Thursday, July 30, 2009

My New Car? NOPE!!!

One lovely evening, in a small remote town of Kuala Kubu Bharu, two pretty girls.. Eeeerrr... I mean two pretty silly girls were walking towards an old run down pre war shophouses. They walked along the corridoor of the shophouse and stop right infront of a workshop. There was a nice gentle- uncle sitting in front of the closed workshop. He smile immediately, when he saw his precious daughter.

"Yo, dad, why are you sitting out here? Open the door la I want to go in and sit." said the prettier girl to the gentle uncle.
The gentle uncle went to the door and unlocked the door.
"Ceh! No need to go in la, outside so nice ma, got good scenery.... see even got one police station up there>" said the second girl pointing towards an old police station in front of them.
"Sampat...." answered the prettier girl.

After a few moment, the prettier girl was looking quite excitedly impatient and the other not so pretty one look blank and keep on wondering to herself "Why on earth do I follow her here?"

Then suddenly....

" Hehe! Come liau." The prettier girl said to her friend with a big smile on her face....

TADA!!!!!!!!!! This is my brand new Myvy!!!!
Oopppsssssss......... so sorry, I forgot that I got no driving license (Will never qualify to drive in such a small car! but only qualify to drive my big bus No. 11. Hehehehe!). If I were to drive, the traffic police must make sure that the whole road is close for traffic first.... that was what my SH once said to me.... so bad..... Booooo!!!!!

so, instead of being the driver, I was given the honour of being the first passenger to sit in this luxurious new car.

And who is the proud owner of this car........

Aiya! that is not a model for proton cars la ok.... that is the owner la my SH lor.....

See how happy and she is and I am very happy cause I will have another car to tumpang. Yup! Yup! Hoorayy!!!!

LEMBU!!! Mooo... Mooo... Moooo

Oh! Look she is opening the front driver's door.... Will she drive me back to my hostel?

Eh! Missy, look in front when you drive la... don't keep on looking and smiling at the camera!!!! Wah! so dangerous la.... so scared la me.... "Uncle can you please take over the wheel from her?"

Well I guessed I will have to wait for a long long long time........ before my SH learns to drive safely........

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


some people are just so unpredictable.... you really don't know when to trust them or how to trust them.....

When you trust them too much, you will regret.... when you don't want to trust them, you feel guilty.....

You even don't know how to treat them. be kind and warm to them. Then you will look like a total fool.... Be unsympathetic and uncaring........... and you feel so sinful.........

I wonder how... I wonder why.....

I DON'T KNOW........... perhaps I will never know..........

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NCBM 2009 Sports Carnival (Part 2)

During the NCBM Sports Carnival, about 7 events were being compete. The events are scrabbles, chess, carom, checkers, darts, bowling and table tennis.

Well I am sure many of you out there are curious and can't stop wondering how can the blind and visually impaired community play those games especially darts, bowling and table tennis? Like my primary school motto goes "We walk by faith and not by sight' everything is possible if you just have some faith in yourself. And my secondary motto goes "If there's a will there's always a way", so no matter who you are and what your weaknesses are, as long as you have the will power and faith, everything impossible will be possible.

Anyway I did not managed to cover the table tennis event as I was a 'kaypo' errrrrrr.... I mean as I was a volunteer in the bowling event. Anyway Hope that you will enjoy the video that I made and please bear in mind that I am not a professinal and this is my first time using Window Movie Maker to edit videos so the quality might not be as good as expected.

NCBM Sports Carnival (Part 1)

Last Friday was a hectic but exciting day for me. This year is the first time that NCBM is organising a Sports Carnival together with SBM at Bukit Kiara Sports Complex. initially I was not involved but I told "Director" Miss Chok that I would like to just be a 'kaypo' (Busybody) around so she generously arranged for me to be one of the volunteer to help in the bowling section, my job was just to assist a blind participant from Penang during the game. (like telling which pin that he manage to knock down or which direction, the ball went to)

I arrived at Brickfield at around 4 something and I tried to call my so call 'director' Miss Chok to see where is she but unfortunately she was too busy to pick up my call, so as I was REALLY in need to visit the ladies (And I don't like public toilets!!!) so I had no other choise but to visit Water Lily in NCBM and at the same time use the toilet la.

Around 5.30 p.m. our bus moves from MAB and we arrived at Bukit Kiara Sports Complex at around 6.40 p.m. All of us stayed at Kompleks Rakan Muda and here are some pictures that I took upon checking in the place.

The whole block were dominated by us but some of the apartments were still occupy by the BAM players. For those people that are familiar being around with blind people, you can surely imagine the level of noise make by us (around 200 blind people). Many people thought that blind people are deaf because they tend to be noisy when but in actual fact, that is not true at all, blind people are quite sensitive to sounds.

Furthermore, the place is quite echoey because it is a tall building and we are sitting at the ground floor most of the time. On the second night, as most of the people went out to other places, the whole place was quite empty, only around 8 of us were at the dining room chatting after our dinner. As we were engrossed in our conversation, suddenly we heard a familiar voice from upstairs, "Oooo.... I am on the 5 floor! I can hear all of you talking!" we all laughed. 5 minutes later, BK came down and join us at the table " I can hear all of you talking just now, I hear Anna, Sherene, Jasmine talking." She said. We laughed again and continue our conversation.

10 minutes later, Inung and Jamilah wants to go back to their room so they excuse themselves. 5 minutes later we heard "Hello! We are on the 7th floor!!!"

Oh well, that is how we entertain ourselves. Luckily we did not received any complaints from the other residents that night.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday? Oh! No!!!!!!!!!

Today is Wednesday and I despised Wednesday cos this is the day that I MUST stay back for extra tuition classes and also extra co-curricular activities. It's the most tiring day of the week and I feel like a.................

Nope, I don't feel like a Vampire.... I do not like to BITE people's neck and suck out their blood ok. It's disgusting to taste people's sweat and 'daki' (dead skin) in your mouth okay... I feel so tired like a ZOMBIE more accurately............................

Tomorrow is Thursday but I have to stay back for the staff meeting..........

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! God knows until what time the meeting will last!!!

I am so very tired...........