Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Farewell Gift

Last two weeks I went to KL for a business trip. (Wow! sounds like a business woman) No, of cause not I just went to KL to visit my friends. And, since I was given an angpow as my farewell token by my ex-colleagues (yup I am moving to a new job station, not really sure about the location yet but hopefully it is going to be a stone throw away from my home)
Oh well, from next year onwards I will be transfer to another school and if I tell you that I do not miss some of my colleagues, I am lying.
Bye Bye and see youu again (somewhere, sometime....) my helpful and dear colleagues, thank you for the farewell token.

Okay back to my KL story, so I had an angpow from all my generous colleagues but at that moment I do not know what to do with the money inside, so I just let it sit in my closet.

Then I went to KL with the content of the angpow (Actually thinking to buy an IT gadget from lawyat) Before I went to Lawyat, Evelyn wanted to buy a handbag from Midvalley, so I just tag along window shopping with Christina, Evelyn and Paul at Mid Valley jaya Jusco not really wanting to buy anything in particular.

As I was helping (actually making silly suggestions) Evelyn to find her bag, I saw this...

I went to the counter and ask the sales person to show me the product, after about half an hour feeling, flipping, opening and closing the product plus having a
forum with them, I descided to use the angpow money to buy it.

Yup, I descided to buy something useful and that I can charished with my farewell token so that I can remember my ex colleagues everytime I see it.

And I bought myself an expensive Carlo Rino...........

wallet....... wah!!!!!!!! so expensive, I never bought such an expensive wallet for myself before..... RM 170+ with 20% discount!!!!! but I am happy with the gift cause my RM 10 old purse already become 'kiam chai' (salted vege)

See how beautiful and elegant my wallet is (for now). One thing that I do not like about it is the colour, cause it is white and easily stained. But overall I still love my CR wallet very much.

OH!!!!!!!!!! I Love my Wallet!!!!!


Alice said...

anna long never see you blog...where are u????
btw, can you teach me how to put dialog /conversation into the photo? eg. like how you did to the first photo of this?....teach me pls

Doralin Lee said...

I very busy bagai nak mampus la..... You want me to teach u put a dialog box ah? Aiya I pun sudah lupa la...... very long time din do liau wow......