Thursday, November 11, 2010

Penang Cultural and Heritage One Day Tour for the Visually Impaired (Part 3)

After the mosque, we continue our tedious but interesting journey to another old but famous place, the Chiew Jetty. There was nothing much for a local like myself to see but for those participants that comes from places like Mongolia and Bhutan, this was definitely an unforgettable experience as there are no sea or beaches in their country.

What happened was, they gain an experience to walk on the wooden planks of the old jetty, to smell the sea in the air (smelly mud actually) and to feel the sea breeze blowing into their face.

As you can see here the gang are enjoying themselves sitting on the jetty and Tsengel was trying to feel how deep is the sea with his cane... Luckily no one fell or lost their canes in the sea hehehehe!

After that, we proceed to our last destination, the Fort Convallis.

Here you can see Mr Wong is measuring the height of the fort wall and some of the participants were feeling surface of the wall.

A group photo in front of the fort.

Some of the participants were quite interested in the bronze statue of Sir Francis Light so they are having a good time molesting him err..... I mean feeling the statue.

The weapon or canon balls storeroom
Some of the participants are figuring out what does a canon really looks like.
At the end of the tour, everyone was very tired but happy and satisfied with the tour. Many of the participants that I talked to express their intention of visiting Penang in the future and most of them were very amazed with the variety of food, races culture and religious practices that we had in Penang.

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