Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belated Happy Teacher's Day

I should be doing my paper work today but sad to say, I've absent minded-ly (wrong grammar) left my things on my messy desk in school, so now I am here sitting in front of my old acer, writing this outdated post about my school teacher's day.

On the 15th of May 2009, our school celebrated Teacher's Day in a small scale. We went to school early in the morning as usual. Then around 8 am.......

Every one is supposed to gather at the hall but instead of being in the hall, Banana and me were enjoying our self outside the hall.... "Bad girl, always dosen't wanna pass up your homework and always sleep during English lesson!!!" (Piak! Piak! Piak! on the palm!!!!!) Ceh! See, This student of mine is not so 'normal' I think, so happy kena canning.....

After that, I took a picture with one of my favourite 'sons' from standard 1. Eh! I am not 'tua seh sim" (favouritism in Hokkien)I can be a little bit bias at some times, but who can be 100 percent fair la, even our fingers also different in length ma..
.. See, how cute and adorable he is?

Anyway Banana and Lemon also take turns to took picture with him la... not me alone ok.

When the VIP' arrived, we were summoned up the stage to sing "To Dream A Dream" and everyone fainted..... nola of cause.

When we were on the stage, we listen to the National anthem, state song, school song, listen to speeches.
Our GB giving her speech

After the long speeches, we sang the traditional Teacher's Day song (Kami Guru Malaysia)
Plum and Vanonica not really singing cause they loves to take pictures together... say Cheese!!!!!!

Eh! I am not sleeping la, don't ever say that I am sleeping ok, Madam Tan was standing beside me so you I dare to take a quick nap, meh?

My cheeky students holding the Teacher's Day gifts that were sponsored by our PIBG Chairman and a box of cookies sponsored by one of the student's parent.

Cake cutting ceremony. What? I am no where to be seen? Of cause la.... I love to hide behind the scene and not stay in the spot light la low profile ma....

Later, we had our tele-match for teachers.

Taking a photo with the two sisters, Lemon and Chrispy before the tele-match event.

Yeah!!!!!!! This were part of our team... our 'Boss' is not in this picture.

Yeah!!!!! Go! Go! Go! DD!!!! Faster!!! Oopppsss.... she is not in my group. "Go slow ha DD, be careful don't fall!!!!

Our Group leader, PK 3 (In black) in action 'Faster Boss! Faster! We have the power!!!!! Beside Boss is our PK 2 and PK 1.

The students were enjoying themselves too....

Alamak!!!! I am the last one ah???? Memalukan kumpulan only.....

Aiyo!!!!!! Rushing to school la no time to eat breakfast.... bus come already.

We Are the Champion!!!!!!!! (from behind la..... our group did not cheat ma, we play by the law so we..... lose but we WIN!!!) See so full of spirit and energy!!!!

Later, they have a netball match among the teachers. I was not there cause I was invited to a small class party in 6M (Poor me, I had 3 big pieces of cakes for my breakfast!!!! First in 5K then 6M later some students give me a small box of cake again..... I am gaining weight la)

After the friendly match, we had a simple party in the school library.

Orange and Me with a big cake.... AGAIN????

The final event for the day was the Chinese Songs Singing Contest among the teachers.... Nola, for the students la

Just look how adorable these little angles are..... (Errr.... sometimes these angles can really get on your nerves) They really practised hard for this event. I should give them a credit though.

Some winners of the singing contest together with the teachers that trained them.
Around 1.00 p.m, the school rang and all of us rushed to the school gate with our school bags!!!!
The End

Monday, May 18, 2009

Penang Trip Day 3: Batu Gajah (Perak)

On the third day of our trip, the weather is again harsh on us, it rained quite heavily so right after breakfast, we decided to start our journey back to KKB. On the way, we plan to stop at Taiping Zoo but the weather don't permit us to do so.

Finally we ended up in Batu Gajah.....

Batu Gajah National Park? Nah! Batu Gajah do not have a National Park like Penang la

Not a National Park? Why got such a big river there?

We actually went to

Kallie's Castle in Batu Gajah.

The admission fee to this old mansion is RM 4 per person. This half build mansion was built by a Scottish planter called William Kallie Smith, I'm not going into the history of this mysterious place. You can read all about it here if you are interested.

The old mansion that is connected to the new castle.

"Hmm... Just imagine what a magnificent place it would be if the construction was completed.

The mysterious corridor....

According to the locals there, sometimes during the evening some people saw the spirit of Mr. William Kallie Smith slowly gliding along the corridor.

The funny thing is, Sir William never died here and his family never wanted to come back here so, what reason for the spirit to linger all alone around here???

This room was intended to be the living room of the castle

Chrispy was wondering how much does this place cost? Hehehe!

Ruined section of the old mansion

The first ever build bucket, 4 storey, elevator that never complete in Malaya.

The grand castle from the side.

Poor Mr. Kallie, he died so tragically before his dream castle was completed.... what a total waste.

The rooftop courtyard

This place was meant for parties..... but not even a single party was ever held here... so sad.

Back yard view from the rooftop courtyard.

See, you can actually see the main road from the roof top.

The old mansion from the roof top.

At the far left side of the castle stands this peculiar tree.... What is so peculiar about this three? Look properly, what can you see?

If you look carefully, this three looks like a bear. The works of nature la. Nothing paranormal about it.

Soon after that we left this mysterious, old incomplete castle, standing lonely and sadly, waiting for it's master to return and complete what is undone but the master and his family were long gone and never will return to complete what was undone.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Penang Trip Day 2: T-Bowl Restaurant

In the evening, I plan to take both my friends to Queensbay Mall to a unique restaurant there.

It's call the T-bowl Restaurant (Toilet Bowl Restaurant) No, I am not joking. The 'T" really stands for Toilet Bowl. The restaurant is located at the top floor of Queensbay Mall beside the cinema. If you watch TV8, you would have seen this restaurant in one of the TV programmes a few months back.
I heard of this place long time ago and pass this restaurant twice already but my family won't want to go in there they said it was so disgusting but to me it was a new concept and very creative too. I just love to dine in funny and unique type of restaurant. Like a few years back, I wen to A Ghost Restaurant in Sungai Wang but the food there is not really that fantastic plus you need to pay more (it's in a package) in order for you to be served by the fake ghosts, so no thank you.

But this restaurant is totally different. You do not need to pay extra to sit and eat on the toilet bowl.

See what I mean? there are no CHAIRS there only toilet bowls for you to sit and enjoy doing your big business..... Hehehe! Of cos not, it is meant for you to sit and enjoy your food la.

Me sitting comfortably on a toilet bowl.... ok wrong direction I know

Hah! The lid can open one... Errrrrrrr..... what do you think is inside there?
After or before having your meal, you are allowed to take your shower there.... Hehehehe! No way... that is only decoration la to make it more real, like in a bathroom la.

Anyway this toilet is very clean so we actually don't mind dining there.

Chrispy and me again... looking hungrily happy!!!!

This is their menu, looks like the toilet cover. there are many dishes for you to choose. You can order western food, Japanese food or local food. The price here are quite reasonable. There is a dish that sounds cute it's call ' A pile of shitty sausages!' (a direct translation from Chinese), we did not ordered it though although it looks kind of yummy cause we are not big eaters ma....
(they twirl the sausages round and round till it looks like a pile of s***)
I ordered Japanese fried ramen and mango juice. See the food is served on a toilet cover shape plate. so cute. The taste? Well better than the Ghost Restaurant though.

Our noodles served on a toilet cover.... anyone dare to try?
This is our dessert (We share this out) not bad la the taste. See, the bowl is shaped just like a bathtub. This is the first time I eat my dessert from the bathtub....

Hehehehe! Look I am sitting on a toilet bowl and eating from the bathtub. Please don't tell my mom about this ok.....

Wah!!!!!!!!! Cheese Baked Rice served in the toilet bowl!!!! That is an order from the next table. The bowl is so cute huh? Hahahaha! Eating from the toilet bowl..... must be yummy!!!

Some unique toilet bowls display from the counter

Cute leh, where got disgusting oh?

Wah! Got toilet bowl clock some more.

Over all, I don't mind going there for meals again (I got RM 5 discount coupon) as the food there are not bad and the place there are unique and clean. There are even a pair of old couple dining there as well... so why so disgusting leh? It's all in the mind la... stop thinking about the 'real purpose of toilet' and just enjoy your meal la.
I shall try to bring my mom there next time... hehehe!