Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY Reunion Dinner

Well, there goes my CNY holidays.... What have I've been doing the whole week of CNY???? Well this year, I am not as 'holy Molly' as last year. I did not go to any temples for prayers.... just play I mean pray at home la..... but oh well, I am .... not so 'Holy Molly' type of person la......

This years CNY are not as eventful as last years CNY, cause last year I was still in KKB you see, so going back home for CNY is like going to Disneyland for me.... full of excitement and amusement Hehehehe! For this year, I don't really feel the spirit or atmosphere of CNY. To me CNY is just like any other normal holidays. I don't feel thrilled or the excitement of getting ang pows or playing with firecrackers anymore...... In fact I was a bit ashamed to be still receiving ang pows from my relatives (Haiya! So old liau still can received ang pows ah?)

Anyway I still enjoys the reunion dinner that we have on the 3rd day of CNY... (Yeah! Its' a bit odd, we usually had our reunion dinner on the 3rd day of CNY but who cares man! As long as we had one) This year the atmosphere were merrier compare to last year cause this year, my cousin uncle's family come to join us in Penang for the dinner so like the saying goes the more the merrier....

We had our Dinner at Chung Hwa Midlands restaurant and here are some shots that I have taken there.

The first dish, the appetizer that will make you go hungrier... (I prefer the peanuts la!!!!)

Pickled veges la I think, taste very much like kimchi.... DISLIKE IT

This bottle of red wine saves the day.... We bought our own red wine la (My mom brought one bottle and Uncle John brought another two... at the end left three empty bottles)

The time comes for the main course.....

The traditional and a must CNY dish the Yee Sang (a symbol of good luck and prosperity)

Wah!!! Many hungry people from my table are busy tossing and attacking the poor dish already (According to our Chinese tradition, all of us must tossed the dish with you chopsticks as high as possible to signify good luck so the higher you tossed the richer you will be) Come on everyone TOSSED HIGHER... UP UP TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!

The camera girl was busy with her camera and did not bother to join in the tossing game and this is what she get on her plate in return... Hmm... not bad la the taste, cause the next table finished the whole plate within seconds but our table enjoys the red wine more than the yee sang hahahaha!

The second dish is the Herbal Black Chicken soup

The taste is not bad but I have tried a better version of this soup before in KL. The soup here has NOTHING in it only 100% H2O!!!! Plus, they even take away the black chicken before I can get a good shot!!! (How RUDE!!!!) The one in KL that I have tried many years ago even have a scallop, a big piece of mushroom and a thin slice of abalone.... but the recent on is a total disappointment!!!!

To make up for the disappointment.... we open our second bottle of red wine

and everyone especially me is happy again.... Yay!!!!!

Ok, I am not alone here... my cousin is happy too ok Yay!!!!!

Surprisingly these two boys are allergic to cameras..... Scared of the bright flash I guess

Then come the next dish I had never tried before and my mom was so excited about trying out this dish. What is so special about this expensive dish????

They called it Phun Choy in Cantonese (Means a tub of vege)

Nothing special ma.... only got many layers of different types of food ma. The first layer as you can see have lots of the green veges (Which is not even my favourite broccoli), Then lots of chicken, duck and Ahem..... pork (Eeeeee.... so full of meat!!!!), I think the bottom layer have mushroom, fish ball, big prawns and a few thin slices of vegetarian abalone (NOT even the original abalone!!!! Haiz.....)

This is what I get on my plate

The taste is not bad but..... I WANT MY BROCCOLI AND ORIGINAL ABALONE!!! Can I order one that is custom cook which only consist of scallops, abalones, broccoli, baby corns and many types of mushroom minus all the meat? (WELL! In my dream!!!!)

Anyway like the saying goes 'Different people, different taste' I was not so interested with the dish so I went to become a busybody at the next table and guess what? These people were actually enjoying the the dish!!!! Ok my conclusion is, they were too hungry already so they find the dish very delicious....

Then finally the dessert. Longan and winter melon sweet soup

I dislike this too cause it was too sweet for me. Besides that, there were these 2 rascals that were sitting next to me keep on putting unwanted food into my bowl when I was not looking or was busy playing with my camera.

Brother and sister same character, same mischievous behaviour one....

Finally most of us were very full and drunk....... Hehehe! Not exactly la, we are not alcoholic okay... but my cousin, me and my aunts had a slight headache after the dinner.... (I can feel like I am a bit floating while walking but I am still much aware of what is going on la.)

This is one of my aunt and she is happy that she doesn't drink too much

Finally... Table 1; Everyone looks full and happy... good!!!!

Table 2: Some of us look tired and ready to go to bed cause the head is a bit spinning liau but everyone is happy.

Maybe should try for buffet next time..................

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

One Day Penang Tour

Last December.... (Yup! it's an outdated story I know but what to do... I just find back the mood to blog a few days ago....) I went for a two days tour around Penang Island with the Wong and Mongijal's family (I am not a tour guide la... I am a Penangite no doubt but I am helpless when come to be a guide....) so, what am I doing tagging around with them? Hehehe! Just be a busy body la.....

Before this trip, I never knew that Penang Butterfly Farm can be very interesting and educational. (Ok, I went there before when I was just a kid but I can not remember how is it inside already) Whenever people mention about Butterfly Farm I would usually tell them, "Cheh! Go there for what? Nothing to see one, waste money only. Why you never see butterflies before meh? No need to go one la" but now, after gone there for the second time, I dare not use that statement anymore and it is definitely worth your money to go there if you are a nature lover.

There are lots of interesting facts that you can learn about the butterflies there and you can see many different types of butterflies flying around in there.

The entrance of the Butterfly Farm (See? There is a giant butterfly welcoming you)

You will also be greeted by a giant.....

Black smelly beetle somewhere near the entrance....

Inside the farm, at the breeding section (See all those giant, green, fat caterpillars? Beware! It can really bite... Hehehe!)

Look at the beautiful landscape there.....

and here is the artificial mini waterfall.

Butterflies on the leaves

Butterflies on the hibiscus at close range

Butterflies sucking pineapple juice in the open air cafe

Yeah!!! I love this pic, I think this is the best shot I have ever taken with my lousy camera skill...
At around 10 a.m. there was even a live insects show to entertain the visitors. (I think the show will be repeated hourly if I am not mistaken)

In the show, you will be entertain by a young lovely and professional girl that is very knowledgeable about insects. She will show you many kinds of interesting insects and crawlies. You can ask her questions about insects and she even allows you to hold the insects (Not her soft lovely hands, excuse me...). Kids will definitely enjoys the show.
here are some shots taken by Ahem.... me.
The insects that looks like a leaf
(I dunno what it's called already... I was too busy taking photos so I din really pay attention to her)
This is the male one.... the sweet girl was telling the noisy, cute 3 year old Fellin "This is boy boy, that green one just now is girl girl"
The sweet girl even show us this millipede I think that is a millipede la not centipede.

Last but not least she show us this cute and soft fellow (Eh! Whose hand is that ha? Luckily that fellow did not leave some special souvenir on the person's hand.

Green Iguana doing Zen meditation. (Don't trust what I say here)
And here is a bunch of tourists that never seen nor touch any insects in their lives before... hehehehe!!!!!
Well after about 2 hours in the Butterfly Farm, (ok actually the children and myself were chased out by the 'Big Boss Wong' ok cause our time was very limited) We went to take a photo at the dam opposite the farm.
The serene and beautiful scene of Teluk Bahang Dam
A group of illegal immigrants polluting the scenery of the dam.....
After coming down from the hilly and windly path of the Teluk Bahang road, finally we arrived safely and dizzily at the Penang Botanical Garden. Currently the frontpart of the Garden is still under renovation so just bear with the bumpy uneven road before you enter the main entrance.
Well when I was a kid during the 80's, I loved to visit the Botanical garden because there were lots of interesting rare animals to see. There used to be 2 honey bears, one Orang Utan, some deers and lots of our 'cousins' the monkeys there.
Now, there are only.....

a few of our cousins left to welcome us there..... so please do visit them okay... but becareful... they have a bad habit of stealing food from kids...
After spending about half an hour there, we moved to our next destination... which the most interesting and unforgetable place that is worth visiting for the second or third time..... The one and only Penang War Musem... but I will tell the story later when I go there again hopefully somewhere this year.
Our next stop after the tiring climbing, crawling and hiking at the penang War Museum is the...... famous
Fort Cornwallis
By that time everyone was feeling so hungry, thirsty, cranky, sleepy without energy Hehehehe!!! so our final destination was, off to lunch and some nice cooling dessert......
Famous Teochew Cendol anyone??????

I am back in Penang.......

Ever since I have been transfer back to Penang or more accurately I am successfully transferred back to Penang, I had stopped to publish new posts and I even consider to just delete this blog since I thought I have nothing inspiring or interesting to share and I am very busy in my new school... means I am extra busy in my new school compare to my old school.

Anyway since it's the first day of CNY and suddenly I have the urged to write and to tell my KKB friends what I have been up to in Penang., so here I am again... to complain and to rant about my boring life in Penang.....

Here are some photos that I took from the balcony of my house. All of my KKB friends never been to my house before and some of them thought that I am staying in a semi-D or condo....... Nope.... I am not staying in a big condo nor a fully air condition semi-D but i am staying in a high rise flat.....

A nice view from my balcony during evening
This is the night view

I Can even see the highest tower in Penang KOMTAR

High or not???? I am staying high up in the sky.... hehehehe!!!!