Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Sweetness is Poisonous!!!!!!!!!!

Notice that why since yesterday I keep saying about sweetness and sweet words are poisonous? Even in my Msn shout out I put 'sweet words melts the heart but too much sweet words breaks the heart" You wanna know the real reason why i said all those things?

It's just too heart breaking and extremely hurtful plus embarrassed for me to mention it here but since I cannot stand the pressure of keeping the secret all bottled up in my heart any longer... I will tell the whole world what has prompt me to post out that shout out...

Well.... well.... Sweetness is definitely poisonous..... just like sweet words..... cause......

I am gaining WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It makes me damn sad, damn heartbreaking....... I HATE SWEET THINGS!!!!

That's why la, Chrispy, Plum, Lemon, Orange, Vanonica, Banana and the others ha..... no more 'MENTOS LUCKY DRAW' ha... See la Mdm. Lee said that I put on weight liau la!!!!! So damn embarrassed and hurtful.

No more KFC, No more Baskin Robbins, No more pasar Ramadhan la. People Puasa get to slim down... I yang tak puasa naik pula berat badan!!!!!!!!!!! What is this la....

No More Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uwahhhhhh!!!! Wa banyak sad la.... I don't want eat rice liau la but..... unfortunately my maggie mee if don't eat nanti expired liau wor..... how eh?

I don't want to be fatter la scared get diabetes, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and so on la......

That's why la I said sweetness is poisonous and too much sweetness breaks the heart!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boring and Silly Doralin Quotes (Lesson 1)

These are the silly quotes that popped out from my mind. It's the lessons I learn through out my life. Life is truly a struggle and we must learn to be a better person by learning a new lesson through our journey in life.

People said that be careful when we handle a sharp blade. If we are careless and unmindful with it, we might cut and hurt our self or even worse is when we unintentionally injured others.

There goes the same with words... words are even worse. People says that hurtful words are sharper than blade.. hurtful words can cut even deeper.... cause it can wound the fragile heart and the wound takes time to heal. Therefore use our words wisely and mindfully otherwise... we wound not only ourselves but the people around us.

(Just shut your big mouth up if you cannot think of a wise and nice word to say!)

Sweet lovely words

Sweet words are pleasant to the ears,
Sweet words melts the fragile heart,
Sweet words clears the sorrow from the eyes,
Sweet words brightens our day....
If the sweet words is used insincerely,
If sweet words are used only to deceived,
If sweet words are used untruthfully,
The poor heart will crack and breaks,
The poor heart will be hurt with deep cut wound
that might take ages to heal...

Ladies and gentlemen don't be fool by sweet words cause they are poisonous.... and don't use sweet words if we are not sincere la... Have I done that before? Ok, in future I better shut my mouth if I am not sincere...)

(Don't take a lot of sugar...... it is poisonous and will lead to DIABETES that will kill you one day!!!!)

Be Forgiving.
Hard is to forgive others for the mistakes that they done,
Hard is it to look at the people we are unwilling to forgive,
Hard is to keep on holding the grudges towards others
Harder still is to forgive the mistakes that oneself has done to oneself
harder is to look at our inner self that we are unwilling to forgive.
Harder is to keep on torturing oneself with an unforgiven heart.
Life is short, life is beautiful...
Let go and be happy!
Forgive others and be happier,
Forgive ourselves and be the happiest human on earth!!!!

(Aiya never mind la forgive and forget la, we are one big happy family..... Oooops.... forgive but forget me not la... can still be happy family what.....)


Elephant in front of the eyes we do not see
but the germs over the sea we can see!!!

What is this nonsense??????

Peribahasa Melayu:

Means usually, we always can see very clearly the mistakes done by others no matter how small the mistakes is but we fail to look at our own mistakes although our mistakes is as big as the ELEPHANT.

Think deeply la...

In other words,
Eh! look at oneself first la... you think you are so damn perfect and good ah? Keep on saying other people so bad and mean but look in the mirror la.... we are no better ourselves, so who are we to condemn others????) Buat malu sendiri je!!!!!

Any silly personal qoutes to share?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Life is.......

Life is a struggle.... especially when you are a bit 'less privileged'
Neither am I complaining nor am I comparing....
What is there to complain if there is no one to listen?
What is there to compare if that will just make things worse?
Just, accept that life itself is a struggle,
and the journey we take is not always rough,
With faith, endurance and patience....
I know that every journey will come to an end,
every worries and troubles will surely disappears,
only that I need to be tough and stay strong...
till the time comes when every struggle comes to an end.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alcohol Damaged My Image

My friends and I was at Orange's house during her wedding eve (Buffet dinner) and all of us were really happy that day cause is Orange's 'Big" day tomorrow. We were hungry so this is what we eat....

Yummy! Tummy! Satay.... our favourite

Wow! Not bad, got tasty curry chicken, small sausages and big fish balls too...

I am so lucky, I just sat there like a 'wood' and my Sweet Dear (Plum) and my Dearest Jean will take the food for me... Ceh! Lazy me, so SPOILED!!!! (I love you two!!!!)

Everything was fine at first.. we talked and joke with each other. Then suddenly Veronica (Vanonica) started to open a can of beer and drink, she said "Why no one wants to accompany me to drink one?" Than, me with my 'big mouth' go and say "Never mind, I accompany you." That was the first time in my entire life, I manage to finish a whole can of beer all by myself.... but I am not proud of it...

Veronica and Me with our can of beer

Plum also drinks? No, she just take a sip and pretends that she can drinks

Hahaha! These two (My sweet Heart Chrispy and Dearest Jean) drink.... 100 Plus cos they are going to jog back to my hostel after the dinner... Nah.... just kidding.

Siew Zie and Me (I look drunk but I am still ok at when this picture is taken)

You see I drink two cans of beer at one go!!! "What happen to Anna? Depression? Broken hearted? Tension and stressed?" Some of you may ask. Of cause none of all those things, I only drink ONE can of Beer, the tiger beer was Chrispy's and I only borrowed it to take photo. (By the way, I am not promoting those two brands of beer ok, Carlsberg and Tiger didn't pay me anything for this!!!)

Hah! There comes the two lovely ladies... Lemon and Banana, This two Buddies was LATE!!! cause they went to shop at One-Utama.... punishment for both of them.... each of them has to drink one can of beer..... (Ceh! Kena punish also still can smile happily)

Later that night, we play card games for fun. Chrispy suggested that we play 'BLUFF' and the loser will have to drink a cup of beer.... and guessed what I am the loser (I drink 1 and a half cup of beer) :-(

The person that caused me to lose is no other then........

My own Sweet Dear Plum!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dare to smile some more!!! I Don't want to friend her liau...

Veronica posing with the cards and Banana dreaming beside her (These two also lose but not as bad as me!!!)

By the end of the night, I was a bit blur... my head feels slightly dizzy and light, my face and ears become so red and warm, I feels a bit like floating when i walk but I was still alert and in control. Luckily I know how to stop... if not, these are what going to happened to me if I get really drunk


2. I MIGHT START TO SING AND TALK LOUDLY.... plus saying out the things that should not be said.... (THIS WILL DEFINITELY GET ME INTO BIG TROUBLE)





The moral of the story is be moderate in drinking beer, you can drink alcoholic drinks but you must have self control. Know your limit and stop at once if you know that you are getting drunk. Honestly speaking Alcoholis drinks are very bad not only for health but for our reputation and image as well.

Orange's Wedding Ceremony

We went to Orange house early in the morning... Even before the sun rise and the moon still shining brightly in the horizon.... the whole KKB is still dark and quiet with all the shop still closed...

We (the Chee Muis) walk to Orange's house in the cold, dark and quiet street of KKB. We hold each other's cold and trembling hands. Occasionally we had to walk faster whenever we heard the sound of some dogs howling in the distance.

Hahaha!That was only a joke la, we went to Orange's house around 8.30 am and Veronica drives us there la.

When we reached there, this is what happened

The Chee Muis preparing the (Fear Factor Challenge) for Mango and his Heng Tais

Me pretending to write Chinese calligraphy while waiting for the bridegroom and his Heng Tais

Me again (Take Two)

All the Chee Muis and the Beautiful bride

Big Mr. Roast Pig from Mango's family to Orange's family

Banana Tan fooling around while waiting for Orange in Mango's house

Banana Tan getting boring and started fooling around again

Banana Tan (take 3)
Poor Veronica getting tired and hot.... she din get enough sleep at my place last night because she feeds the mosquitoes in my living at night.

Veronica Gan (take 2)
Veronica Gan again (take 3)

Banana Tan and Veronica Gan getting bored of waiting too long and started to look at the trees.

Me and Chrispy waiting.... to go home and sleep

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Three Season Combo

This is what happened in my hostel on the wedding eve of Orange... it started around evening with the two pretty but unprofessional chefs came to my hostel to make their special breakfast (The Three Season Combo) just for Mango Ho and his brothers (the Heng Tais) for tomorrow big occasion... It is called the Three Season Combo because this special dish are the combination of 3 different types of natural flavours (bitter, sour and sweet)

Introducing the two pretty but untalented and unprofessional chef of Hulu Selangor..... Miss Chrispy Tham in the yellow shirt and Miss Veronica Gan in the red shirt (Both of them love Selongor so much till they have to wear the official colour of Selangor ' merah kuning')

The two chef started their mission at around 12 a.m. and finished their task around 2 a.m. a big applause for the two dedicated but unprofessional chef!!! Hey! Not to forget an applause to me also for being the poor guinea pig and a busybody of the two unprofessional chefs!!! (Clap your hands la)

First Dish (The Sweety Banana Choc)
Created by: Chrispy Tham

ingredients: Banana, any brand of cheap chocolates, cocoa powder and water

How to make it: Just put everything into the blander and blend till it become thick liquid

Yucks!!! (Errr.... I mean Yummy! Finger licking good)

See? Proof of me being forced to be a guinea pig for their innovative invention (Eeerrr... you sure I won't get cirit-birit hor?)

There goes nothing.... (Namo Amitabha Buddha!!!!)

Chewing and munching and the brain is processing the taste (Hmm.. tasted sweet.....)

The two chefs asked me, "How is the tasted?"
My answer: "Hmm.... tasted funny and sweet like.... banana and chocolate mix together la..."

Errr.... my smart answer make Chef Veronica fainted on the floor and Chef Chrispy stared annoyingly at me with her two big rolled up eyes.... (Ok, it's a stupid answer, sorry lo...)

Second Dish (Lemon Lime Superb)

Created by: Chef Veronica Gan

ingredients: 2 or 3 big fresh juicy lemons, 5 -10 fresh lime, 2 pieces of plum and water
How to make it: Just put everything into the blander and blend till it become thick greenish liquid?

Eewwww!!! It looks like.... just like the digested food in my stomach (Amazingly and seriously it tasted not so bad as it fact it is good for those who wants to slim down... but unfortunately you might have to pay the price of getting cirit-birit if you drinks too much la... so drink at your own risk and do not put the blame on us!!!)
The Third Dish (The Nesbitter Delight)
Lousy innovation by: Doralin Lee
ingredients: coffee powder (No 3 in 1 please only plain black coffee powder) and hot water.
How to make it: Pour the whole pack of coffee powder into a small cup. Add a bit of hot water and stir it till the liquid become black and thick. (The thicker the better)

(Sorry no photo available)

The Super Duper Yummy Three Season Combo

For further enquiries and orders please contact me by leaving a comment here. Only cash are accepted and no money back warranty!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Congratulations! To Mango Ho and Orange Tan! May both of you be blessed with Love, happiness, good health and wealth and the most important thing is May both of you be a loving couple forever. All the best

We are at the wedding dinner in Rawang

My friends, me and the lucky bride

Chrispy Orange, Mango and me in front of the restaurant

Beautiful bride and me

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pulau Perhentian (Part 4)

The next day, we wake up early in the morning to catch the sun rise... my sweet heart and me so romantic (Err.... I mean the scenery is romantic ok... don't think of other things)

Morning view at Pulau Perhentian

Here comes Mr. Sun....

Beautiful morning at the beach

After taking these photos, we went for our breakfast at the Fauna Restaurant guess what.... nasi lemak again but very nice... not like our school canteen one.

Later that morning, we went to Pulau Redang to buy some souvenirs and later snorkeling. After that we went to the Marine Park for lunch and then we went snorkeling again. This time, we are given a pack of bread to feed the fishes there.
It was an unforgettable moment in my life.... for the first time in my life I can feed the fish underwater... and there are many different types of fishes swimming from every direction for you to feed. The fishes were of many different species, sizes, colours and shades... and it was a very I mean very beautiful scenery beyond words. Unfortunately I don't have an underwater camera.

Beautiful Redang Beach

Pulau Redang

Look at all the illegal immigrants.... Oooops... I mean all the tourist getting on the boat
Me and my Sweet Heart Again....
Both of us again.....

Saw this sign on the floor in front of one of the Pulau Redang souvenir shop

We were too busy taking photos that we actually don't have enough time to by any souvenirs.

The two of us again.... at the More More Tea Inn

Bored seeing the two of us? Sorry it is us again in this photo

Preparing ourselves for deep sea diving.. nola diving course very expensive... no need la

Still at Pulau Redang.... I am speechless seeing such a dazzling view

"I am flying without wings....."

Taking our picture with the two sporting and smart on duty Policemen at Pulau Redang.

Our last snorkeling spot at Redang. Our tour guide showed us an interesting type of starfish that looks more like a round huge loaf of bread to me...but it is called cushion starfish.

Me, my sweet heart and Ah Yong our tour guide

Look at the beautiful corals... that is the table top corals

Look at the tiny fish.... so clear and clean the water just like in an aquarium.

Me and my sweet heart face after snorkeling (bored see our face leh?)

After coming back from our snorkeling... we wanted to buy some souvenir but... you see for yourself la the shop is closed.... so sorry no souvenir to buy.

We saw this fellow coming out from it's house under the sand to find food I think but once it noticed our presence, it quickly korek lumabng and go under the sand.

Anyway Turtle manage to catch hold of it to take the photo before letting it go home "Help I don't want to take photo! Let me go!!!!!" cried the crab (No crabs were harm during this shot.)

See the crab quickly run and hide in the sand as soon as Turtle let it go.... "Bye, Bye crabby!"

Poor jellyfish dead already... just look at the size....

Our last scene at Pulau Perhentian. Just look at the children... riding the boat to a nearby school at one of the Island there.

Oh!!! I love Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang so much really feel like staying there longer....