love our Dear "Pillow" very much, we gave her a full and good body massage after sleeping on her. See? She seems to enjoy it very much. Hehehe!

I had to go early to school (6.30 am) the next day and the worse is..... it is SUNDAY!!!! I had to drag myself out of bed since I came back about 12 am and slept at 1 am last night (after the students went to bed, we had our own steamboat!) Thanks to my buddy Turtle, for being kind enough to send me to school otherwise I will had to walk to school!

Morning exercise the "Wash Brush Brush' Dance (Translate directly from Mandarin) by Banana Tan. The students seems to enjoy it very much.

After dancing for about 4 rounds we head to the canteen for a nice mouth watering breakfast.

This is what we had for breakfast after the morning exercise. Delicious hot western breakfast with steaming hot black coffee (I prefer Nescafe though)

While waiting for my slot, I was punished to sell balloons for not staying over night. Wah! Kena punished still can smile! Hehehe! No la, these balloons was not for sale. We need to use it during our slot later.

During our slot...

This picture so blur thanks to Crispy for being such an artistic camera girl. Lemon was staring at me and thinking " If you don't stop talking in 1 minute, I will make you swallow that mic! Talk so long till I want to fall asleep liau la!"

Students walk like a duck to the finishing line.

Reached the finishing line, Students burst the balloons to get the clue for the next task.

Group activities (Moral lesson; together we stand like KLCC, divided we fall... flat on the face! like pancakes!)

Photo session with some of my students.

Veronica and me (She is too tired to smile since her nice short nap was accidentally destroyed by my SMS ringing earlier on) Sorry about that lo dear... I hug, hug you back lo...

Crispy (the blur camera girl) and me. She looks sweet when she smiles.

Standing behind; Mr Lee
Sitting from the left: Veronica, Lemon, Me, Banana and Ms. Khoon.

After the price giving ceremony and the closing ceremony by our PIBG Chairman. All of us went back at around 3 pm. Over all I would said that the camp was well organise and plan. Although most of the teachers and students were tired, the students not only enjoy themselves but the important things is that they learn about teamwork and other values to help them and to boost up their confidence facing the exams.

Many thanks to our Supportive PIBG Charmian Mr. Lee who never fails to turn up everyday to assist us during the camp, Mrs. Yap for the well plan and organise camp, all the teachers for the smooth running of the camp and last but not least our dearest students for their active participation.