Friday, October 29, 2010

More Complains and Execuses

Hi! I am back again after disappearing for nearly one year from this blog. The main reason behind my disappearance was because I was quite busy adjusting to my new environment working in a new school with a new building, new chairs and tables, new colleagues and.... new boss of course.

Life has been very busy is for me... I think double busy for me till I have totally lost my energy and mood to maintain my two farms and my cafe (in Facebook la of course). Even my pet is still stinking and starving waiting for me to feed and bathe it (My Stinking Pandora in Pet Society in la so, please don't report me to the SPCA, ok). Oh! I almost forgot even my Zoo (in Zoo World) is in a much worse condition then Zoo Negara now.
One of my unmaintained farm with two dirty pigs......
My poor Pandora... didn't bathe for nearly one year liau no wonder got 'hor seen' (flies) around her stinking body Ewwweeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Just imagine, I am the head of panel, I am teaching English for year 2M, 3M, 4H, 4N, 5H and 5M and Bahasa Malaysia for year 4H!!! I have 34 periods per week and extra classes for 1 1/2 hours for 2 days in a week. Besides that I have to mark my pupils' books almost everyday! The most terrible and stressful time is nearing the exam time, cause during that time I will be very busy setting about 4 - 8 sets of papers because all the subject that I teach are core subjects!!!!! I just wonder how on earth I can survive all these?

Anyway, the long holidays will be coming soon and a new year will begin..... I just hope that everything will be better than this year. Stop complaining, just be positive and keep on playing hard. Err...... sorry I mean praying hard.