Friday, October 31, 2008

Cameron trip Day 1

Still remember about my Cameron trip on the 11th Oct (Saturday) that I haven't posted up yet? Weii, this is roughly what happened on the first day of the trip...

I was up very early on that morning (around) 6.30 am and I was doing my last minute packing as usual. Plum was on time... she came to fetch me around 7.30 and both of us headed to our school. When we arrived, we saw almost everyone was busy carrying things up the bus. Malu only, by the time I got uot of the car everything was in the bus and I just carry my own bags to the bus.

I did not sit with My Sweet Dear Plum in the bus... instead I sit with My Sweet Heart Chrispy

See we bring our own 'sweet smelly pillow" hahahaha!!!!

Plum was with my Honey Banana (Both are them were so happy sitting in front of me )

Beside Me and Crispy was My Buddy Orange and DD, Veronica (or Vanonica, Blackcurrent, LuLu, ThunderLoo so many nickname?????) Someone looks BORING!!!!!!

Later, we stop at Tanjung Malim for our breakfast. Me and Plum ate.....

Plain soup nooddles with.....

Yummmy Yong Tau Foo..... not bad lo the food.

After Breakfast, we went up the bus and go on our way to Cameron Highlands. These were some of the shots taken by Banana while on the bus.... she was bored I think or just being itchy hands!

This is Sexy Honey Banana Tan Lo................. Untuk senyuman yang cantik lagi menawan gunala.... TOOTHPASTE!!!!!

Aiya!!!! Sorry typing error, its SPECTACLES not specatles. Hahahaha!!!!

Nothing else better to do ah? No skill at all I am so so not pretty!!!!! Sue you in court than you know!!!!! This Picture was taken by Banana (lousy photographer)

Heng! You dare to take the two Tigress Picture without permission? Later you kena BITE from both of them baru you know!!!!! BTW (Vanonica is saying "Wait, I STOMP on you with one foot till you DIE!") A direct translation from hokkien.

After a few hours in the bus, at last we reached the Robinson Waterfall at the middle of Cameron Highlands.

The Robinson Waterfall.... A very fun and memorable place to all of us especially to VERONICA.... why? You want to know you ask her yourself la.

That is my right and left foot....... stop saying my toes are fat la......

After thea we proceed to the Tea Plantation..... not BOH Tea Plantation but here.....

After taking many silly pictures and beatiful scenery pictures, we went outside and wait for the bus... we didn't buy any tea though.

Later, we went all the way to Brincang and to check in to our Apartment (Dunno what name liau la)

Ok, here is where we stay.... at first glance, it looks like a Police quarters leh...... at least to me it looks like that lor.

That is the master room toilet.... it was clean and spacious but the hot shower is not so good... cause one moment the water can be very hot and another moment the water will be ice cold.

That is our room. I want to take the photo for the room only but..... these two ladies just.... Haiya! I don't know what to say! SPOILED my photo only these two ladies....

Then later Orange and the gang were busy with the unpacking......

Wah so much food!!!!!!!!!! Yummy Yummy food...... That was our lunch.... on the far right was Veronica hands. Look she was very hungry liau and I made her wait cause I wanna take this picture.... Yup I got a bullet from her for making her waiting.... "Shot plug de!!!!! This also want to take photo!!!!" That was what she said..... "Ahem! Thanks for the COMPLIMENT la."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Please Listen Properly la!!!!

Last Saturday, I was accompanying my so call "Director" to a Hardware shop a few shop after Sri Kota to buy something. This was roughly what makes us laugh aloud and a bit annoyed!!

Shop Assistant: Hello, What are you looking for?
Director: Hello, I am looking for an iron rod, something similiar to this one (Showing the shop asistant a bend long iron rod)
Shop Assistant: Oh, ini ka, ada-ada.... apa mahu buat?
Director: You tengok sini (Showing the shop assistant the bend part) sudah bengkok la.... saya mahu guna untuk HANG BAJU di dalam almari punya. saya mahu serupa ini punya tapi saya mahu material yang lebih kuat lagi supaya dia tak mudah bengkok kalau saya hang banyak baju.
Shop Assistant: Oh, itu macam ka, ok, ok you tunggu ha saya pigi ambil tunjuk you.
(we waited for about 5 minutes...)
Shop Assistant: Ini macam punya ka? Ini bagus punya kuat punya.
Director: Mari saya pegang, berat ka?
Shop Assistant: Tarak, ini bagus punya... Tarak berat punya, banyak kuat punya.
Director: Ok, ok ini boleh kasi potong sama panjang dengan ini? (Showing the old bend rod to the shop assistant)
Shop Assistant: Ok, boleh, boleh, you tunggu sikitjap ha saya kasi potong.
(We waited for about another 10 minutes)
Shop Assistant: Nah, ini sudah potong, ok ka?
Director: Ok, boleh la, berapa?
Shop Assistant: You mahu taruh getah di hujung ka?
Me: Ha? Getah? Buat apa mahu taruh getah di hujung?
Director: Yala, Tak payah la. Getah untuk apa? Ini besi saya mahu taruh dalam almari untuk hang baju.
Shop Assistant: Oh! Saya ingat you mahu guna untuk jalan (Use as white cane)
Me and Director: Aiyoooooo!!!!!!!!!! Apa la!!!!!!

Haiya!!!! Why some people in fact most people don't listen to what we the VIP (Visually Impaired Person) wants? They just simply assume that they know what is exactly what we want without really listening to us!!!! so double standard one......

Hey! People Please listen to what your customer wants la no matter we are blind, deaf, dumb or what ever.... we know what we really want ok.... Geram only!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

GeramNya!!!!! Really Beh Tahan!!!!!!

I am not in the mood.... I am very "Beh song" (not feeling good) with certain individual.....

I am annoyed with that human being..... okla I know la some of you who knows me will say that I am 'sensitive' la.... very 'small breath" (easy to get upset), bad la, this la that la.....


I should learn to let go.... yup learn to let go and just ignored the person that..... annoys, irritates, angers and make me upset... Ceh! Easy said then done..... You so smart, so you tell me la how to totally ignored her when I have to see her everyday? Ceh! Even every moment in fact..... Booo!!!!!!!!

Aiya! I dunno la...... Really "beh tahan!!!"Really feeling like sepak-sepak, cekik-cekik and kiss kiss HER...... (Shot plug)

I think I should follows what one of The famous Zen Master (dunno who liau) says.... live mindfully and at peace with the present moment...

Breathing in I calm my body
Breathing out I smile
Be mindful of the present moment,
It is a wonderful moment indeed.

Another thing is to spread loving thoughts to all living things without any segregation's... ESPECIALLY to THE PERSON or people that you are not comfortable with.

Hmm... I think I should spread more loving thought wanna know who? Should I mention her name here? What will happens if I mention her name here? Ok, I don't care la whatever happens, happens la......

I will even show her pretty photo here...... Hahaha! I am so so mean....... so cruel..... I don't care la she wanna angry with me angry la.... hahahaha!!!!!
Here she is......

Aiya!!!! Nola wrong liau, this is my sweet heart, Chrispy la... Hehehe!!! Sorry ha... Never mind la see her pretty photo first la.....

This time is the right one.... I hope....

Aiyoo!!!!!!! Sorry wrong again technical mistake, they are my sweet dear Plum and Dear Jean la sorry, sorry, thousand apologies!!!!!
This time.... true one no play play one ok......

Ooooppppss! Sorry, wrong again... that is Lemon Juice... nope, nope that is Darling Lemon la.....
Ok! OK! This time.....

I present the Most 'Beh Tahan, Beh Song" person that I've ever known.......

See la muka tersenggih-senggih lagi... Really tak boleh tahan!!!!!

Yala I am geram with MYSELF la!!!! Cannot ah?

Now I am going to spread loving thoughts to myself.....

May I be free from harm and danger

May I be free from enmity,

May I free free from body discomfort,

May I take care of myself happily!!!!!

No wonder people used to say..... The worst enemy is....... "YOU YOURSELF"

So Love yourself!!!!!!

Oh! Nasi Lemak!!!!!

Today I broke the records of............................................. EATING 2 PACKS OF NASI LEMAK!!!!! a BIG APPLAUSE for me!!!!!!

I am so very the "Tham chiak" (Greedy) siau one, where got people eat nasi lemak for breakfast and for lunch one? Very fattening and high in cholesterol lo!!!! Now feel so sinful... but what to do eat laiu ma (Actually nasi lemak is one of my favourite food! Hehehe!).

Today I learn a big huge lesson...... never will I ask anyone to buy breakfast for me so early liau..... cause ha you never know one ma, later ha jadi macam hari ini lo, 'Pink Susu' belanja me nasi lemak and I already asked my sweet heart to pack for me...... at the end I end up become fatter!!!!

Hmm..... actually one thing good is ha, I save my money and time to go and buy lunch lo......

Hahahaha!!!!! So siau, I will make sure that, NO double nasi lemak next time lai!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fictional Pictorial Story (Again?)

Heng!!! I am so upset! I tell you this world is really unfair!!!!
Why? Ok here is the whole story...

Do you still remember her?

Yes, that is ThunderLoo in her super power suit that she always forget to wear when saving people (She always misplace her things one!!!!) Yes, she is the fictional Super Duper hero that I created!!!!! Now I am so so very jealous and angryof her!!!!!

Why, you ask me again????

Because now she is Famous, I mean very very FAMOUS!!!!! but not me!!! Why? Just because she has super power that always run low? (She always forget to charge her power ok, always misplace her super power charger at home)

Okla I admit la, I do not have any super power but I have many charger ma like battery charger, hand phone charger and even laptop cable.... but why am I not famous??? How she is famous? Where are the proves? Here are the proves... see for yourself!!! I also cannot belief it. I nearly faint and die of heart attack when I saw it just now!!!! It is just so unbelievable!!!!!

See? She is on the front page of the news paper for saving my little finger at the waterfall remember?

By the way, our Thunderloo is not in the middle here... she was at the far right end (low-profile ma) and this Plum loves to take photo so much that she insisted to be in the middle.

The next story that make the headline is about ThunderLoo saving Plum and Lye Ying from being eaten by the fake giant Octopus in Sungkai Water Park!!!!!

Then later her photo appeared in New York Billboard yesterday!!!!!! Can you believe that?

I thought my eyes is playing tricks on me but later when I call my Sam Ka Ceh from Huston to confirm the rumours, this is what she e-mail to me just now!!!!

Wow!!! Why is her poster is everywhere in US now?

Than later, my twin, Alice call me up suddenly and send this e-mail to me as well!!!!

See la so many people admiring her poster!!!!

Her portrait were even hung on many embassy and diplomats offices around the globe. Even you can see her portrait in some big company's and corporates conference rooms.

See what I mean? I didn't tell lies... ok, here is the proof....

Now I know, it really pays to be a Super Hero cause...... your photo will even appears in the Museum for every one to remember and honour.....

Just look at those people sitting there and admiring her portrait? As if she is some kind of celebrity or Hero.... ok, ok she is a Fictional super Hero.... Where is my potrait?

Worse still I saw this T-shirt sold like hot cakes on E-bay

Her face even appears on that so call hot T-shirts!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is selling like hot cakes in US and Asia!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is my face?

Why people like her so much? How about Me the writer???? Why no one bothers to take notice about me? So sad....... I just can't understand!!!! WHY????

And even more shocking than ever.... now......

She already got so many fans and supporters in MALAYSIA and I mean the whole MALAYSIA loves her!!!! I really cannot tahan liau !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are singing her theme song everywhere now... "Here I come to save the day!!!! Yo! Yo! Yo! Thunder Loo!!!"

I really feel very fed up and bored with all this madness... I mean, Go everywhere also can see her posters!!!! At telephone booth la, at KL Sentral la, on bus la, taxi la, LRT la, at shopping complexes la, food courts la and even outside the public toilet!!

I told Plum, Banana, Orange, Chrispy and Lemon about this and they just smiled without saying a word. Than ha, Later on I found out why they just smiled and keep quiet.

After school I went to lunch with Plum as lemon wants to Teach tuition. so after lunch, we went to Lee Jin to buy a newspaper and you know what we saw? This!!!

I almost fainted!!! How come Banana Tan's face appear on Vogue???? I just cannot believe my eyes, Banana Tan is the cover girl for the Vogue magazines!!! and all because of ThunderLoo!!!!

I was so shock.... I thought I was dreaming... Until my good friend, Joo Mee from Singapore
e-mail me this picture!!!! (She took this picture on her cellphone yesterday night while on the way having dinner with her Hubby at Orchard Road in Singapore)

Oh my God!!!!!!. even Chrispy Tham is famous now...... (No wonder la she keep smiling and laughing in school the whole morning). According to my friend, Chrispy Tham is now the modal for Pamolive shower gel and hand lotion.....

Then out of a sudden around five o'clock just now, Plum call me up excitedly and asked me to go and read the CNN online.... and this is what I saw

OH FOR MY GOODNESS SAKE!!!!! Paris Hilton is promoting Plum's latest album..... (When did she ever start to release an album? As far as I know Plum's only sings karaoke in her bathroom during shower!!!!) According to the news Plum latest album is call Silent Melody.

Everyone become famous all of a sudden because of ...... ThunderLoo la!!!! How about me????

Later around six o'clock..... I saw this on TV7 news......

Yes! Victoria Beckham (David Beckham's wife) is now one of Orange Tan's biggest fan....

When ever did Orange become a celebrity? How come I didn't know anything about this? Why no one ever mention to me about this before?

Then night, My ex-housemate, Daisy Mok call me up and ask me to turn on TV8 and this is what I saw....Lemon face on an expensive car!!! I just can't believe what I see.... I slap my self a few times on the face.... and it felt so awfully painful.... so I know I am not dreaming....

I was very confused and angry with my so call darlings and buddies.... why didn't they tell me that they have become so famous all of a sudden? Why are they so secretive? Even Plum my so call cousin keep silence about this. Is like the whole world know about this except me!!!!!

I am so upset and angry about all these. This is so unfair. Why am I not famous as I am the main person behind ThunderLoo, The Super Duper Hero?How come Chrispy and all those people become so famous but not me? so I write in a complaint letter to all the news paper like the Daily Mail, Star, Berita Harian, Tamil Nesan, NST, China Press... Malaysia Kini and others to complain about this issue. I even write to all the broadcast station like BBC, CNN, TV3, RTM.....

At last, I send a complain letter to Putra Jaya, White House and all the Presidents of other countries to complain about this metter .

True enough my method works.... within 24 hours I have become as famous as ThunderLoo.... In fact I am more famous than her..... cause....

The Army, Police, Fireman and FBI were looking everywhere for me Now!!!! Help!!!

I am WANTED!!! and I am not a Wizard!!!!!

According to the media, everyone consider me as a big thread to ThunderLoo and a bad influence of the society...... so my face is all over the news on TV and even internet now....

At last... they got hold of me....

This is what I have become now, I know I am ugly ok..... but I learn my lesson now..... I will never be jealous of ThunderLoo and won't want to be famous any more......


Ever wonder what I did to all these photos? Ok ALL THE PICTURES AND THE WHOLE STORY IS FAKE OK.... (I know the story is a lame joke)

Thanks to Nicolekiss blog I learn how to play with these photos..... here is the site that you can do wonders of your photos. A Big thanks to Nicole......

Selamat mencuba.......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Unforgetable Picnic (Fictional comic)

One fine day, Doralin and her friends decided to go for a picnic at a waterfall, so they board a bus and go all the way to the place.

Doralin, her Sweet Dear Plum and her Honey Banana on the bus.

Once reached the destination, everyone was so excited. They hurriedly jump down from the bus and ran as fast as they could to the................................................................... toilet.

After that, everyone proceed on foot and walk all the way complaining, sighing and groaning to the waterfall. Once there, everyone was speechless, captivated by the beautiful natural surrounding created by "The Almighty".....

Plum and Orange cannot wait any longer, they pull Doralin to the waterfall and asked Chrispy to take pictures.

Out of a sudden... Doralin remembered that she forgot to buy her "Deepavali" bus ticket to go home. She look happy outside (cause want to take photo ma so must smile la) but she was cursing.... I mean crying her heart out inside... "Jean and Julie will be going back to Penang without me!!!! Oh! Why? Why? Tell me why that I am so..... forgetful?"

She was so broken hearted till, she think of killing herself.... but how? She look around, she saw Chrispy, Banana and Plum were happily splashing each other with the cool water and Orange was scolding them for behaving so childishly.

Then she look at the magnificent, majestic waterfall. She though of going up there and jump down but she thought to herself. "Hmm.... nope, too high, too far, I am too tired to climb, too dangerous I might slipped and fall like Humty Dumpty."

She thought of drowning herself in the water but unfortunately........

... the water is just deep enough for them to wash their feet and legs la.

She think and think and keep on thinking of how to kill herself painlessly and easily. At last she remembered that she had borrowed a penknife from Chrispy the other day and the penknife is still in her pocket.

Before she decided to do the stupid thing, she try to say good bye to her Sweet Dear Plum as her Sweet heart Chrispy, Honey Banana and Buddy Orange were busy playing hide and seek behind the rocks and trees.

Some where up the waterfall, there was a tough but cute and cuddly looking lady doing 'Tai Qi" or "Qi Kong" no wait a looks like Yoga...... or aerobic? Ok, let's take a look.....

Oooohh..... who is that? Is that Power Puff Girl? No! Is that Power Ranger? No!

It's..... It's......

It's THUNDERLOO our all time legendary Super Duper Heroin!!!!!! And she is charging her super power...... (She forgot to charge yesterday so power very low already.....)

Oh! Look! She is done and she is singing her Theme song!!!! "Here I come to save the day!!!!!' Yo! Yo! Yo! Check it out! Check it out! Yo! Yo!" I love her theme song......

Suddenly she saw Doralin with her superpower eyes and heard what Doralin had said with her super power ears. She realise something was not right!!!!!

She run as fast as the lightning down the slippery and sloppy rocks... She can fly but.... she forgot to bring along her super suit!!!!

Doralin was about to cut her little finger with the penknife when suddenly.......

Doralin ignored ThunderLoo, so ThunderLoo has no choice but to pounced at Doralin and try to take the penknife away from her...

They argued, pulled and pushed, and tarik dan tolak.........

Finally, Chrispy's penknife broke into half lo.... and both of them started to blame each other....

Then Banana come out from nowhere and grabbed ThunderLoo's hand and declared that ThunderLoo is the winner... (Actually Banana just want to take photo and autograph from The Super Duper Heroin....")

When the others saw that ThunderLoo was there with Banana, everyone came running and pushing each other just to shake ThunderLoo's hand and take pictures with her....

You see what I mean... This Plum can hug ThunderLoo some more.....

Even Orange was very eager to take pictures with the Super Duper Heroin
Then the whole gang except Doralin (Doralin was forced to be the camera girl ok) wants to take pictures and hug our Super Duper Heroin.

Ok.... now Doralin's turn to take photo with the Super Duper Heroin and thank her for breaking Chrispy's penknife..... Err... No, I mean saving her life..... actually saving her little finger la.....

After the photo session with the Super Duper Heroin, everyone grabbed hold of Doralin and......

put her back in the KKB Detention Camp....... and guarded by Plum.

At the end, they all live happily ever after except ...... for poor Doralin who is home sick in the detention camp......

---------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------