Monday, March 30, 2009

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!

After having my observation done by my GB last Friday, I've decided to give myself a break from all the stress and tension that had accumulate for the past two weeks before the observation. I am really glad and relief that it's over... for now.

Well, this is what I did to keep myself happy and contented at that moment...

Yup!!!!!! That is me at KKB KTM station waiting for the train not to go back to Penang but to KL.
I have to wait for quite some time, so I get bored and started to take pictures at the station... Lonely deserted KKB station.......

Anyway, at last the train arrived. I am not alone at that time..... cause I was with......

These two gorgeous ladies..... they are ladies and not girls anymore ok..... still young, pretty and available at the moment.

Then, we stop at Rawang KTM station and waited again for the train to KL Sentral.... Malaysia punya transport system lor.... have to wait, change trains and wait again what a waste of time and energy........

After reaching KL Sentral at around 11 something a.m. we proceed to the Monorail by foot. Before that, we went to have our brunch as my stomach is grumbling but unfortunately, the place that we choose served a disappointing brunch so we had a disappointing brunch at KL Sentral.... (The moral of the story is: Never choose a restaurant or cafe that is empty in KL Sentral)
Since we are not very happy with our lunch or brunch, we decided to do this while we are on our way walking out of KL Sentral........

That is my Dear and Me posing with the food..... guess which part of KL Sentral we are?

The background looks familiar? Here is another clue... My sweet heart and me posing with the delicious local food at............ guess where were we............. come on guess...........

Hehehe! Yeah, we have nothing else better to do but to pose beside the Air Asia Bus......

My Sweet Heart was complaining that it was too far to walk from KL Sentral to Monorail (Since they are now doing some constructions to built a mall in between KL Sentral and Monorail the short cut to monorail was close up) She was saying "Aiya! so far like walking from your place to school!" well, i don't think it's that far la but i was just wondering if DD was there with us.... surely more "Aiyo" and "Aiya's" one.

At last we are in the Monorail to go to Times Square and Law Yat!!!!!!!!

View inside the monorail................

View outside the monorail...........

I went to Law Yat and I bought myself an early Birthday gift.....

A brand new mp3 player for RM 200+..... Wow! I am not rich la but I need to entertain myself in the bus or train ma when I go back to KKB alone from Penang.....
Then we went to Time Square and something unexpected happened...... At last, after searching from near to far, from high and low, from north to south, from east to west, from Malaysia to Japan...... after searching for many years at last I found.................... my precious cuddly buddy in Time Square......
Hehehehe! Not this one la....... this is a mascot of a Japanese Instant Noodle la...

Yes At last I've found my precious limited but pirated edition of..........

DORAMI@DORALIN at Time Square............ I am so the very happy at that moment, I just cannot believe my eyes. My Sweet Heart ask for a discount as the price was a little bit expensive I think but the shopkeeper said that "Sorry cannot give discount, this Doreamon sister very hard to come about one, and it this the last one we had."

You can say that I am crazy la but yes I bought it up for RM 50 +.... Ouch!!!!!!! a pinch in the heart and pocket. (If the pirated one cost this much, I wonder.... how much is the original one???)

My Sweet Heart was laughing at me by saying " Wah! You really had an early Birthday gift hor, so we no need celebrate for you liau la?"

See my precious so cuddly and cute......... Oh! I've found you at last......... although it is only the clone of you......
OHHHH..... Let me just kiss and hug you......... before you get all dirty and dusty......

See, my Sweet Dear also very keen to take photo with her. Errrrrr.... actually she loves to take photo one la........

Then, my Dear want to join in the fun as well..............

and Finally.....................

This is my Sweet Heart silly idea and i don't know why I get myself into it...............

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Down and Sad........

Looking deep into my aching heart,
I found a lost soul wondering aimlessly,
Searching for a path which has no ends,
Looking for a direction which is unknown,
Reaching for a goal which is invisible.
Here I see myself drowning in the sea of sorrows,
Chocking in the air of disappointment,
Stranggled by the claws of bewilderment,
I am totally crushed......
My heart trapped in the stormy rain....
but my spirit is still unshaken....
My soul still strong to endure....
I close my eyes and I know....
deep inside my mind I can see....
This moment will soon pass...
As the heart will light up again,
with the wonderful rays of rainbow,
and once again I shall stare,
With a smile full of contentment.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Won A Proton Perdana!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my new car and it's free!!!!!!! I even won RM 10, 000!!!!!! I am rich!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Can you believe it? No? It's true! 100% true. I really won those prizes in front of KL Sentral. The catch is............................................ I can only recieve those prizes if........I pay RM 6,000 into some silly unknown, never heard before company's bank account for the process fee.

This is what happened.

Last Friday afternoon around 12.30 pm, As I was slowly (lenggang-lenggang kangkong) walking alone towards KL Sentral to take the putra to meet my long lost classmate at Ampang Park, suddenly A plump Chinese girl approach me.... (in mandarin)

Salesgirl: Hello! Missy, our company just open in Time Square and is having a Sale. You can buy computers spare parts with discount up to 50%. (She show me a small colourful paper and I took it.)
Me: Oh, ok. (I was walking away but she follows me)
Salesgirl: Missy, you look so young (Bullshit la) how old are you? I think you must be younger than me, I am 23, I am from Melaka, I came here to work for this company lor
Me: (Ok, since I am in a good mood.... I will play along for awhile) Me ah? Aiya, I am older than you la.
Sales girl: How old? Tell me la.... 24 or 26? Are you a student or still working? Dun bluff me la missy, you look so young (Yeah, sure, I am only 3 years old la)
Me: Well I am 24 (Hehehehehe! Perasan )
Sales girl: Wah!!!!!!!!!!!! Missy, really meh? you don't look 24, you look younger than me leh? Are you working?
Me: I am a Master student in UM. (Should have said Ph.D)
Sales girl: Wah!!!!!!!!!! Missy you so clever, what course? You use computer ah?
Me: Master in Psychology. I am a student of cause got use la (You should go and join Akademi Fantasia too)
Salesgirl: Wah!!!!!!!!! Missy, you study Psychology in UKM ah?
Me: UM!!!!!!! University Malaya!!!!!!!! (itu pun tak tahu ah?)
Salesgirl: Oh ok, Wah!!!!!!! Missy teach me leh you so clever. (Teach your head la 38!). Missy you stay in KL ah? Let us be friends (who say I want to friend you?) My name is Yen Ling. You leh?
Me: Yup. I stay here. Your company sell PC parts at Times Square ah?
Salesgirl: Yes, yes... your name leh Missy? (Ceh! Still won't give up ha? Ok, let us play lor...)
Me: I am... Hui Mei (Suddenly think af my SD and DD. hehehehehe!)
Salesgirl: I am Yen Ling, You like shopping? Where do you usually go for shopping? Do you use creadit card? (Wah! This is starting to get serious)
Me: I am a student, where got money to get creadit card? I only do shopping at pasar malam and Kota Raya la.
Sales girl: Oh yes hor, ha never mind, in our company hor, if you use ATM card as a debit card we will give you 3% discount. Have you use your creadit card as a debit card before?
Me: Yes meh? Dunno wor... never use ATM card to buy things la. No money....
Salesgirl: Never mind, Missy, are you fierce? can you scold people ah?
Salesgirl: No, just now hor, got uncle scold me for wasting his time (I do not scold but I bite people one)
Me: Oh really ah... (Padan muka la)
Salesgirl: Yes lor.... Missy, you try open this paper la. If inside got the word Thank you, you return it to me lor cause that is my comission. If 50% than you can take this to buy things at our shop at Times Square lor and you are entitle for 50% discount lor. But if it is 'Thank you', ha please don't take my comission away ha.
Me: Oh, I open now ah?
Salesgirl: Yes, open here lor.
I tear open and saw a new read proton perdana and the big word Congratulations!)
Me: No thank you but congratulations wor..
Salesgirl: What!!!!! Missy!!!!!!! Missy!!!!!!!! Do you know what this means!!!!!!!!!!! (You, really should win Grammy Award for the best actress la)
Me: What? (Ceh! Who cares?)
Salesgirl: Missy!!!!!!!!!! Do you know what is this!!!! (Yell aloud with excitement)
Me: A car la.... (and the Grammy Award goes to...)
Salesgirl: Missy!!!!!!!! You have just won a brand new Proton Perdana!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Missy!!!!!! you also help me get RM 2,000 comission!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! (Shake my hand happily)
Me: Oh yes ha....Good la, I am so happy.... (Ok time to cabut)

Suddenly another friend of hers came, pretending not to know anything (Alamak! Another Best supporting actress come liau... better run liau)

Salesgirl 2: What happen? (look innocent)
Salesgirl: Missy won a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salesgirl2: Wah!!!!!!!!! Missy!!!!!!!!!! Congratulatiions!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yeah sure.... I don't want la. Bye! Bye! (I cepat-cepat cabut la)
Both of them: Missy!!!! Missy!!!! (Missy your head la 38!)

Siau ah? Where got free things in this world one? The next evening, Mui Lan (one of my friends) told my friends and me about the same story but this time their company suddenly shift to Mid Valley from Times Square. This Mui Lan try to take the paper away but they won't allow it and she is more daring than me, she dares to follow that person to look and sit in that new car "Ada aircorn ma... so saya pergi duduk la, apa saya peduli!" that is what she told us.
We have a good laugh at it.

Haiya! Should have take pictures wth that new friend of mine, took the card and ran away to the police station la, why I did not think of this ha?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Holiday?

It's school holiday now. I should be happy and enjoying myself to the fullest since I am back in Penang since last Friday and I have finished marking all my monthly test papers. But unfortunately, I am not happy..... cause I have to study for my exam.....

See I really did study one ok... got highlight one.....

And what kind of exam you may ask?

The PTK lor..... Peperiksaan Tahap Kecekapan. That all the government servant have to take lor if you want a salary increment and promotion lor. Sad lor this Thursday morning before 9 a.m. I have to walk to SMK Kuala Kubu Bharu all alone under the hot sun (Hopefully not under the rain k, cause along the road got lots of trees la, I am afraid 'kena' strike by lightning and become barbecue Doralin) Means that, by Wednesday, I have to go back to KKB la. Really S@#$!

The interesting part is, I really did study very hard for this test since this afternoon

See I am studying with full awareness, concentration, determination, enthusiasm and attention.... But after about 10 minutes........

Don't know why my eyes feel so heavy already and I starts to see stars all around me. Finally after another 5 minutes......

Bye bye... I am on my way off to dream land....... Prepare to resit the exam la Doralin...... Really no eyes see..........

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Kayponess strikes again.......

What do you call a person that offers a helping hand to people that don't even ask for it and might not even need it?
What do you call a person that help people blindly without thinking?

Me la... who else leh?
My cousin sister used to say that "kaypo bo sin low" means if you go around and mind other people's business, you won't get any appreciation for it. Its true la.... I agree, but I still haven't really learn my lesson yet lor. Although I already kena 'shoot' and blame by people so many times for being kaypo lor...
Than hor, one of my friends said to me lor and I agree with it 100% lor cause that is what I hold as a principle also lor... If you want to help people or any creature, do it with a sincere heart and don't expect anything in return and do not complain. If you do not want to help then keep your mouth shut up tightly. If you are not willing or half heartedly wants to help, then better not help at all....
Why I start to write all this crap... cause I realised that I am starting to be kaypo again these few days.... I want to go home liau la.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Me? Painting A Mural???

Last Wednesday, our school had a motivation talk ( at about 11 a.m.) for the students at the hall. I was quite free so I went up to the staffroom to mark my test papers. Suddenly around 12 pm,

My DD suddenly appeared and...
DD: Chrispy, ask you go down and help to paint the mural."
Me: Shot ah? I want to mark my papers la.
DD: Really one.... I don't bluff you one, she ask you to go down now.
Me: I am busy la... Shot de, how can I paint oh?
DD: I dunno la... but she really ask you to go and help one.
Me wait la....

After marking a few papers, I reluctantly went down to our school main entrance. I saw....

Mun Yee, My sweet heart (Chrispy), Evelyn, Lai Yien, Billion and Turtle were busy 'vandalising' the wall. Eeerrrr.... I mean painting the mural on the wall.

This is the leader of the pack..... Oops..... I mean the group leader, Miss Chrispy.
The moment she saw me, she said "Go take the brush from Turtle." "Oh, yes boss." I said. I am not very keen in spoiling, damaging, corrupting or destroying their beautiful mural but since the 'boss' order liau, so have to just obey la....

See? That is me in pink not the white blouse la...... Not clear? You all don't believe that I can paint mural? OK, more prove....

Look again, that is me.... seriously painting the mural.... together with the experts. Still don't believe?

Here more evidence of me painting the mural with full concentration and commitment..... with my 'cock eyes" Ha! You just cannot believe that a partial like me can paint is it? Ok another 'bukti'

Look closely at my blur face....... picture taken by Chrispy using her blur camera.

I am seriously painting la not vandalizing the wall la...........

Me, Mun Yee, Chrispy, Evelyn, Lai Yien and Billion taking a rest and snap shot....... very tired la.
After I painstakingly paint with full concentration, full commitment and full of enthusiasm for less than 5 minutes, Chrispy come and check on my painting.......... I was FIRED on the spot IMMEDIATELY.....

Now left only the 5 of them lor....... look, how happy they are without Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what happens when you ask a PARTIALLY SIGHTED COCK EYES person to paint la mural......

No wonderla I was fired and they are so happy that I was fired...........................
Hahahahaha!!!!!!! Any one wants me to paint their house for free?