Friday, June 27, 2008

Made In Malaysia Toilet Brush!

On Most Fridays if I happens to be around and didn't go to find my Director Bulat, Water Lily, Janggut and my gang in Brickfields, I will sweat myself with the house chores like mopping, washing toilet bowl and the bathroom. (Wish I can transfer back to Penang soon so I don't have to do all that!!!)

As I was happily and energetically scrubbing my bathroom floor with that long handle brush, (Shiii.... sherrr... Shii.... sherrr....) suddenly..... I heard a cracking sound (Preck!!!) of something breaking and the brush felt funny... I dare not look at the brush but I know it has broken. "AHHHH!!!! Of all the time why now!!!! Stupid Silly Brush!!!" I shout out (Luckily I was alone, so no one actually heard me cursing the brush!)

See la? The brush come out from the handle already how to use?

It crack and broke!!!! Who can ever do that but a Professional Toilet cleaner like ME?

Wah! All of my life, this is the first year that I had to wash the toilet and this is what happened! Hey! I am a Professional Toilet Cleaner, anyone wants my service... of destroying your toilet brush?

That incident really spoiled my "toilet cleaning mood" so I reluctantly but quickly go to the 2 ringgit shop opposite the road to get me this... (Tat is the only good reason living in KKB town... you can get things almost instantly at one go!)

A brand new, more stylish, high quality, colourful, tougher, easy to use, cleans more effectively super duper bathroom Brush made in Malaysia!

See the super duper brush look so stylish standing smartly beside that old blue pail.

After that I continue my incomplete mission to clean the bathroom with the super duper made in Malaysia Toilet Brush.

Just pray hard that I don't brake the mop or the broom in the future!

The moral of the story is.... Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I am Doralin?

Many of my friends don't understand why on earth do I love Doralin (Now Dorami in Japan) so much. Many of them thinks that I am so childish.

Some people say, "You still like Doralin? You think you still a kid ar?"

Some even ask, why Doralin and not Doreamon?

I have to admit, I love Doralin ever since I was a child. I don't come from a rich background, so when ever my parents took me to shopping and I fell in love with some super duper toys that is also super duper expensive, my mom would tell me "Darling, we don't have enough money to buy that." than... I will start to scream on top of my lungs and bang my head on the tiled floor! Hehehe! "Siau meh?" Nola, never! Mom told me that I will just keep quiet and forget about that toy. (You don't believe me? Ask my mom then.). You see at that time, I always longed for a robot like Dorami so that I can get things free without buying (Of cause that was just my silly little girl's imagination)

I have my own reason why I love Doralin so much. Frankly speaking, I love her character more then her physical appearance.

According to the famous cartoon Doraemon, Dorami is actually Doreamon's sister and she is more clever, cute and kinder than her him. She has many interesting and more sophisticated gadget than Doreamon but she don't stay in this century. She stays in the future and only appears when Doreamon is out of order or cannot handle the situation. In other words, she is low profile and always stay behind the scene to help her brother or Nobita. In some episodes, she can even get angry and sulk.... Hehehe! she look so cute when she is angry and starts to scold Doreamon or Nobita.

As I am much older now (even old enough for kids to call me auntie), I see Dorami in a different perspective, I love her character as she was never famous like her brother Doreamon although she is more clever and she is kind, humble and helpful. Maybe, I want to be like her, to be of some help to people and stay humble.

Can anyone please tell me where can I get these?

PS: Although now they change her name from Doralin to Dorami but I still prefer to call myself Doralin cause I don't want people to start calling me DO RE MI!!!


When I was a little girl my mommy used to tell me "If you be kind to people, people will be kind to you too but if you are unkind to people, people will be unkind to you." she even told me "Don't you ever look down or betrays people, if people look down or betrays you, don't take revenge let karma do its job for you." Throughout my life, I try my best to follow what my mom told me, I try to be kind and helpful to people especially my friends. I try not to retaliate and hurt people when they betrays or shoot me with their laser mouth! And I tell you sometimes the words that come out from those laser mouth people really can cut into your heart and you just feel like giving their face a tight slap!

Some of my friends just simply says that I'm too timid and scared to fight back. I don't know, may be they are right in a way. But I just don't have the heart to say mean things back at people, that is just not me! I don't want to be as low as that person and I don't want to make matters worse! Some of you might say that "Haiya! Don't deny la, just admit it that you just don't have the guts la!" I don't want to comment, say what ever you like but I know myself better than anyone of you!

It is just sad that sometimes,when you think that you are just being kind to people and you do good favours for people (because you treat those people as friends) people tend to think that you are too 'chin chai' and then they either take you for granted and push, pull, squeeze, twist and bend you around just like a spring to their needs. And when you open your moth to say 'no' people either thinks that I'm joking or just "tarik harga

One of my close friend once say to me in an angry tone "When those people need you they come to you but now when you really need their help they are not here to help!" I am actually touched that she feels for me but I am not hurt nor angry with those people, why? because when you help people, you help with a sincere heart and you don't expect people to return your kindness. If you expect people to return your kindness than you will be miserable your whole life. I help people sincerely, therefore I hope that people will do the same and not that I need to go and forced them to help me.

I don't say that I am a good person, but I dare to say that I treats my friends good. I am willing to share and help my friends whenever I can but it is within my limit la of cause. I don't really mind my good friends come and borrow my laptop, scanner or come to my place to online and I am happy that they still respect me by asking or telling me first before they use it.

Anyway, sometime ago, I was having a short talk with some one and that person make a comment ".... maybe you are just too easy to push around!" I know that person mean it as a joke but I also know that if you don't mean what you say, it wouldn't have come out of your mouth, right? So my conclusion is, the statement is a half joke and half truth! It really struck me and I was speechless for awhile... I was thinking " Oh my Holy Lord! All this while, when I thought that I am just being kind to my friend and this is what my friend has in mind about me! He/she just think that I am easy to be push around and easy to step on!" At that moment I felt like a total IDIOT (so where is the 'be kind to people and people will be kind to you' principle gone to?) In this situation it is just BE KIND TO YOUR FRIEND AND THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE A TOTAL IDIOT THAT CAN BE EASILY STEP ON!

Some people might again say " Haiya! Don't be too sensitive la, may be that friend of yours is really joking leh!" Like I say before.... if you doesn't mean or think that way, than it won't suddenly pop out of your mouth right? Say I am sensitive? Yes I am, so what?

Than, just sometime ago one of my friend commented (This is not exactly what he/she said) " You are the one who 'sibuk' calling people your friend but people also don't call you a friend." When i heard this, I am not angry at the friend who said it, in fact I should thank that friend for being bold enough to knock some sense out of me! I really make a FOOL out of myself...

I just want to remind those who think that I am easy to be step on, I have my own principle and I stand on my principle. When I don't hit back it doesn't mean that I am scared of you nor am I afraid of you but I am not as low as you (My tongue is not as sharp as yours!). If you think that I am too easy to be taken advantage on then... I am so sorry that you have such a negatives thoughts!

I am just who I am, I have a clear conscience and I don't own anyone an apology or need anyone to feel sorry for me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Amigos Parasampre (Friends for life)

(My college Darlings 2006)
Sometime ago, someone asked me, do you have a best friend? I ponder for awhile then I answered "I used to have a Best Friend but she had passed away, now I have lots of friends and there are a few close ones as well but best friend... I don't think so."

(My KKB friends during 2007 camp)

I have many friends and most of them are kind to me and I appreciate their friendship very much. We can talk, laugh and have fun together and it is very enjoyable being with them but I don't really feel ready enough to share my woes and worries with them.

(Me and the Three Gorgeous ladies)

Out of the big group of friends, there are a few friends that I consider close friends that I can trust and share some of my woes and worries with them. This group of friends not only willing to listen to all my frustrations and complaints but they are always willing to lend a hand to me when ever I need it.

Friends for life

For me, close friends are hard to find, it requires trust, love, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness from both party involved. If there is no trust at either side, then there goes the friendship... (not really la, sometimes we can still be friends la Hehe!)

Once I thought I had a close friend but it turned out that I was wrong. I trusted her and treated her like a close friend even when some people distanced themselves from her but later many things happened and our friendship turn sour. I felt like a total fool and being used at first I'm really angry with her and I even dislike her (especially when some of my friends teased me by saying that she is my ex- best friend) but later I think to myself... she didn't ask you to be kind to her, you saja SS (Syok Sendiri) so padan your muka next time don't be so STUPID! Now it doesn't bothers me any more since we are far apart. Luckily I still have a few close friends with me now, Hehehe! I love you guys!!!
As for best friends.... wow! Ini lagi hard to come by, Best friends are like diamond, very rare and precious. They are the ones that can lend you a shoulder to cry on, they are the ones who will try their very best to prevent you from your downfall, they are the ones who you can trust with your secrets, they are the ones will go through thick and thin with you and they will always forgive you.

I had a best friend once but she is now in heaven... I still missed her very much though... I really feel lucky to have her as my best friend as she shows me what courage is and what true friends is.... I will remember you forever.

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day, the day to remember and appreciate our father's love and sacrifices for us. Some say why must there be a father's day, everyday is father's day! Some just goes along with the trends and bring their dad out for a lavish dinner or present their dad with a special gift, some people just can't be bothered and there are some like myself just envy those people that can still celebrate father's day with their dad.

For the past two years Father's day just make me feel so empty and envy. I really envy those people that can still celebrates father's day with their dad by buying gifts or taking their dad out for a nice dinner at an exquisite restaurant. I miss buying new clothes and going out with my dad during father's day. Although my dad had passed away for 2 years, I still missed him very much.

My dad was an honest, happy go lucky and a kind hearted man. He is never rich, not highly educated and kind of straight forward person. He hardly guide me in my education as he is not high educated himself, he never tell me bed time stories, he never lectures me on how to a good person, he never gives me words of wisdom.....

But he taught me how to love by showering me with his love while he was alive, he taught me to be humble and honest through his dealing with his friends, he taught me patience and tolerance by keeping his cool and calm when my mom starts to nag non stop, he taught me kindness and selflessness by helping his friends and acquaintance without hoping for any reward. All that I can say, is that my dad had taught me well through his actions and not only through words.

Well I really misses the golden moments I had with my dad... I miss making toast bread for his dinner, I missed irritating him by saying Elvis is a lousy singer and all his songs are very noisy, I missed watching him get annoyed with me for giving many miss calls to his hand phone, I missed laughing loudly with him when we watch comedy and cartoons, I missed going to Dave Deli with him and I missed holding his warm hands tightly when we go out...

I feel very lucky to have such a loving and kind dad, although he is not rich and highly educated, but he is the best father that I ever known and nobody else will ever replace him in my heart.

I love you Dad and Happy father's day.

PS: Do you think heaven has Internet connections? Okay, just asking...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh! My Beloved.......Blackcurrant!!!

I opened my fridge just now and saw this.

Not seeds la, but BLACKCURRANT la, seedless BLACKCURRANT!!! I was so damn happy, so I took out and gobbled it up then I thought of writing a post about my most favourite fruit that is this

BLACKCURRANT. "So clever" "Eeeeyee! Black black and sour sour, where got nice?" some of you might say. Wah! I don't care la, I like ma no, I not only like but I LOVE blackcurrant! Cannot meh?

Don't ask me why I love blackcurrant so much la. I also don't know why, but since I was small I love blackcurrant especially when it turns into this

Yes, Sparkling Ribena!!! I love the grape Vitagen too la. Next I am going to try this when I go back to KKB.

I would love to try this but why Malaysia don't have ar?

Blackcurrant Ice cream!!!! Pure purple colour some more!!! I love it, it's simply irresistible...

And also this

Blackcurrant Cheese cake!!!! OMG! Where can I find those in Malaysia? You think Secret Recipe got or not har?

Anyway, I have tried these...

and I really love all of those.... By the way I never saw that brand of Jam in Malaysia. I've tried other brand, just pinjam the picture only.

Blackcurrant is very good for our health cause it is very rich in vitamin C and vitamin C make your skin smooth and pretty!!! Yo! You young ladies and young guys there, if you wanna be 'leng luis' and 'leng chais' you better eat loads of blackcurrant. If you don't, you might look like this

Hahaha! Nola joking only la, that is Mr. Golliwog, doesn't he look cute? He is one of my favourite toy characters in Enid Bylton's story.

They also make Blackcurrant into this

Vodka Blackcurrant, and wine Blackcurrant but I don't think I will love these.

Now they even made blackcurrant into these

Yes, they make it into lotion, soap, shampoo, body wash, hand wash and so many other things.....

I just wish that I own this

Yes, Blackcurrant farm so that I can get lots of these

all the year. Can become Millionaire also leh!!!! Oh! I just love blackcurrent and of cause purple too!!!!




Thank you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

One More Day!!!!!

I'm feeling

Because another one day I'll be in the....

to go back to

Ooops, sorry no to go back to

By that time I will feel very

Then when I see my

I will feeel

and when I meet


I will feel

but when I sleep and dream of my

I feel very very
But when I dream of this

I feel like in heaven

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last evening, went out for dinner with my ‘Tiau Pa’, ‘Mak Ee’ (My mom sister which is also my godma so I called her Mak Ee, and her husband Tiau Pa) and my mom just now. We were having this conversation in the car and suddenly I remembered something and open my big mouth.

Me: Mak Ee, don’t forget to take your new bowl later ok.
Mom and Tiau Pa: What???? You bought a bowl again?
Tiau Pa: Why on earth do you buy some more bowl? Not enough bowls at home ar?
Mak Ee: Haiya! Not really a bowl la… it looks like a plate plus bowl la.
Mom: Why you always like to waste money in buying all these things?
Mak Ee: You siau ar! It’s only RM 2 ma, very cheap ma.
Mom: You la siau! Your house kitchen are full of plates and bowls already but you still want to buy. Dare to say me siau!
Me: Both of you also siau la, argue in the middle of the road.
Mak Ee: But it is so cheap and very hard to find this type of bowl liau la, looks like antique.
Mom: Where got antique things so cheap?

Sisters….. they can be silly sometimes…… Hahahaha!